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My Top Ten Psych Episodes

one. | “Last Night Gus” | season 6, episode 2

Lassiter: “I cannot believe I am saying this, but men, we are in this together. Obviously, we all knew the victim.”

Gus: “Well, we all knew the victim, but you were the one who shot him.”

Lassiter: “You had the dead guy’s phone!”

Gus: “Shawn was wearing the man’s sandals!”

Shawn: “Huh. I was hoping you guys didn’t notice that.”

Woody: “Look, I don’t care if we did kill this guy! I’m just happy to be part of it.”

  • Nightwing: "Detectives! It's a lovely night, isn't it?"
  • Cop: "Nightwing, we're trying to solve a case. Do you know what happens when you interfere with a police investigation?"
  • Nightwing: "Uhh... The case gets solved?"

guys i just gave a guest lecture on cover letters to our general psych night class and for every example i used fox mulder like “my name is fox mulder and i am a junior at oxford university pursuing a bachelor of science in psychology” and “i have a wealth of experience studying serial killers and the occult” etc etc and then this older woman in the back yells “you’re an annoyance to your superiors and a joke to your peers!” and these kids gasped like holy shit she insulted the professor until i replied with “they call me spooky” and no one is laughing but us until i recover and finally the class ends and she comes up to me like “you drive that blue honda with the xfiles plate don’t you?” and now we’re best friends

  • Elphaba: Don't say a word.
  • Galinda: Fergulous.
  • Elphaba: My sweet, I said no words.
  • Galinda: Oh, I see how it works. Two weeks ago, we're playing Scrabble, it's not a word. Now, suddenly, it IS a word because it's convenient for you