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1. Do you play any instruments?
teaching myself guitar and piano. and recorder. ewwww
2. Where do you want to visit someday?
the city that never sleeps (NYC) or sin city (vegas) or maybe just a huge road trip all across america
3. Favorite books?
looking for alaska or the fault in our stars
4. Watched any good animes this summer?
i watched this weird romeo and juliet one. wasnt bad
5. One thing you can’t live without?
6. If you could transport yourself into your favorite universe, would you do it? If so, why?
fucking yes. and then i would change my gender to male and have crazy gay sex with dirk strider.
kind of kidding. but yes, i would. reality is a butt and i would love to be in homestuck. 
7. Do you feel lucky punk?
fuck yeah i feel lucky u wanna go ill hook u rite in the gabber m8
8. Something you’re proud of?
once i won a principals award in kindergarten and two years ago i was first place in a bubble gum blowing contest
9. Favorite game?
video game would be legend of zelda or tomb raider. 
10. Best accomplishment all summer?
didnt commit suicide
11. Favorite song at the moment?
skin and bones//marianas trench

My Questions:
1. What type of phone do you have?
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5. What was your first URL?
6. Weirdest movie you’ve watched?
7. Worst boyfriend/girlfriend?
8. Do you draw?
9. Would you ever eat someone if you were offered the chance?
10. Funny drunken stories?
11. Ideal date?

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