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Jonsa Subtleties we're hoping for in S7

As much as it would literally set my jonsa shipping heart ablaze if there were big-fuck-off hints at a Jonsa endgame during s7…I highly doubt it. So I was thinking of what subtleties we shippers could hope for during the coming season…

How about…..

Ghost being protective over Sansa - especially around Littleprick. I would also enjoy Ghost totally snubbing Jon’s company for Sansa’s.

Jon coming to really value Sansa’s political input AND ACTUALLY LISTENING TO HER

Jon mentioning Sansa fondly whilst he’s away.

THE GLANCES - of course there HAS to be glances! Maybe Jon watches Sansa from afar, admiring how well she has taken to running a castle?

Definitely more of THIS face 👇👇👇 WHAT ELSE ARE YOU GUYS HOPING TO SEE??

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