“C’mon, Lassie, we’re not really going to do this again, are we?”

“I’ve known you for six years, Spencer.” He starts to strap himself to the polygraph, talking casually, like this is just some conversation about the weather. “I know your act. You do a little dance, you beat polygraph machines, you always manage to guess the right culprit after missing the first four or five times.” Lassiter sits, and Shawn follows. “You whip that hair around, and fall over every reasonable girl Guster hasn’t already unsuccessfully hit on already.” Shawn glances confusedly at the head detective’s hand, which is now squeezing air pressure into the arm band. “And now, you’ve made your way to O’Hara.” Lassiter bites his lip and waits for an outburst from Shawn, who suddenly notices he’s stopped talking.

“Oh, come on, it’s not like that.”

Lassiter drops the air pump and starts putting the other parts of the polygraph onto his fingers. “When I first met you, you outed my relationship with my former partner - a girl I really liked, by the way - got her transferred.” Suddenly, Shawn has flashbacks of blonde hair, a tug on a ponytail, lunch alone with her lanky partner, and fear flutters up in his heart. Invoking the wrath of an angry Carlton Lassiter is not something that you want to do, particularly if your name is Shawn Spencer.

“That doesn’t matter now.” Lassiter twiddles the dials on the polygraph, and folds his hands over each other on the table. “My point is…” He takes a deep breath, and looks Shawn directly in the eye. Looking into the pale blue doesn’t set his fear and confusion at ease. “If you don’t treat O'Hara with the respect she deserves, or if you hurt her in any way, I will discharge my pistol.

It clicks in Shawn’s mind immediately. “You’re saying you’ll shoot me.”

“Repeatedly.” Lassiter smiles, but not in a good way. Shawn scoffs, starting to grin, but looks down at the polygraph to see that there was no deception detected.


TV Tropes - Pstandard Psychic Pstance
- - Whenever someone uses their psychic powers, they put a hand up to their head (most traditionally with the middle and fore fingers on the brow and thumb on the cheek or mandibular joint, and the other fingers folded). If they’re doing something really hard, it takes both hands on their temples.


TV Tropes - What Did I Do Last Night?
- - The character wakes up confused in a compromising position, and then utters in confusion: “What did I do last night?” As they learn more about what happened they repeat themselves, only this time in horror: “What did I DO last night?!” Often the episode become a quest to learn the truth.