Psych thirty day challenge

Day five. Least favorite guest star Favorite tribute/homeage episode.

There have been so many awesome tribute episodes! I loved ‘Tuesday the 17th’, 'Indiana Shawn..’ and 'Heeeeere’s Lassie’. But my favorite is (I think..) Dual Spires. I loved how many little things they included from Twin Peaks. Such as the bird in the waiting room, and Maudette talking about how Cherry is the best. SUCH GOOD WRITING. And just. Everything was awesome.


Psych thirty day challenge

Day 18. Favorite Vick moment:

I’m just going to skip way too many days now, because I stumbled on this moment. One of my favorite Chief Vick moments was when she found out that Shawn helped her to become CHIEF Vick. That smile of her, SO CUTE. And they were all happy and jumpy and hugging and everything. But this moment, just watching, smiling and appreciating what everyone would do to keep her here. She’s just so happy and I loved that.