psych3-delic  asked:

I'm in California on a vacation and I just went shopping today. Dear god, I have never seen so many clothes in my entire life. So how about Damian and shopping? It occurred to me that when he first comes to America, he probably doesn't have much 'casual' clothes and Bruce or Dick or even Alfred would have to take him out shopping. What does Damian think abt the latest trend?

Oh man, considering how spoiled he tried to act when he first arrived, Damian probably made it a point to pick out all the latest trends on the more expensive side, simply because he finally could. After seeing it all from afar, he was finally able to immerse himself in it, and even if he didn’t care for a particular style, he still made it a point to demand it.

Especially if he walked into a store playing fast-paced club music. He’d notice his accelerated heart-rate after a while and realize he’s feeling pressured to find ALL the best outfits and hurry up and buy them just so he can leave.

And then, despite being overwhelmed with this new experience, he would have refused to admit weakness and insist they drive on to the next location. But then he would fall asleep in the car and Alfred would just take him home instead, secretly returning half the purchases because he could tell Damian only actually held interest in maybe a handful of what was actually bought.