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if jack is tied to john's destructive impulses, spade's attempted stabbing of karkat gains a new dimension. attempting to defeat his self loathing with outward aggression... which actually bonds the two. and would that make bec noir's destruction of the troll universe a metaphor for... john trying to destroy/suppress his own psyche? the imp poster graffiti implies something like that

That’s a really cool reading, but I don’t know if the A2 session’s Jack is connected to John! It seems more likely to me that he’d be connected to a player from that session, such as Karkat himself. I agree that Bec Noir’s rampage could be an extension of John’s repressive relationship with his subconscious, but interpretation is so context dependant I’d rather wait until I reach Cascade to draw any conclusions. Rose just went grimdark, so we’re getting there.

And yeah, the graffiti illustrates John’s suppression of his social anxiety. John fears that his friends hate him, so all of the insults are written in the text colors of the other Beta kids. The harlequin garbs of Derse are based in the same color palette, which is one big link back to John… but I’m not sure if that’s enough to cite as evidence of Bec Noir as John’s id.


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