Paris, November 1967, Venue of the United States, fashion posters arrived in France, Here, a street merchant offers a poster of Superman has a client . Photo by Manuel Litran

What I love about this image is just how icy it is. All along, as a million people have meta-ed about, Hannibal’s environments have been lush, warm, tinged red with blood and the heat of flames.

Now, here he is, on the run, a mixture of shadow and coldness against a pale blue background, so often associated with Will’s fluidity and contrast to Hannibal himself. The image itself is almost black and white, without the richness of his previous life, and the stitching in the leather jacket shines in the hard light like the scales of a suit of armor…or a snake slithering by.

All along he has been an ambush predator, well-camouflaged in wealth and privilege, in wine and music and art, in rich fabrics and even richer food. But now he’s has been flushed out and has become the prey–

Dangerous, poisonous prey, coiled and waiting to strike.