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I know there are a quite a few posts on tumblr already about studying mathematics but I figured I’d jumped in with some less conventional things that have worked..

1- believe you can. This may be an overused phrase but it’s that way for a reason. So many people have this negative way of thinking that math is hard and when they walk into a classroom they’ve already concluded that it is going to be difficult for them and that they’re going to fail. I’ve personally done this and I have to remind myself that I can do it and not to be resolved to failure. It helps, drastically. 

2- If you have trouble remembering formulas I have a system that I use, it’s pretty simple, all you need is a notebook( I prefer a very mini one to make carrying it easy). On the first few pages I have some of the basics such as Types of Numbers, order of operation, perfect squares and such and then i use a double page spread where the left side has what I’m finding and the right side has the formula. Sometimes there isn’t a specific formula so I list the steps or an example.

3- Another method to help with remembering formulas is to always write it. Whenever you’re doing a new topic and your teacher gives you an exercise to do write the formula before each question, even if that means you have the formula written ten times on one page.

PRACTICE!PRACTICE!PRACTICE! This is the best way to improve in maths. Do one sum ten times, do test papers, do exercises from your textbook even if you teacher doesn’t assign them.

5-And on the topic of practicing, practice topics even after you’ve moved on in class. It’s the worst thing to be studying for an exam that covers various topics and you realize you only remember the more recent work and forgot the work you did at the beginning of the term. This is my biggest problem and I’m desperately trying to combat it and the best way may be setting side about an hour a week and doing sums, it doesn’t even have to be a lot, just 3 or 4 sums from each topic.

6- Don’t move on from a topic if you don’t understand it. This is the worst thing you can do. It’s likely your teacher will ask the class if everyone understand and you should raise your hands, don’t be afraid or embarrass, one: because it’s their job and two: because chances are some of your classmates don’t understand or know what it feels like not to understand. It’s also  important to remember that different people have different way of explaining things so try seeking out other teachers and asking for help or other students or even trying the web,

7- Statements. These are so damn important. Ever reviewing over your notes and you can’t understand how you got from one point to the other? That’s what statements are for. Honestly as someone who relies on statements to figure out how to work out a math sum when I don’t understand or miss class it’s very helpful. Also I’m not sure about elsewhere but here the correct answer is typically only 1-2 marks and statements and workings carry the rest.


For exams:

1-keep a sheet of paper that has all major topics and their respective sub topics and I use it to keep track of whether you’ve reviewed the topic for test another thing you can do is rate your understanding of the topic: 1 star/circle/heart= poor understanding to 5 stars/circles/hearts=excellent understanding. Be truthful with yourself.

2-Go over and DO OVER questions you did through the term and if your teacher does a review session at the end of the term then definitely go over those, it’s likely these questions will be on your test paper but with different values.

3-Sometimes questions can be worded in a way that is tricky, read it carefully and underline the important parts and what they’re asking you to find.

4- One of the ways I check to see if my answer is correct is working back the sum so for example 2 x 5= 10 then 10/5=2.  

5- don’t freak out or psych yourself up, you’ll do great and if you don’t then learn from your mistakes!

I hope this little post helped someone. Remember that math will only be as frightening and hard as you imagine it to be, 

Dr. Sarah Spencer is back in Santa Barbara working her way up the medical ladder. Things go awry in the E.R. one night and she finds herself meeting Carlton Lassiter. An attraction eventually forms between the two of them. How will Lassiter react to find that she is the sister of psychic paleo-sleuth Shawn Spencer?

                                                    Chapter 4 The sun beat heavily upon Sarah as she sat on the pier lost in her thoughts. She slowly sipped her PB Chocolate Love smoothie from Jamba Juice and readjusted the baseball cap on her head as she stared out at the ocean. Something about the ocean was calming. Granted, it wasn’t as calming as stress-baking, but she couldn’t bake her father out of house and home. So, this would have to do.


Overwatch fic: The catdads and that time they met up with McCree after the Fall.

Remember when I said I was writing this, a year and a day ago?  No warnings.  The cut is just for length.
Jesse’s clients showed him the documentation on his targets before he took the job, and it’s pretty clear he’s after a real pair of desperadoes.  These two have left a trail of bodies, theft, and occasional devastation in their wake from one hemisphere to the other, and he reckons it’s about time someone put a stop to it.

When they nail him in an ambush, he realizes that someone’ll have to be someone else.

His arms get pinned from behind by a grip that feels like a bear’s, claws and all.  The other one drops down in front of him from an awning three stories up and then uncoils from his crouch like he’s made of shock absorbers.  “Jesse McCree,” that one says in a low growl of a voice.  Grand, being recognized always goes so well for him. “You look like a werewolf, kid.”

The man holding him laughs.  It sounds beyond rough, almost inhuman, and kinda smug.  Jesse knows it well.  He’s heard that insult more than a few times, too.

“Well, damn,” he says faintly as the shock sets in.  

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Whenever I think of this pairing I think of the "I CLAIMED YOU ON MY TAXES, SHAWN" bit, so I would like to hear a bit about how Gus ended up claiming Shawn on his taxes. If it involves marriage shenanigans that would just be icing on the cake.

OK I am legit imagining a Sweet Home Alabama AU. Shawn has been swanning around the country with a series of odd jobs and adventures (this is all thoroughly pre-Psych), but he makes routine trips back to Santa Barbara and on one of those trips it’s around tax season and Gus is hanging out with him when he tries to fill out his tax forms. And Shawn is just epically bored with the taxes and they’ve gotten to the bottom of a couple of those pouches of blue drink you get at the supermarket that have labels that warn in all caps CONTAINS ALCOHOL but that mostly taste like skittles. Thus, Gus is pliant and willing and Shawn totally cons him into filing for a domestic partnership and then doing Shawn’s taxes for him because, as Shawn will say many, many times, “SPOUSE!”

So this goes on for a few years and Gus secretly likes it because it means Shawn always shows up in the spring at some point with a pocket full of receipts and some W-2s. Gus always rolls his eyes but he does the taxes and they drink the stupid pouches of CONTAINS ALCOHOL or whatever and it’s just….it’s nice.

Only in this AU, Shawn doesn’t settle down in Santa Barbara eventually to run Psych. He eventually comes to a stop in some big city somewhere where the tips to the cops don’t raise any flags because no one pays that kind of minute attention to the tip line. And Shawn has always assumed it was completely and totally clear that he conned Gus into marrying him because obvious, gigantic crush on Gus and that Gus insists on it being a tax thing as his subtle way of turning Shawn down. So when Shawn settled in….let’s say Chicago….he didn’t really think the “marriage” with Gus was a real thing he could break up because he knew Gus didn’t like guys anyway, obviously, and even if he did, he’d clearly be into some straight-laced respectable type.

So Shawn sets up as a private detective, no psychic shenanigans, and starts to make a life for himself. Eventually, he settles down even more with a cool sex friend who’s convenient and it’s the closest he’s gotten to ~loving someone who’s not Gus, so they decide to run away to Vegas and get married when the gay marriage law passes. Only, shit, what if Gus is still claiming him on his taxes? He should probably go back and check.

So he rolls into Santa Barbara, first time in a few years, and tries to get Gus to dissolve the domestic partnership so he can get married to his casual sex friend. Maybe the casual sex friend even comes with and maybe Shawn is all sedate and manageable and not at all the hijinks shenanigans guy Gus fell in love with. And Gus has been riding on the assumption that Shawn is a will-o-the-wisp types who can’t be ~tied down or some shit but hell no is Shawn marrying this dude, this dude has a neck tattoo and is genuinely unfun.

Also Gus may have upgraded the files to full on gay marriage, like, the DAY it was passed. For tax reasons.

Also, I assume a shenanigans case erupts while Shawn and his cool sex friend are in town only his cool sex friend is a terrible partner in solving crime and Gus rolls his eyes a lot about it, but gleefully takes over. And there’s a moment later when they’ve stolen the pivotal toy poodle and are hiding in the murder suspect’s bathroom having a whispered fight about their storied past when it becomes clear that this has never been a taxes thing to Gus and it’s always been the One True for Shawn.

So Neck Tattoo leaves town, Shawn and Gus go into business with a legit detective agency (not a psychic one), and they stay married after all.

1. Clearing the misunderstanding

“No, no, no! I need that back, please!”

But Connor’s already storming off, and Evan… Evan can’t let him take it. He can’t. What if he shows Zoe? What if he shows the whole school? No. No. He can’t. He can’t let that happen.

It’s the fear that pushes him to run after Connor and grab his arm, pleading for him to stop. And when Connor twists around and yanks his arm out of Evan’s grip with a vicious, “Get the hell off me!”, Evan won’t deny that he flinches back and almost runs off. If it were any other situation, he’d retreat and let Connor go. Let it go. But the panic of imagining how much worse this could get if he did keeps Evan right where he is, and he ends up pouring out a rambling, stuttering explanation.

“Please, I really need that back,” He says, voice wavering embarrassingly while his hands flail in nonsensical gestures. “It really wasn’t meant for you. Like, at all. I have a therapist… and they said, they wanted me to write a letter to myself. You know, like write positive thoughts and all. And that’s supposed to make me feel better. A psych yourself up sorta thing. But like, it didn’t work. It doesn’t work. Because… haha, because you know, it really hasn’t been good so far? It’s been pretty bad. I mean,  you shoved me on the first day back. Not… not that it’s your fault! I don’t blame you! Like, who likes it when someone’s laughing at them. I sure don’t. But I wasn’t, by the way. Laughing at you, I mean. And… um, where was I going with this? The letter! Yes. I have to bring it to my session, it was an assignment. So um… if I could get it back…”

He trails off with an awkward laugh, eyes flickering down to stare at the ground and face burning in shame. He’s so screwed.

Connor’s disgusted scoff is enough to tell him he’s ruined all chances making it out of this with any semblance of dignity or a even lack of animosity from the guy.

“Therapists, huh?”

Evan nods. Words aren’t doing so great for him, afterall.

“They think a fucking letter is going to do anything? What a load of shit.”

Again, Evan nods.

“They always think they know what’s best. They don’t even think that we all got our own ways of dealing with shit. Or that things that work for others isn’t going to work for us. You. They won’t work for you. It doesn’t help, right?” Connor asks.

Evan hesitates, then shakes his head. “No,” he murmurs. “It doesn’t help.”

“But you gotta show something that makes them think you’re doing better?”


There’s a loaded silence. Heavy and uncomfortable. He can feel Connor staring him down, but he has no idea what the guy is thinking.

“Here, then,” says Connor, and then he tears the letter in half. Right in front of Evan eyes. And he folds it over, and tears it again. Evan can’t believe what he’s seeing, his mouth opened in dumbfounded shock. Connor looks back at him with a raised brow, like Evan’s the one being weird. “Look, don’t show them this. Show them your cast instead.”

Looking down at his cast, all Evan can see is the glaringly, obvious blocky letters of ‘CONNOR’ scrawled over it. He’s sure the confusion he feels is not at all subtle.

“Tell them you made a friend. So you forgot about the assignment. Or you were busy,” Connor explains. “It’ll look a ton better than that sorry excuse of a letter you wrote.” He holds his hand out and drops the shredded remains of the letter into Evan’s hand. “Or don’t do it. I don’t care. It’s your fucking life.”

“Oh…” says Evan, fingers clasping over the pieces of paper in a loose grip. “Th… thanks.” It’s a good plan. A good alternative. One that won’t make his mum disappointed. But does he really want to lie?

'Haven’t you, already?’ says a voice in his head. He glances back at his cast and thinks the voice does have a point.

“Guess I’ll see you around then. Later.”

He looks back up to see Connor already walking away. Of course, he wasn’t expecting a friendlier goodbye. He’s lucky he didn’t get punched or something. Thank goodness for small graces, huh?

“Th… thank you.” It startles Evan to realise he’s even calling out to Connor. But he supposes the guy’s helped him out. So he should be grateful. He raises his broken arm. “For this. Thanks.”

It’s possible he’s imagining it. But he swears he sees Connor look a little less murderous.

And then, the impossible happens.

Connor smiles at him.

“Evan, right?”

Evan nods emphatically. Maybe… maybe this isn’t going to be such a bad day afterall.

But then Connor’s smile drops, replaced with a menacing glare.

“Evan, stay the hell away from my sister.”

Yup, this is not going to be a good day.

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6)

The Ten Types of Supernatural Episode:  an Illustrated Guide.

1.  The Generic:

This is the kind of episode fandom veterans fondly refer to as “Old School Supernatural.”  Features a 70s rock soundtrack, a classic (yet in hindsight, relatively nonthreatening) ghost or monster, comically bad special effects, and body horror.  Probably from season one. 

Examples:  “Wendigo,” “Bloody Mary,” “Bugs.”    

2.  The Classic:

Not to be confused with the Generic, the Classic is the kind of episode that everybody remembers and everybody loves.  It’s infinitely quotable, carefully toes the line between hilarious and absurd, and is still frequently blogged about even if it came out 7+ years ago.  Almost definitely features Gabriel. 

Examples:  “Tall Tales,” “Mystery Spot,” “Changing Channels.”

3.  The Life Changer:

Once you see this episode, you will never be the same.  Whether it introduces a beloved character, kills them, or raises them from the dead, the Life Changer is the episode that either sends you into a downward spiral of unhealthy obsession, or merely accelerates it.

Examples:  “Lazarus Rising,” “Abandon All Hope,” “Lucifer Rising.”

4.  The Black Comedy:

Though much of Supernatural revolves around a unique cocktail of horror and humor, the Black Comedy is almost impossible to miss.  From famine-induced cannibalism, to a would-be antichrist, to a killer pagan Santa Clause, the humor of these episodes is darker than Batman’s worst nightmares and probably at least twice as depressing, yet manages to be oddly magical all the same.

Examples:  “Yellow Fever,” “My Bloody Valentine,” “A Very Supernatural Christmas.”

5.  The Crack Fic: 

These are the episodes whose only real purpose is to make you wonder if Supernatural is some kind of elaborate fever dream.  Neither advance the plot nor provide much further insight into its characters, but still entertaining in terms of pure absurdity. 

Examples:  “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits,” “It’s a Dog Dean Afternoon,” most of season seven.  

6.  The WELL-WRITTEN Crack Fic:

Despite having the same brand surreal absurdity of the Crack Fic, the WELL-WRITTEN Crack Fic not only serves to further character development, but will also tug at your heartstrings, make you laugh, and very likely make you cry. 

Examples:  “Monster Movie,” “Sam, Interrupted,” “Hunteri Heroici.”

7.  The Meta Fiction: 

Some shows break the fourth wall, but this one comes at it with a sledgehammer.  From directly addressing the fandom and its terminology to the show itself, the Meta Fiction episode is usually surprisingly enjoyable and well-done, if you can get past the sheer mindfuck of it.

Examples:  “Fanfiction,” “The French Mistake,” “Don’t Call me Shurley.” 

8.  The Tearjerker: 

This one specializes in one thing and one thing only, and that is emotionally destroying you.  May disguise itself as other kinds of episodes, like the Crack Fic and the Meta Fiction, before swiftly and efficiently moving in for the kill.

Examples:  “the Rapture,” “After School Special,” “the Man Who Would be King.”   

9.  The Tragedy Porn:

Do you enjoy watching your favorite characters suffer and die horribly for no particular reason?  No?  Well in that case, you picked the wrong show, my friend.  From the heart wrenching pain of Dean being forced to kick a newly-human Cas out of the bunker, to the soul-destroying injustices that were Kevin and Charlie, the Tragedy Porn is an episode that exists for no other reason than to make you want to crawl into a hole and die.

Examples:  “I’m No Angel,” “Dark Dynasty,” “Rock and a Hard Place.”

10.  The Grand Finale: 

The Tearjerker, made ten times worse with the addition of “Carry on my Wayward Son” and a cliffhanger ending.  Specializes in metaphorically ripping your heart out, making you sob like a pre-adolescent girl, and psyching you up for the next season, no matter how emotionally exhausted you may already be.

 Examples:  “No Rest For the Wicked,” “The Man Who Knew Too Much,” “Swan Song.”  

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Head canon/scenario; How do the Chocobros ask out the person they like? PS great job on all the writing ^^ It gives me something to look forward to :)

Thank you! I hope this is what you were looking for :3

Noctis ponders in his mind if the fact that he’s the prince will help him at all in these situations. He knows it would work on most people, but not you. Normally he’d act all nonchalant and try to play it cool, but inside, he’s a mess. He pulls you aside one day and just sort of blurts it out, saying that he’s liked you for a long time and wanted to know if you’d go out with him. You tease him a little bit by not responding right away just to make him a little more nervous, but you accept. He ends up teaching you how to fish, holding you from behind as he shows you how to cast a line properly. You pretend to not know what you’re doing, but mostly, you just like having his arms around you.

Prompto thinks he’s a casanova, so he has no problem psyching himself up to ask you out. It’s just that once he’s in front of you and is required to speak, he starts to stutter and starts scratching the back of his head, a nervous habit he picked up as a child. He ends up not doing it, and has to regroup. He tries again, but garners the same results––eventually, you just smile and ask him if he’d like to go out with you. He replies with an enthusiastic yes and you end up going to the local fair, where he can show off by playing all the target-based games. He ends up winning you a giant chocobo plush toy, and it becomes your new favourite possession. You name it Prompto Junior and keep it close by whenever he’s on the road.

Gladio is not one to mince words, and he is definitely very confident when he asks you out. He’s flirty with you from the start, so it’s no surprise that he’s asking you out, but you deny him at first because you think he’s just being that guy. He ends up proving to you that he’s not just trying to get you to be another notch on his bed post, and does it by taking a genuine interest in everything that you do. He spends time wanting to learn everything about you, and you eventually just end up being together as if it’s the most natural thing. Your favourite thing to do is lean against his chest as he reads you passages from his favourite books. He also likes reading you little love poems, and you always swoon.

Ignis pretends he has no game, but he does. He asks you one day while you’re at the market with him if you’d like to come by for a home cooked meal. You tease him and ask him if he’s asking you out on a date, and he replies, “My dear, I would not have extended the invitation in such a manner if I hadn’t been certain that your answer would have been of the affirmative.” You blink at him a few times, narrow your eyes and give him a playful smile. Of course, dinner is delicious and you realize how comfortable you are around him. Cooking with Ignis becomes a regular thing, and you take turns preparing meals for one another. It starts a contest of who can come up with the most creative dish with only the ingredients you have on hand––which, admittedly, sometimes ends in disaster.

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I ❤you and your writing. B + C met during a games night at mutual friends when they got ultra competitive over a game of Monopoly. It's only right that he proposes during a game of Pictionary with the gang. Except Clarke is so focused on trying to win, that the 'subtle' theming of all the clues (i.e. totally obvious films/books etc about love and marriage, especially picked by Bellamy) totally passes her by... Cue much hilarity amongst their friends, and much exasperation/love from Bellamy. ❤

Thanks for the prompt!! I tweaked it a little, firstly because I was going on memory and forgot it was specifically pictionary, and then secondly because the thought of someone proposing to me in public/in front of people genuinely horrifies me and I couldn’t bring myself to write it lmao. Hope you like it anyway!


“So, marriage.”

Bellamy drives off the road, blinking at the TV as Princess Peach zooms across the finish line while his screen is black, Waluigi falling into the abyss.

“Was that intentional?” He asks, finishing the race on autopilot and in twelfth place, as Clarke snuggles into his side and presses her smile into his shoulder.

“It was a conversation I’ve been trying to figure out when to have.”

“And you decided the last three seconds of Rainbow Road was the right time?”

“Two birds, one stone.” She tilts her head and smirks up at him, and he can’t help the way his irritation instantly disappears. She might be ruthlessly competitive, but he’s also like ninety percent sure she wants to marry him, and he can’t find it within himself to be upset about anything when he’s thinking about that. “So what do you think?”

“What do I think about marriage? In general?”

“Sure. And to me, specifically.”

“Is this you proposing?”

“No way,” she snorts. “You know I don’t half-ass anything, ever. If I propose, I’m gonna sweep you off your feet.”

He grins. “Fair point.”


“So–” He shrugs. “I don’t know. Marriage in general has never been a big dream of mine, mostly because I was pretty relieved Mom never married any of the guys in her life. It’s not like– It was still hard for her to leave some of them, but it would have been harder if there were legalities involved.”

Clarke kisses his shoulder again, nuzzling into him a little, and he puts his arm around her. “As a child of divorce, I can attest that the legalities don’t make any of it easier.”

“I guess I didn’t get the appeal of it for a long time.” He pauses. “But ever since we started dating… Well, I get it now.”


He kisses her hair. “Yeah. I want to tell everyone all the time how awesome you are and how awesome our life is together. It’s a lot easier if we do it all at once, with all the people important to us watching. And then everyone else can just take a hint from the rings.”

“Sappy,” she accuses, but he can hear the smile in her voice.

“Plus there are tax advantages and healthcare and stuff.”

“Well if it’s for tax advantages.” She straightens a little, still under his arm, and picks her controller back up.

“Hey.” He pokes her in the side. “You can’t just leave it at that. This is when you’re supposed to tell me what you think.”

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9 reasons why


Hi This is Tony Padilla.  

You can adjust whatever sound system or format you are listening this to. And by “you” I think I only mean one person.

Don’t worry Clay.

This isn’t like the first set.

I am not trying to be disrespectful.

I think Hannah gave me the courage to do a lot of things.

Mainly, she made me realise I wanna be honest. Honesty matters but so does the truth.

If she could pour her heart out

I wanna as well

these are the 9 reasons why to…well, you will hear it at the end of the tape. Don’t worry. I am not doing anything.

This won’t be like last time

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Being in a manic episode means being severely ill.
It means not sleeping for five days because you’re so caught up in your delusions.
It means talking for hours without end and not realising how loud you are.
It means hearing voices.
It means having racing thoughts and ideas and an overload of energy.
It means doing research on a topic for six hours in the middle of the night only to lose interest in it the next day.
It means not being able to go out because of paranoia.
It means engaging in activities that don’t actually represent your values (e.g. meaningless sex, binge drinking).
It means facing stigmatisation.

Mania is just not the same as happiness.

Advice for people struggling with selves-doubt (Am I multiple?)

This is in response to a question/rant/plea someone put to me, but I decided not to respond directly, or even @ them because my response broaches on some really messy territory and I didn’t want to add to their crisis by bringing syscourse to their personal blog. I also wanted to make a response on my own blog because I think it’s a crisis that a lot of multiples go through and I hope that our experiences can be helpful.

First of all: to anyone suffering through doubts, confusion, conflicting symptoms, conflicting perspectives and opinions, skeptical professionals, and angry gatekeepers: I don’t even have words to express my sympathy. It’s bad enough trying to figure out whether you are “actually” multiple without having to deal with everyone else’s hangups. Dozens of virtual *hugs* to you all.

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BTS Reacts - Finding Out You’re Super Ticklish

Seokjin: Jin would have found out by accident when he attempts to give you a back rub. As his fingers slide down the valleys of your neck from behind, your shoulders shoot up defensively, guarding it from any further skinship. You yelp, edging away from him in your seat. He brings his fingers away from you in surprise, not without causing your spine to roll in accordance to the accidental sweeping of his fingertips across the length of your back. He had no idea you were this ticklish, and he thinks of your fickle nerves as an endearing quirk. He grins, scrunching up his face to imitate your own, and starts to poke fun at your ticklishness. Even though he would be tempted to tickle you again, he would refrain himself from doing so, treating you like royalty.

“Ah, are the touch of my fingers too much for my princess?”

Yoongi: You would have been the one to start the tickle feud with Min Yoongi. As the both of you are laying in bed, he teases you a little, making you retort by poking his sides. He flinches - he’s ticklish as well - and eventually tries to get back at you by doing the same. You jump at least a few centimeters in the air, almost having rolled off the bed and fallen to the ground. You clench on to your sides, just as shocked as the lazy boy who’s shooting you a naughty smile as he waves an index finger at you. You are always warning people not to get touchy with you - now, he knew why; he personally would be glad to have stumbled upon this secret by accident. He now had a weapon he can use against you, when he wanted something out of you, or when you were trying to tease him.

“Don’t try anything funny again, or I’m going to get tough with you.”

Jimin: When he first discovers your skittish disposition, it would when Bangtan is playing an innocent game of tag in an open field during the downtime of filming one of their special vlogs. When Park Jimin is marked as the tagger for this round, he guns for you immediately. When he catches up to you, his arm takes a hold of your waist in one swoop, causing you to erupt into a fit of giggles since you were ticklish around your stomach. Even after releasing you, you lie still in the grass, simply trying to focus on your breathing because you wouldn’t stop laughing. Jimin would love the sight of this, and your ceaseless laughter would infect him as well, no matter how hard he tries to hold it in. He knows this knowledge was going to come in handy for cheering the both of you up in the future.

“Stop, jagiya - you’re making me laugh too!”

Namjoon: He tries to hug you from behind, but you quickly break free from him - your laughter is like music to his ears. He get confused at first, but would eventually let out a sigh of absolute content once realizing your ticklishness, he loved seeing that smile break out on your face. Aish, this sweetheart is way too cute, he would think to himself as you’re slowly recovering the pace in your breaths. Namjoon would want to keep this peculiarity about you to himself - he knew that the rest of Bangtan wouldn’t be able to keep their hands to themselves if they found out what he’d just discovered about you by accident. He would turn to you with a toothy smile, unable to stop thinking about your naturally charming mannerisms.

“Ah… I can’t un-hear your cute giggling - this is going to be a problem.”

Hoseok: This dancer would have known about your ticklishness long before the two of you hooked up. He discovered it when he tried to tickle you to get you to reveal where you’d hidden his phone, and you almost dropped it onto the ground when he resorted to those methods. Ever since, he’s always used this against you, and it only escalated from there when you got together. Getting to tickle you when he pleased would be the highlight of his day, even if you didn’t particularly enjoy being tortured by it all the time. You still flinch whenever he raises his fingers, pretty much traumatized by his spontaneous urges to get you to laugh. But he isn’t that cruel - he just likes watching you get startled at the thought of his fingers stroking your sides haphazardly.

“Psych! If you stopped being so adorable, I probably wouldn’t do this as much!”

Taehyung: What started out as an innocent slap fight would eventually become the bane of your existence that embodied itself into Kim Taehyung. He sticks his fingers out to grab your swinging hands, but because of all your flailing around, they end up jabbing your underarms, causing you to draw back so fast that you almost fall backward from the sheer momentum. Tae catches you and bursts into laughter himself. He would thoroughly enjoy watching you squirm just from a simple graze across the skin of your body. This would be the first of the billion times that he would tickle you in the future, and he wouldn’t be afraid to do it in public - even if it meant that you would collapse onto the ground in a sobbing (but happy) mess. He would wish he could have found this out about you sooner - now, you’re going to get what you deserved.

“You tried to hide this from me? Prepare for a hundred years worth of laughter as punishment!”

Jungkook: Kook would discover this eccentricity of yours through the help of a friend, Park Jimin. Being Jungkook’s partner, Jimin grew to be a close friend to you as well. The three of you are hanging out one day, and you’re casually texting your friend on your phone. When you notice Jimin’s prying eyes, you tell him that if he doesn’t stop, you’d burn all the clothes in his closet. He grins cheekily, prodding your waist, sending a shock throughout your body as you jerk to the side erratically. ‘Yah, you know I’m ticklish, stop it!’, you exclaim.  Kook gives the both of you a suspicious glance before Jimin confesses to finding out about your weakness awhile back by complete coincidence. Kook would be slightly disappointed by this revelation, but would shrug it off. He stares straight into your eyes as he says this:

“You let Jimin tickle you before I got to do it? You’re going to get it when we reach home.”

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Hope you enjoy this react! Thank you for requesting! <3

baddwollfxxx  asked:

Hey criss, how do you keep up w your writing? Like not abandoning it. cuz I find it tough finishing a story.

That’s an excellent question! And tbh, up until Softly from the Sky, I had literally never once in my life, finished a story (whether that be fanfic, or my own originals). So I was really pumped! 

Here are some of my little secrets to finishing stories: 

  •  Have a set plot. If you don’t know where you’re going with a story, it’ll be like a kick in the ole’ inspiration gland when you’re actually trying to write the thing. 
  • Make outlines! Make a story outline and make individual outlines for each chapter! It really helps to stay organized! When I’ve covered a bullet point in one of my chapters, I cross it out! That way I know it’s finished and it helps keep me motivated to write!
  • Take breaks. Breaks are always good!
  • Have a deadline. Deadlines are scary, but they get your butt moving when you really need to be working on that next chapter. If you have a deadline pushing at your back, you’ve got more than a little oomph to make you get with the typing!
  • Inspire yourself! Read other works! I always read something before I try and write, it helps to get you pumped and gets your brain working into writer mode!
  • Yell at yourself. It’s just like it sounds. Most of the time I feel like giving up on a story, I imagine the sweet sweet finish line and yell at myself to get it done! 
  • Don’t try to make it too long. I found that every time I tried to write something, I would end up….making the plot waaaayyy too long and complicated, to the point where I wore myself out. I still have an old fanfiction sitting around online somewhere that’s over 50 chapters long and still not finished!! I got tired because it was taking so long! Stick to small, set chapters, like 10 or 20. Don’t wear yourself out!
  • Write little things in between big projects! I do drabbles and oneshot stories on my downtime to help psych myself up!
  • Daydream and brainstorm where ever you go! It’s important to keep yourself interested in your own story!
  • Make sure it’s fun! Writing should never be a chore!

I hope this all helps! It helps me a lot! <3 <3 

anonymous asked:

How do you think a psych would react if someone comes out to admit theyre obsessed with a school shooting from the 90s and more specifically, the shooters?

 It’s not a therapist’s job to judge and to be reactionary or to be “shocked” as your friends and family are prone to be.  A therapist is trained to take a similar approach to exactly what Sue has been advising parents to do now because she regrets that she failed to do with Dylan. The psych will ask open ended questions such as “Tell me more about this?” “why do you feel this way?”  as they are there to be neutrally curious about what is on your mind and to put this component into context within everything else that you’ve divulged in your personal history. They will help you to piece together why you are “obsessed” with Columbine or mass shootings and how it fits in relationship to yourself and some of the personal issues you are dealing with. They are not there to solve it for you but to guide and direct you so that you are able to make sense of it and process it in healthy ways.  

It is obvious to ourselves that we know we relate to the shooters and feel they are kin but there are rational psychological reasons as to why that is. Columbine affects us more than the median populace and there is a reason for it: the metaphor of this event, and others like it, all leads back to ourselves and things that we are working through in our own lives as to why we are drawn in by the shooters.  They mirror us and we derive something from it that helps us cope in our struggles with life.  I would easily wager that a lot of us on the tag has a fascination that 90% of the time stems from some sort of devaluing, disempowerment and bullying we’ve received somewhere along the line in our lives from others and also a good part is that people want to feel a sense of purpose and connection (rather than isolation) in this world. We have gravitated to Columbine for a reason and we fluttered around the case and the boys because we are looking for something to complete the circuit. Some want to use their stifled anger and sad bottled up emotions to follow in Their footsteps and blow the circuit up and some are hanging on and holding out for hope in their struggles and working through it the hard way until they find a sense of healing in completing the circuit. And some of us choose to use the boys tragedy and spin it on a say that “I get where you’re coming from Dylan. I get the message: I am you; you are me. but I want to do better than you did Dylan, even in all this struggle.. I want to survive for you. To take the tragedy of what you’d done and make it not in vain. To take the bad and make it into good again.”   We are here with Columbine because we must work through it and integrate it so that we don’t self destruct but instead, own it and work through it to the other side of the tunnel so that we can begin to take our power back and lead more productive, positive lives in which we can learn to begin to  love and value ourselves again and feel connected here on this planet with others.  It is part of this existence lesson for many of us here on the tag.

exo /reaction

requested! “Can you do exo’s reaction to a biracial (mixed) girl being their new stylist who is really good at Korean?” 

/ You had just gotten the new job at SM. You were only about two weeks into it when you were assigned to style EXO for the most recent comeback. You stood patiently, waiting for the boys to come in to get their hair dyed, cut, and makeup done for the upcoming teaser photoshoots. Slowly the boys piled in the room, laughing, one after the other. You smiled and introduced yourself.

Baekhyun - He would be a complete buffoon. He doesn’t know how to act in general, being around a stylist wouldn’t be any different. As soon as you introduced yourself, starting to make small talk he would immediately jump in with “Woah! Can you say other things? Say this x!” doing so until Kyungsoo or Chanyeol put him in his place. I also feel like he’d flirt??

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Chanyeol - I don’t see him being as surprised as most of the other boys; maybe a glimpse of shock, but he most definitely would treat you normally, not like an alien. He’d probably even end up carrying on the conversation more than you as you dye his hair just so he can hear you talk again. He would genuinely be interested in anything you had to say.

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Chen - I see him as being a bit timid after hearing you talk, a big difference from his usual squealing self. Light, peppered conversation here and there is what you’ll get out of him, mostly, but by the end, he’d be all smiles. He’d enjoy the conversation and being around someone new, even if it doesn’t show!

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Kyungsoo - I think he’d be one of the more chill ones. He’d more than likely be silent majority of the time, with few outbursts such as “how’s your day?” “how’s the job?” “what’s the weather like?” It wouldn’t psych him out that you’re biracial and speak Korean. He’d enjoy the massage you give his scalp as you wash the dye out much more than holding a convo; he’ll leave the talking to you.

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Kai - He’d be all over you! Although quite shy at first when he hears you, he’d definitely warm up the more you spoke to him in his mother tongue. After a certain point, he’d start innocently flirting and you, of course, would fall for it. Kai would have a smile plastered on his face everytime he got to see his new favorite stylist.

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Yixing - One of the more timid ones, I think he’d prefer to keep to himself and let you do the small talk. He’d enjoy learning about why you learned/how you know Korean and your heritage, but other than that he’d try to remain to himself, only letting a shy grin or a hushed laugh out every once in a while as you tell him stories. He’d rather look at you talk than look at his phone, though.

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Sehun - Kind of like Chanyeol. He’d love talking to you, but he’d be the main one talking, and not only would he be the one carrying the conversation, he’d also talk about his dog a lot. And the dumb things the boys do. He would give you the daily update about EXO. What they did, what they will do. He is now your best friend, and every appointment SM schedule’s starts with “You will not guess what happened in the dorms today.” He doesn’t even realize you Biracial after the third appointment, you’re simply just his favorite stylist.

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Suho - The mother of the group, of course, knows how to carry a conversation without a bump in the road. After hearing you introduce yourself, he’d immediately steamboat the conversation ahead. He’d find it incredibly cool that you knew Korean, and he’d ask you every question; and you, nonetheless, would ask every question straight back. By the end of the day, Suho had blonde hair and your entire life story, and you heard first hand how upset he was that Kris left him with eight children. 

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Xiumin - He’d be a bit shocked seeing that you spoke Korean so well, in fact, almost intimidated. He’d be a little shy to ask the first question to start the conversation, but after you do it first, he immediately lets out a sigh of relief. He’d carry the conversation on, and you two would talk for hours before the time came to wash his dye out. To be honest, he’d be subtly flirty.

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- Saori

college yoongi

surprise it’s me kinda short cause apush hw but

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  • ahah nobody requested it but i am taking creative liberty cause everyone likes when i write for yoongi the best and also i like writing for him the best so!!
  • yoongi’s parents were super serious about him going to college and getting a good education, and they really wanted him to go overseas to the states, because there are so many opportunities over there and they thought he would lead a better life over here
  • so he started learning english in high school and he didn’t really have the knack for it and he struggled a lot with it and that really discouraged him from going to college overseas but alas his parents were forcing him
  • and they’re also like now yoongi,,, we know that your passion is your music and your pictures (he cringes at this) but we want you to major in something that will actually get you a job,,,
  • and so they basically decide his major for him as well, well they say it has to be something “stable” and something that he can “make money” with
  • so he decides on psychology cause that’s not something you necessarily have to deal with people with you know? not everyone ends up being a therapist? he loves to learn about how to the brain works too and he loves trying to figure out what happens when things go wrong and he seriously wants to try to make advancements in cures for depression and anxiety and so he declares his major as psych
  • like deep down he’s super passionate about it, especially like the psychology that revolves around mental health and since he was young he had his nose buried in psych books because he wanted to try and see if he could figure out what was going on with him and stuff like that and so he definitely doesn’t mind the major, and he’s super relieved when his parents accept it as a valid option
  • he does minor in photography though, he knows that it’s more reliable than music production, and he can at least try and use that to make some money while in college?
  • plus he really loves it
  • okay anyway he comes over and he’s trying not to be nervous but he’s panicking on the inside because it’s a new country, and he really didn’t dedicate himself to learning english as much as he should have
  • and he’s doing his best not to completely lose it while trying to find his dorm because he wants to make his parents proud and he doesn’t want to disappoint them by calling home in tears that he hates it already but he really doesn’t know what’s going on and he’s scared and nervous and he feels like he wants to faint and nobody is really helping him
  • but he finally makes it to his dorm right and he stumbles in and his face is red and he’s breathing heavy and he feels like he’s about to break down in tears and he’s not ready to socialize with whoever his dorm mate might be but then he looks at the kid and his eyes kinda widen
  • and the boy smiles and starts talking to him in very very very good english “oh hey, you must be yoongi?”
  • and yoongi hears his name and he’s like… “yes??”
  • the boy just gives him this dimply smile and then switches to korean “oh I’m namjoon nice to meet you”
  • and yoongi just about loses it because wow how did he get this lucky?? how did he get a roommate who speaks korean??
  • namjoon is only real friend for the first few weeks on campus like yoongi really doesn’t wanna join any clubs despite what namjoon tells him about clubs helping him to get to know new people
  • like the only thing he shows up for is namjoon’s academic team tournaments to cheer namjoon on and sometimes he’ll read the questions to help better his english what a cutie
  • like he really devotes himself to his studies because he doesn’t wanna let his parents down and he wants to be a kid that his parents can proudly point out and be like “that’s my son”
  • even though yoongi isn’t very social he gets usper popular on campus with the girls like he rocks the natural black hair and it hangs low in his eyes and he’s always bustled in his scarves and he wears ripped jeans and lots of doc martens and sometimes he’ll have those round rimmed glasses in his nose and he’s so cute and girls swoon over him all the time and he just doesn’t notice it poor bean child
  • most of the time he can be found in the library, nose buried in a book because he wants to improve his reading fluency and sometimes he’ll get stuck on something and he’ll sit there with his nose scrunched up and his eyes narrowed in determination and he’ll stick his tongue out and when he finally sounds it out and recognizes the word he’ll cheer to himself then continue to read to himself
  • you meet him in the library actually!
  • you’re trying to do your homework and your roommate has someone over and you seriously didn’t want to thrid wheel like you didn’t wanna be that awkward person who sits on the end of the couch alone while they watch all the lord of the rings or something dorky
  • and turns out, yoongi is also doing some homework!! he has a survey to complete on people’s opinions on a pretty controversial topic so the class could examine the factors that affect someone’s decision but the thing is yoongi is way too shy to go up and actually ask anyone, and he needs more participants than just namjoon
  • but he sees you sitting there, head bowed, earbuds in, and his breath hitches in his throat because you are the most stunning human he has seen on campus like you aren’t anything really out there or extravagant or flashy
  • you’re simple and you look so comfortable and soft and you look so plain but you look so genuine and the little things make you absolutely breathtaking and yoongi finds himself staring at you with wide eyes for like thirty minutes
  • meanwhile he’s texting namjoon, giving him your complete description and he’s like oh my god man, how do i approach them, they’re literally an angel or something
  • and namjoon kinda “ask for their opinion. for your survey? you know, that thing you have due in like a week??”
  • yoongi just facepalms because why didn’t he think of this??
  • he gives himself a mental pep talk before heading over and sitting across from you
  • you don’t notice him right away but then he kinda shuffles and you glance up and almost scream because who the heck is this?? and why is he so good looking?? and why is he at your table????
  • and you quickly yank your earbuds out and you smile sheepishly and he’s all red in the face and he doesn’t know what to say cause his english isn’t great and he doesn’t want you to laugh or anything and he kinda just stares at you
  • but then he’s like oh shit my project
  • “um… i’m yoongi…” he purses his lips and glances up at you and you seem so attentive and his heart flutters and he looks back down at his hands “I um, well… I have this thing, and i gotta ask how you think? your opinion, would you give me yours?”
  • he’s so cute and you nearly die cause he’s asking permission like what a sweetheart??
  • and so you do give it to him and after that you also give him your number because what a cutie and he just beams when you put your number into his phone (with some of his help cause his phone is set up in korean obv) okay but he puts lil hearts near your name to help set you apart and namjoon never lets it go ever
  • and you see his lockscreen and it’s him and friends home in daegu and you kinda “oh where’s this?”
  • “My hometown, im not from here… you probably can tell.”
  • and your eyes widen and you shake your head “oh your english? no it’s really good, you speak more proper than people who’ve lived here forever. you should show me some more pictures later!!”
  • but you have to go cause your next lecture starts and you demand that he texts you soon and he just smiles warmly and waves you off
  • he doesn’t text back the entire day and you start to worry that he didn’t really like you and you were maybe getting your hopes up but it’s because he doesn’t wanna bother you and a lot of time people who learn a second language can speak really great but writing is the hardest thing and so he’s waiting for namjoon to finish his class so he can get his help
  • but music
  • music on the other hand is a universal language am i right
  • whenever he finds a song he really like he sends it to you and he’s into the american hip hop for sure but i see him really into like indie music?? like super into the indie alternative stuff
  • every morning you receive a good morning text with a new song he wants you to listen to and that’s when you find out that he actually writes his own stuff and that he wanted to do something with music
  • slowly but surely you two begin to hang out more and you two really get close as friends first?? like you two don’t immediately end up head over heels like there’s the initial attraction sure but it’s not like you’re in love right away
  • yoongi suspects you have a thing for namjoon actually but
  • like you two always get coffee together except he gets tea every time
  • he’ll bring his laptop with him and you two will sit down together, shoulders brushing, sharing earbuds as he lets you hear what he’s currently working on
  • but one day, he goes up to get your drinks, and you snoop on his files because you wanna hear some more bops, and you actually click on his photography folder and it’s thousands of pictures of scenery upon scenery, like mountains and meadows and beaches and forests and they’re all so enchanting and you feel like you’re maybe living in a fantasy or something while looking at them because they don’t seem like they could come from this world
  • and yoongi comes back to find you gaping at his pics and his face gets all red and he’s all warm and fuzzy inside and he plops down beside you and just studies the look of pure bliss on your face and he decides he rather likes the view
  • “a lot of those are from back home” he kinda shrugs, not wanting to make a big deal about it
  • you turn and glare and he’s like great what did i do but then you giggle and his face gets more red “why didn’t you show me these before? god yoongi, you’re so good at everything you do, let me guess, you’re athletic too huh?”
  • and now he’s really blushing cause he’s a humble guy and you’re just praising him and he sips his drink then mumbles “I like basketball…?”
  • you practically screech at this because “yoongi basketball tryouts are in a few weeks, you should join!”
  • he doesn’t want to because he’s self conscious of his height and of his skills but the promise of you coming to every home game to cheer him on is really tempting and so he agrees, because “i guess i need to keep up my health right??”
  • okay yes yoongi does make the team and he plays point guard and every game you come to cheer him on with namjoon and yoongi just beams at you with his gummy smile and always waves to you when he’s warming up
  • he changes when he play like beast mode activated you’ve never seen someone so determined in his life he plays with such passion and fire and he never gives up and like he glistens with sweat and someone that doesn’t bother you at all
  • after games the three of you always go out for milk shakes at this local diner and namjoon always pays cause he has a job on campus and yoongi always gets all red when you praise his skills and namjoon always ends up having to leave for some reason or another now that you think about it…
  • okay but one night yoongi texts you and he’s kinda “hey wanna come hang with me, i have some shots for my class i need to take, and maybe you wanna come or something idk”
  • and you’re kinda surprised because that morning after he sent you his daily song he promptly said “ignore it” and then didn’t text you the rest of the day
  • but hey you love hanging with yoongi and you’ve never seen him in action before you already finished the majority of your homework so why not
  • yoongi is waiting outside your dorm, and he has a beanie on his head and a thick scarf around his neck and his camera in hand and he looks so stunning your heart kinda jumps into your throat
  • cause you can’t deny it anymore like there is no denying it, that you have helplessly, hopelessly fallen for min yoongi
  • whether it be during the times you helped him with his english, reading articles and stories and reports aloud to him, with his head on your lap as your fingers tangled in his hair
  • or the times, late at night, he would sneak out of the dorms to come throw rocks at your window to ask for you to pretty please come down and catch a midnight movie with him
  • or perhaps it was the times where you were burdened with work, exhausted and defeated and ready to give up everything, that yoongi took your hands in his and promised that you two would do it together, make it through college, through life, as the best of friends
  • friends
  • you assume that’s what it’ll ever be
  • yoongi has everyone on campus practically drooling over him why would he ever stop to have feelings for you?
  • you’ve cried to namjoon about it like a million times
  • like it seems impossible that yoongi would somehow love you of all people and it hurts and it hurts more that you can see and touch and feel the person who yoongi really is under his cold and unsociable exterior and you’re so close you can practically feel his lips on yours when he leans in close and whispers something about the psychology behind choices and why he makes them but then just as your eyelids flutter shut, he pulls away and your heart breaks
  • but here he stands now, smiling softly and motioning you along and you can’t help but follow even though you need you’re going to fall more and more in love if you let things like this continue to happen
  • he doesn’t really explain the assignment but he’s taking you towards the city, towards the bright lights and the loud noises and the fun and the passion that can’t always be found down on campus
  • you’re his silent assistant as he takes pictures of the mundane
  • of garbage cans, and sleeping alley cats, and doorframes and windows illuminated by the city lights
  • he takes pictures of the ramen you two order down at this little hole in the wall, and he takes a picture of the koi fish pond in the corner of the restaurant
  • he takes pictures of your shoes, pressed against the toes of his own, and he takes picture of taxi cabs and bicycles and cracks in the pavement
  • but then he brings you to this lil secluded area and it’s near one of the art galleries, but behind it, and it’s a park actually, with lots of weeping willows, and benches, and a pond in the middle
  • the moon is up in the sky and the stars are smiling down at the two of you and it would be so perfect if your i love you wasn’t burning the tip of your tongue and it’s becoming more and more difficult to swallow
  • yoongi points to one of the trees with the branches sagging low due to the snow white blossoms and he kinda “now stay there okay… and i want you to look down okay, and on the count of three, i’m gonna take your picture okay?”
  • obviously you’re kinda confused because yoongi rarely ever takes pics of people, and this project he hasn’t so far, and why you of all people, like if you knew he was taking your picture you would have dressed better??
  • but you do as he says and he counts down and then he gets to one
  • “I love you”
  • it’s just above a whisper and his voice is shaking a bit but you hear it and you cover your mouth with your hands and stare up at him with wide eyes and he takes the picture right at that moment
  • and he smiles so softly and you run into his arms and he sets the camera down on the nearby bench
  • and you wrap your arms around his neck and run your fingers through his hair and he pulls you close and he smiles through the kiss
  • and afterwards he buries his face in the crook of your neck and you both are laughing and smiling and he’s holding your hands and kissing your nose
  • you can’t help but ask what the assignment was though
  • and he kinda laughs and mumbles against your skin “well it was to make a portfolio of the things that make me feel alive”
  • after that yoongi is always taking your picture like you just woke up and have bed head well guess who has the camera ready to capture the moment oh wait yoongi
  • he takes pictures of you always, especially with his polaroid and he tapes them to the walls of his dorm
  • namjoon always tells him to stop being so sappy but yoongi just sticks another picture up
  • he’s not very touchy and showy and most people don’t even know you’re dating but he lets you wear his basketball jacket and that’s when people kinda start to suspect some things mm hmm
  • he also writes you music all the times and compiles some playlists for you of all your favorite songs and he makes study playlists and running playlists and probably some other types of playlists
  • he likes to have you over at his dorm always and lay there with you on his bed as he talks about the psychology behind attraction and affection and the likes
  • anyway he would be a really cute college boyfriend okay and you two would be the envy of all the couples on campus okay
Thoughts on the HTGAWM finale

…..okay, what the fuck.

• One of the first thing that struck me was when after Connor’ confession to being at the house the night of the fire, Laurel told him he should kill himself. Seriously?? That was so out of character! Laurel is grieving, Laurel is feeling miserable, and I will fight anyone who calls her annoying for dealing with such a horrendous loss, but pushing someone to suicide? Laurel Castillo would NEVER do that. Her mother was mentally ill for crying out loud, she knows what it’s like to struggle with depression and she never would have said those words, so already we’re off to a bad start from the writers. (It was also much more gut-wrenching since we knew from the opening scene Connor was actually suicidal.)

• Talking about Connor. I don’t know what to think. He made us all extremely angry over the past few eps with his attitude towards Wes but we’ve always known that to him, being self-destructive and making people hate him is a coping mechanism. It doesn’t excuse what he said, but it explains it and I still think he’s a redeemable character. Also for what happened when he found Wes, he seemed to have done his best and seeing him come clean about it was very poignant. Falahee’s acting was particularly impressive this episode.

• Oliver’s arc keeps on revolving solely around Connor lmao. I loved their dynamic in seasons 1 and 2, but season 3 was messy and they don’t seem to have fixed their issues. It’s sweet how much they care about each other, I was convinced by Oliver’s worry and I smiled at his proposal but it’s mostly thanks to the actors’ chemistry rather than the writing. Connor and Oliver “love” each other yes, but this finale felt like a cheat-way out of actually digging deep into their relationship troubles.

• I stay not caring about Asher. I’m sorry. I don’t like him. I don’t give a shit about Frank either. I was happy when he said “it should have been me, I know” because YES IT SHOULD HAVE

• Michaeala is such an interesting character. Weirdly enough, the whole struggle about the “i love you” didn’t bother me I didn’t think it took away from the gravity of the ep. I never complain about a look into Mic’s psyche. Although I don’t like her relationship with Asher.

• And now onto the real real issue I have with this episode. How they handled the Wes storyline. Fucking awful. That scene towards the end showing Wes crawling to the door and being caught by his murderer, overlapped with Annalise demonizing him and pinning everything on him? I was bawling my eyes out. How could they do him this dirty. He was good. He was kind. He was a gentle mentally ill black man who worked hard and was about to be a father. He deserved better than this. I had harvested the hope he would be revealed to be alive but. No. He wasn’t. He was murdered and he was slandered through his death, by the same woman who claimed to love him as a son. Another weird writing decision. We know Annalise can be ice cold and goal-oriented but would she really drag Wes through the mud after he died?! Even to protect the others? It ripped my heart out.

• I would like to say though that the reval of who killed Wes, it being a hitman employed by Laurel’s father and/or ADA Danver wasn’t the worst choice the writers could have made. I wouldn’t have accepted him being killed by another Keating5. Wes still deserved better though. Oh and Bonnie calling him a murderer was fucking rich lmao, she’s the only cold-blooded assassin of the group, second worst is Asher who literally ran Sinclair over with his car bc she was.. being mean? Wes only killed Sam because Sam was about to kill Rebecca and everyone still blamed him. I want to scream.

• The whole Charles was Wes’ father not Wallace???? What the hell? How old is this kid? Made no sense! Seemed like a plot twist for the sake of a plot twist.

• The baby plotline? Is Laurel going to keep it? I don’t know. I feel nothing. Except that that baby should have grown up with two parents. Also Laurel seems to be heading towards a dark direction judging by how she seemed ready to just shoot Charles Mahoney in the middle of the street?

• I don’t want to watch season 4 after what they did to Wes. But I want to see Dominic and Mr Castillo and ADA Danver rot in hell. Dilemma.

Tell me your thoughts! If you agree/disagree I would love to talk.