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Psych Revival: USA Network Orders Holiday Reunion Movie — First Look
A round of Pineapple Razzmatazzies on the house! USA Network is reviving its late, great private eye dramedy Psych via a two-hour holiday movie — and all the usual suspects will be back. Psych: The…
By Michael Ausiello


Oh, you mean my pilot’s license? That’s out back in the Cessna. Or perhaps you’re referring to my license to kill. Revoked. Trouble at the Kazakhstan border. I could give you the details but then I’d have to kill you, which I can’t do because my license to kill has been revoked.
—  Shawn Spencer

Psych S08E03: Remake AKA Cloudy… with a Chance of Improvement.

Gus: Is it because I’m a yute?

Judge: A what?

Phelps: What’s a yute?

Hornstock: Oh, a yute, a yute. It’s a youth. It’s from My Cousin Vinny. Terrific film, sir. 

Phleps: Objection, your Honor. It’s OK, decent at best. 

Why is this so hilarious? Phelps (Ralph Macchio) was a main character in My Cousin Vinny, Bill Gambini. 

The series finale… Wow. The Psych series finale. It’s OVER. It’s really over. There’s so much to say, I feel like I’ll forget to say a lot. (FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T WATCHED IT: DO NOT READ THIS!!! MAJOR SPOILERS!!!) First… Psych in Santa Barbara is DONE! CLOSED! Shawn moved to be with Juliet because of how much he loved her and he left so much behind to do it and the proposal was just… It wasn’t too sappy and wasn’t too funny, it was the perfect balance for a Psych proposal. “I don’t believe in love at first sight… Because I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you before I even saw you.” *turns to Gus* “That didn’t make much sense, did it?” And the ring getting stolen… I was crying and laughing, it was just perfect. Henry getting back the game for a moment in front of his college students… Not to mention that one student was VERY cute hahahaha. BUZZ MCNAB IS NOW A DETECTIVE *so proud.* We actually saw Dobson for the very first and last time ever in Psych history… And let’s take a moment for the fact that Shawn was going to admit he wasn’t really psychic but Lassie decided not to hear it, and got rid of the evidence so there was nothing against Shawn lying… And THAT SHAWN-LASSIE HUG IN THE BEGINNING :’) Woody. Creepy in the greatest way. As always. And Brennigan and Lassie really seem to hit it off as coworkers. LASSITER’S CALL WITH MARLOWE AND LILLY :’) Vick successful :) Shawn and Gus… Inseparable

I just have way too many thoughts currently so you’ll continue to get more later, thanks for bearing with me haha :)