psych sorting

can people just be aware that the narrative some mentally ill people are just “anti-recovery” is one that was created to justify giving us involuntary treatment aka abusing us with aba therapy/psych wards/ect

so regardless of whether you support those things or not if you promote this idea you are in fact helping them

consider that perhaps the “anti-recovery” mentally ill people youre referring to cannot safely access the recovery methods youre suggesting, have different methods of recovery that work better for them and/or are content with their current state therefore have no need to recover

you being mentally ill yourself doesnt change this one bit you still have no right to force your concept of what recovery is on someone

henry spencer - gryffindor, pureblood. prefect, beater. retired from being an auror very early. (patronus: grizzly bear)
- - “Life is not made up of a single moment, it’s made up of a gazillion moments. What defines us is the choice we make in the next moment, and the one after that. These moments, Shawn, they’re happening, they’re all around us all the time. You’re having one right now.”

# 57

Sing to me - loudly, if you want.
(I’m a yeller, so I understand.)
I’d rather love or loathe
than be left wondering
by some cryptic note
that’s better left unread.

ugh i have like 30 pages in my id tag so im not gonna do tht rn,,, ig ill work on my history proj

Eurus, Sherlock, and Victor

I wonder if Eurus is going to be revealed to be the dark part of Sherlock’s psyche- sort of a darker part of the Freudian ego. If this is true, then it was Sherlock who played a role in the death of Victor Trevor, and this is why he cannot form close partnerships. I have a couple problems with my theory, though. First off - it seems like, while Sherlock has trouble with both friendship and romantic relationships, the show has always made more of the romantic troubles. So - if Sherlock played a role in the death of Victor at age 5 or 6, he could have trouble making friends, etc - but is it necessarily psycho-sexual? Sex is the problem that the show has always made a big deal about - Sherlock as ‘the Virgin", etc.  

If Victor was a relationship (lover or friend) from Uni, then the psycho-sexual context makes more sense. The idea that Sherlock’s brilliant mind could completely block out the memory of Victor makes more sense if you consider that this would have been the period where Sherlock was out of his mind on drugs. Perhaps Sherlock killed Victor, or got him killed through their association. 

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anonymous asked:

Would you be okay with a soulmate au scenario? Christophe loved the look of the mark on his chest, a simple heart with Psyche written above it. He never bothered to look to deep into it. But he ran into a stranger and felt the tug at his mark. Then theres his soulmate she cant see her mark easily its on her back. She never felt the need to look. Then by chance she feels a tug from behind and turns to face a man shes never met + whatever you feel would happen afterwards (sucker for fluff) Thanks!

Soulmate au scenario anon again. I slipped up and realized i left out the girls mark is a heart that has Eros written above it. So its and Eros and Psyche sort of thing. Like how people get each others names as tattoos accept with words that represent the soulmate as their mark Chris being Eros and his S/O being Psyche (metaphorically)

Chris never really paid attention to the people around him. As he walked down the street, everyone was only part of the background. He didn’t notice when a woman walked past him, but instead only felt the urgent tug in his chest, right where his soulmark was.

He stopped, wondering if his body was in pain or if it was… something else. It felt different. Special.

He still did not notice the woman, who felt a similar feeling on her back and had stopped in her tracks. She did not know what her mark looked like, but only that it was in the same location as the mysterious pull.

The two turned around, led by the force that threaded them together.

And when Chris saw her, and she him, they knew. Their marks seemed to pulse with a knowing so strong, there was no doubt that the other on the street was their soulmate.

“Psyche?” Chris couldn’t help the name from slipping. It was what he liked to think of as his pair’s name, and didn’t know if it was literal.

“What?” The woman’s heart stopped, wondering if he meant someone else, and if he wasn’t her soulmate after all.

Chris pulled down the collar of his shirt, revealing his mark. “Do you recognize this?”

The woman paused. “I don’t know. I’ve never really looked at my mark,” she admitted. “It’s on my back.”

“Would you… would you mind if I looked?”

The woman would have denied the request to anybody, but this man, the tug… “Go ahead,” she said, and stepped into the nearest alleyway for a sense of privacy.

Chris slowly lifted the hem of her shirt until the mark on her back was revealed. “It’s like mine,” he gasped, and snapped a photo to show the woman.

Her heart pounded, staring at the lettering and matching heart on the screen. “Eros. Psyche and Eros.”

Chris smiled. “Christophe,” he introduced himself as.


To the tune of "Little Lion Man"

Weep, for yourself my boy
You have a soft, yet ever-beating heart
Weep, little red-eyed boy
You’re not as brave as you were at the start
Rate yourself and rank yourself
Take all the courage you have left
You never were a hero, they
Are gone from here or else just dry and dead

My child you are the Knight of Time
But it was your Heart on the line
You didn’t fuck things up this time
It never was your fault
It never was your fault

Tremble for yourself, my boy
Emotions are not enemies of yours
Tremble, little red-eyed boy
You do not need to settle all your scores
Your grace is wasted on your face
Your heart, not standing passive in this wreck
Now learn from your brother or else spend your days locked in your own head

My child you are the Knight of Time
But it was your Heart on the line
You didn’t fuck things up this time
It never was your fault
It never was your fault

Sleep, rest yourself my boy
You have a family and they love you now
Sleep, little red-eyed boy
No pain is on it’s way to crease your brow
You beat the game, you claimed the prize, found love and hope, safety and a new home
It’s time to heal, my red-eyed boy, so smile and know that you are not alone

Possible addition to the end:

My child you are the Knight of Time
And child, you have turned out just fine
There’s nothing left out on the line
It’s time for a new start
It’s time for a new start


I am made of memories.

Bucky and his trigger words. Giving them meaning.


Chapter: 1/???
Relationship: Chris/Josh
Tags: Hurt/Comfort, AU - Canon Divergence, Post - Canon, Mental Instability
Summary: What happens when Chris’s choices aren’t what Josh expects of him? A.K.A Josh lives AU 

Can also be read on Ao3!

Notes: WELP. I was gonna send this to some ppl to Beta or something but then I decided YOLO and I would just post it here and see if anyone in general was interested in it and let everyone give me criticism’s and suggestions.  I haven’t written fic in a very long time so I expect my writing to be sub par honestly. This whole first chapter/prologue is in Josh’s POV

Side Note: Also I plan the next chapter to be Chris’s POV once they are rescued from the mountain, and any recommendations on how Josh ends up off the mountain would be welcome. Like does the gang confess to his deeds and get him placed in some sort of psych ward? Does Chris convince them not to and instead he’s responsible for keeping him in check? 

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I’m ace.

Today is Ace Day and I am very very very aware of every controversy and argument against it so I’m not like… officially taking part. But I’d sort of psyched myself to come out today so here goes.

I identify as gay - the gay community is what I feel part of and it’s a word that really helped me and I feel that. But technically? I’m probably a homoromantic asexual. Basically… my relationship with sex is very particular and I’m not about explaining it. There’s a bit of repulsion. There’s grey moments. But I very much know I’m on that spectrum. My husband knows, we’re very happy and I’m very proud of everyone who can come out to themselves about this. It’s very hard realising this about yourself, the way sex is discussed in our world doesn’t make it easy. But when you know, you know. 

Good luck everyone!

PS I should add, like – if I ever say ‘omg I want to rp with you’  as I have with some folks and then don’t it 50000% has nothing to do with you. I promise. I really do. I just get really nervous or don’t feel interesting and sort of psyche myself out before I end up doing anything.

I’m 100% still sitting here and wanting to rp with you. I’m just terrible.

shawn spencer - slytherin (but a hat stall), pureblood. chaser. constant trouble maker, but a favorite of professor trelawney. (patronus: armadillo)
- - ““Imagine you weren’t just a gangly average human, that you could wink at someone and-and light up their world. That you could make a child think you have given them an ice cream cone without giving them the cone! And then watch them skip off into a beautiful meadow licking nothing but air! Imagine that! Imagine you had a special gift, a sixth sense, and someone or something came along and ripped it away!”

Shassie Week 2015

In an attempt to make this ship more active I’ve decided to hold my own Shassie week. I didn’t hear anything back from the previous runners so I’m guessing they’ve decided not to do it this year, and if they were … My deepest apologies. (You can still do it, who says there can’t be two weeks for one ship?)


  • Any sort of fanwork is accepted. (Fanfics, fanart, fanmix, graphics, whatever you want).
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  • Prompts will be reblogged on the day of or days after, but not before.
  • Remember to tag appropriately. Tag for triggers and nsfw and whatever else you think might need tagging.
  • Please tag all submissions with #shassie or #shassie week. If you don’t see it reblogged, or if you don’t have a tumblr you can always submit a link.
  • And most important of all. Have fun!

Don’t worry about hitting every day, just do as much or as little as you want.

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juliet o’hara - hufflepuff, halfblood. prefect, seeker. quite fond of transfiguration and honeydukes. (patronus: leopard)
- -“Do you know what it’s like to have an internal voice that tells you what the right thing to do is all the time, and you do it, and it works, and you’re good at what you do, and then one day it just shuts off, and in that moment there is no voice, and you just have to listen to yourself, and in an instant, in a millisecond, you make a tiny but crucial mistake and screw up so badly it affects your whole life?“

burton guster - hufflepuff, muggle-born. prefect. would have a perfect record, if it weren’t for his trouble-making best friend. (patronus: polar bear)
- - “I want you to know that - that if I had the chance to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. You’re my best friend, and we got a chance to live out our childhood dreams. I don’t blame you, okay? And I’m sorry I couldn’t always cut lose the way you wanted me to.”

carlton lassiter - gryffindor, halfblood. head boy. excels at defense against the dark arts and loves a good duel. (patronus: wolf)
- -
”But you’re at my table now, and around here, we call someone like you a hostile witness - it’s a good way to get yourself locked up. I can make your life a living hell, so you’d better give me the respect I deserve, and I suggest you cut the crap! Clear?”