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Monster AU: Zombie Apocalypse

“Sometimes I wonder…what’s the point? We saw what happens to the dead, Lassie. It happened to Buzz, to Woody… and now I haven’t heard from my dad in over a week. There are no movies here anymore, or date nights, or eating jerk chicken at the Psych office after catching bad guys… So how do you do it? How can you keep from losing yourself in this much crazy stuff?”

“Everyone needs something they can hold onto, Shawn. O’Hara has family photos, for Guster it’s his calendars and books… I’m just choosing to hold onto the few people I have left.”

As summer is coming to a close it is time to start to think about the upcoming academic year. After weeks of freedom and a flexible schedule it can be tough to be excited about school. Here are some tips that I find help get me psyched for school.

  1. Set Goals- What do you want to get out of your school year? What grades do you want to aim for? If you need to take standardized tests, what score do you want to get? If you are applying for colleges, where do you want to be accepted? Your goals will give you a purpose and make the upcoming school year something to make use of and not just get through.
  2. Set up a new planner- Planners are life. They will save you so many times you won’t be able to count. Getting or making a new planner always makes me super excited to start using it. My planner for this academic year is the bloom Daily Vision Planner. It is so beautiful and has spaces for you to set monthly and weekly goals (I highly recommend).
  3. Organize your desk- An organized work space is an essential study tool. Setting up your desk can make you more inclined and excited to get work done there.
  4. Treat yourself to new pens/highlighters/other supplies- This isn’t necessary but is always fun! Amazon is a great place to find new supplies and you can compare prices to find a great deal.
  5. Start a studyblr account- That is what I did! Seeing pictures of aesthetic notes always makes me want to create some for myself! Create a blog and find inspiration on social media. Be careful that you don’t spend more time on tumblr liking pictures of studying than actually studying.
  6. Put yourself in a positive mindset- If you think positively, positive results will follow. The secret to doing well in school is believing in yourself and working hard. Both of those are difficult to do if you are constantly thinking negatively. Surround yourself with positive people, find positive images to post where you can see them, and think positive thoughts.
  7. Remind yourself how lucky you are to have an education- So much of the world does not have access to an education or is unable to continue their education past a young age. Those of us on studyblr have access to an education and the motivation to take advantage of it. Don’t forget how lucky you are to be able to attend middle school, high school, or college.

okay but this is a great episode: santabarbaratown 2 (psych|7x01)

there’s one thing i’d like to do before we eat, though. let’s go catch the son of a bitch who shot my dad.

this could be us but i’m playin, if you like this please yell at me to finish this mod because i have zero motivation

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omg pls keep making psych sets, i miss those dorks so much

i have a few scenes bookmarked to gif but if you want something specific, feel free to ask!!! i love this show sm so i dont mind at all :)


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wow sorry i haven’t been here in a long while,
i just wanna tell you that i’m not dead which is
a good thing i hope.

i’m still looking for jobs and a few days ago i
had a psych eval that was set up with disability
in the process of possibly getting disability if
there is sufficiently enough wrong with me.

or whatever.

however the problem still stands that i have no
source of income and i rely on donations and what
small amount my dad gives me from time to time. 

i’m coming up to have to pay rent soon and i’m
literally below 150 USD in cash in my account and
so i’m going to be in a pickle since rent  + internet +
 electricity is over 270 USD
which is something i
don’t have.

if you guys could either send a donation to my new
US paypal email at
or simply reblog this it would do me a great help until
i can secure a job or get disability. 

Perhaps this is just my bias as a combined humanities/sciences student, but I think if a science course isn’t telling some kind of story to motivate what it’s teaching, it’s failing to teach in a very fundamental way.

It doesn’t matter too much what kind of story it is - a historical story, a procedural story, an idealized tale of discovery… but you need to convince me what I’m studying is important. My GR course this year is doing a great job at that. The prof frequently ties the material we cover in class into the more advanced material being discussed in contemporary circles, and relates the fascinating historical story of the development of General Relativity. As such, there’s a real feeling of progression - that we’re moving closer to the truth, or at least closer to the front lines of the fight for that truth.

My Quantum Mechanics course this year, however, is a failure. The first half of the semester was just refinements of stuff we already knew, and the second half has just been an infinite series (see what I did there) of assorted approximation techniques so we can solve for that stuff we already learned, but less precisely this time. There’s no additional understanding, and no implication that this stuff is actually important. We’re talking mostly about experimental techniques, but we haven’t seen a result in weeks. It’s utterly uninspiring. There’s no narrative, and thus there’s no sense of purpose. What should be the fascinating and twisted history of the most astonishing science on earth is going to end on a whimper about how to approximate scattering amplitudes.

Science isn’t above good pedagogy, and it can learn a lot about what good pedagogy looks like from the humanities.


Chelsea Wolfe at Levitation 2015 - Full Set

1. Dragged Out  00:00
2. Kings 6:20
3. We Hit A Wall 11:00
4. Mer 15:20
5. Moses 20:00
6. House of Metal 24:00
7. Pale on Pale 29:30
8. Iron Moon 37:15
9. Feral Love 43:10