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Klaroline/Warnette parallels | Part 6

“I intend to be your l a s t.

However long it takes.”



fave ย  ย โž  โ˜†

angst ย โž  ๐ŸŒ™

fluff ย  ย  โž  โ˜๏ธ

smut ย  โž  โ™‚

All of these are Jimin x Reader and at least 80% of these contain SMUT.ย 

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Tim: [While Jon is proposing to Lucah] Oh my gosh, it’s happening! Say yes, please say yes!

Lucah: Yes!

ProtonJon: Okay, but technically you just said yes to Tim.

Lucah: Then ask me, Jon.

ProtonJon: Right. Lucah, will you marry us? Mostly me.

Tim: Yeah, mostly Jon.

Jon: Although Tim is always gonna be part of the deal.

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