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Klaroline/Warnette parallels | Part 6

“I intend to be your l a s t.

However long it takes.”

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I’ve been thinking about this since they announced that the new season is 50 years later. That’s 50 years to play around with whatever fic ideas you want. And Genndy just gave his ultimate blessing to do so.

Nothing else matters right now.
'Psych' Holiday Movie Set On USA Network With Original Cast Returning
Published May 8, 2017
By Nellie Andreeva

One of USA Network’s longest-running series, Psych, is coming back to the network with a holiday movie. The film, from Universal Cable Productions, hails from Psych creator Steve Frank and will feature the series’ core cast led by James Roday and Dulé Hill.

They will be joined by Maggie Lawson, Corbin Benson, Kirsten Nelson as well as fan favorite Timothy Omundson, who is on the mend, recovering after a stroke. The script is being adjusted to accommodate him.

Fake psychic detective Shawn Spencer (Roday) and his best friend, Burton “Gus” Guster (Hill), will team up again for the two-hour Psych: The Movie, which will start production next week for a premiere in December. Franks co-wrote the movie with Roday and also will direct the special.


The Psych gang is getting back together.

The cast of the long-running USA Network comedy will reunite for a two-hour TV movie.

Set to premiere in December, Psych: The Movie picks up three years after the event of the finale when the group comes together during the holidays after a mystery assailant targets one of their own.

Stars James Roday and Dule Hill will both reprise their roles as BFFs Shawn and Gus, along with castmembers Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, Corbin Bernsen and Kirsten Nelson. (The logline also promises the return of some fan-favorite characters.) Roday also co-wrote Psych: The Movie with series creator Steve Franks, who will also direct the special.


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Attention all Psychos (aka fan of the USA series Psych)!! A new reunion movie has just been announced!! In lieu of this development I thought I’d recommend of the whumpy episodes!

Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark (s5 I believe)- Shawn Spencer shot in left shoulder and kidnapped.

Spellingg Bee (s1e2??) -Shawn run of the road by a van while on his motorcycle. Bike flips throwing him off to the side. He suffers some injury to his knee/leg and an injured wrist

Lassie Did a Bad Bad Thing- Shawn punched unconscious by crooked cop, kidnapped, then pistol-whipped.

Let’s Doo-Wop It Again- While singing with an a capella group with his friends, Shawn’s appendix bursts and he collapses on stage. In hospital for the rest of the episode. Nearly killed when baddie ups his (and another character’s) morphine drips attempting to kill them. (Sort of-this was kind of a fake out lol)

Chivalry Is Not Dead…But Someone Is- Shawn “barely” poisoned by the baddie of the week, collapses in front of Gus, shown in the hospital.

Dead Air- Gus pistol whipped (?) (or punched…can’t quite remember).

Lassie Jerky (I think) - Lassie gets shot in the back/shoulder.

Santabarbaratown (I think)- Henry shot in the chest and nearly killed.

The Tao of Gus (I think??)- Shawn and Gus, but mostly Shawn get into some type of altercation at the cult fruit stand and I think Shawn gets a bit beat up? But I can’t really remember lol

– That’s all I can remember right now but there are others.. ENJOY!

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