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I just realized after liking one of @milliefeuille’s post about her beautiful OC Psyche as human
That she has a similar hairstyle like Cinnamon and it makes them looks alike and I find it really cute. So, OF COURSE I HAD TO DRAW THEM TOGETHER. 

They’re like twins aiheiazhe Psyche would be the beautiful twin tho
I reveresed their palette color too because why not
Psyche can pass as cinnamon but Cinnamon can’t pass as Psyche imo rip XD

Scar Tissue

Draco had learned a lot from the Dark Lord.

He’d learned how to think quickly and critically—how to isolate alternative exits and easily accessible windows immediately upon entering a new room, how to evaluate escape routes and measure the weight of excuses, omissions, denials and exaggerations and lies.

Similarly, he’d learned how to strategize; how to infiltrate an enemy stronghold and capitalize on fear, disorganization, surprise—how to plot a successful murder, too, even if he hadn’t quite had the stomach to finish the job.

The Dark Lord had been incredibly generous with his knowledge.

He’d taught Draco how to hide in the shadows of his own house, how to deflect attention and, perhaps more importantly, how to steal attention, how to keep that narrow, endlessly curious crimson gaze away from his mother and firmly on himself.

He’d taught Draco how to differentiate between what was nice and what was necessary, and he’d taught Draco how to correctly identify the appropriate times in which to utilize the Unforgivable curses; because it wasn’t about not getting caught, no, that was child’s play—adequate advice for the Draco who’d been young and stupid and frozen, maybe, desperate to fix what he’d broken but unable to rationalize why; the Draco who’d been stripped raw, flayed to the bone, left to haunt the roof of the Hogwarts astronomy tower like the dried-out husk of a long-shed snakeskin.

And Draco, he had adapted since then, he’d had to, had felt the shift in his temperament—in his demeanor—in his veins, and he had relished it, absolutely and resolutely—and it was entirely thanks to the Dark Lord.

For example—

Draco now knew how to properly barricade a door, how to pretend—how to believe, truly believe, that was the trick—that a solid mahogany chest of drawers could protect him from the things that went bump and bang and boom in the middle of the night.

He knew how to avoid a mirror and block out reality and grit his teeth against the sudden, blinding pain of having to listen to Hermione Granger be tortured on his sitting room floor—and hadn’t that been a particularly illuminating lesson in humility, his mother’s fingernails digging deep and sharp and hard into the bend of his elbow as if she’d understood that this was going to be it, this was going to be the thing, the moment, that finally shattered his composure and attacked what remained of his conscience with all the efficacy of an ice pick against a glacier—because in all the years that he’d been acquainted with her, Hermione Granger had been equal parts annoying and infuriating and captivating, unfairly so, and as much as he’d loathed her—sometimes, only ever sometimes—he could not watch that, could not watch the tears streak her face and the breath get trapped in her throat—

But he knew better than to speak up.

The Dark Lord had made sure of that.

He’d made sure that Draco knew how to stay quiet; knew how to keep his head down and his mouth shut and his screams—thick like honey in the quivering cavern of his lungs, thick like Granger’s blood as it seeped into and around and across his mother’s priceless antique rugs—locked tight inside, always, always, always inside—right where they belonged.

And really—

Really, the Dark Lord had been an excellent teacher.


A/N: I’m so sorry this is very late for the mythical creature’s event. Anyway @nalu-nerd13 Surprise! I’m your partner. I hope you find this worth the wait. I don’t know what this turned out being but here it is anyway haha 

Let me know if you guys like this world and I’ll actually try my luck at a multi-chapter (plus, I love to talk you all 😉). Also if anyone knows Arabic or a lot about Arabian mythology please get in touch with as I’d love to talk to you :D 

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The quote in the summary is Oscar Wilde ;) 


You’re… Immortal? - Marcin Przybyłowicz

Mystery Man - Marcin Przybyłowicz



“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden itself.” Lucy was about to find out this rang true when her true identity started to reveal itself. NaLu.  


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the setting of my supermassive animatic is a futuristic planet where space objectt themed aliens took and breed humans as pets/servants and my main characters are the heads of a rebellion to free everyone

this one is their kings personal attendant and is very withdrawn and inhibited and would definitely join the rebellion (but would have to be forcefully taken by them due to a really bad case of stockholm syndrome and just bad anxiety in general :^///// ) they would be fucking PSYCHED about ripping their clothes and chopping off all their hair. theyre considered a ‘designer’ human made to look pretty

anonymous asked:

At least personally before ages came out I thought shiro was like 21 (I wasn't a shallie I was just incorrect) bc i was 22 and he acted like my friends my age or younger in college so idk. Honestly all fictional characters confuse me because they either act like 15-year-olds or like they're 20 years old or else they feel like real adults and seem like they're 30.

yeah like it’s clear he’s not like… a teen, but he could reasonably be between 22-26 based on how he acts? i think maybe it’s because there’s not this rapid psychological development occurring in young adults, and it’s slowing down as they reach peak maturity.

and then at the same time, he can’t be too much older than say, 27, since he doesn’t act like he’s moved away from adolescence/young adulthood and into full autonomy.

but he definitely doesn’t act young enough to be a younger college student (like 18-20) imo? he portrays a lot of autonomy, and while he hasn’t started the “settling down” life stage, he’s still past the heavily formative years of emergent adulthood

Double the Spencer: A Psych/CM Crossover

Okay this is a Psych/Criminal Minds crossover requested by the wonderful @janetthegiantt that ended up being a Spencer x reader where you and Shawn used to work together and now the BAU is working with the Santa Barbara Police Department (I may have changed the request a little bit, sorry). Please, enjoy!

Also, rip Psych on Netflix, it’s being removed on Sunday. :(

Originally posted by boltlightning

“I-I think I may know somebody who can help,” You piped up, drawing the rest of the BAU’s attention, “We worked together back when I was a cop in Santa Barbara. His methods may be… unconventional, but he’s crazy good at what he does. Trust me,”

“Who is he?” Hotch questioned, open to your much-needed suggestion

“His name is Shawn, Shawn Spencer,” You paused, as if for dramatic affect, “He’s a psychic.”

“A psychic?!” Garcia gasped, her face flashing across the computer screen in complete surprise

“Yes, Garcia, a psychic. I know it’s not the typical type of professional that we work with, but it really is amazing to see him work,”

Hesitancy sat in the air, tangible and real as it leaned against your suggestion.

“Okay,” Hotch broke the silence, killing the apprehension of your coworkers, “Let’s give Mr. Spencer a shot,”

“Spencer?” You asked, waving him over to a neglected corner as you hung up with your friend from Santa Barbara, “There’s something you need to know,”

Spencer’s eyebrow rose, prompting you to continue, confused and curious. He watched as you wrang your hands, the most overt hint of your apprehension.

“The thing is, Shawn and I… we kinda had a thing back in Santa Barbara. I broke it off before I left but Shawn has a… vibrant and loud personality. He’s shameless, so there may be a little bit of tension coming from him and,”

“It’s okay, y/n. Really. I get it,”

“Spencer,” You wrapped your arms around his neck, a rare showing of PDA despite the shadows, “I know you say that you understand, but you really are my boyfriend now, and Shawn is probably going to be all weird about that, so please, just bear with me on this,”

“Of course,” Spencer smiled, stepping back, “Come on, we’ve got work to do,”

Your ex-boyfriend/ex-coworker arrived within a couple hours. The case was in California and he was able to make the drive. You met him out front of the local police station.

“Spencer,” You nodded professionally to him, formally using his last name just like old times, “I hope the drive was okay?”

“Oh yeah,” He grinned jokingly, a tease batting at the corners of his lips, “Two straight hours of  Curt Smith rocking out made it well worth it,”

“That sounds good,” You tried not to allow your nerves to take over. Things were going so good with Spencer, you couldn’t help but imagine Shawn ruining them, “Why don’t you come in and meet the team?”

“Ooh, can’t wait to meet ‘em,” Your ex-boyfriend trailed behind you into the musty precinct, chomping on bubble gum that you could swear hadn’t been there moments ago. Your rolled your eyes at his nonchalance.

“Everybody,” You announced, welcoming Shawn into the conference room where the BAU had been camped out, “Meet Shawn Spencer. Shawn Spencer, meet everybody: Agent Hotchner, Agent Morgan, Agent Rossi, Agent Prentiss, Agent Jareau, and Dr. Reid. And our technical analyst, Penelope Garcia, is back home at Quantico,”

Shawn made quick rounds, greeting you coworkers with his typical charm. Spencer eyed him with a doubt of earnestly, your words from earlier rang through his ears.

“Alright,” Shawn said as polite conversation began to lull, he was already smirking, “Let’s get to work,”

Hotch nodded, and even though he was simply agreeing with the Californian, it was so much more professional coming from him without him Ben doing anything, “Let’s get to work. JJ and Morgan, I want you two to check out the latest victims apartment. David and Prentiss, why don’t the two of you head over to the last crime scene and make sure the local police didn’t miss anything. Y/n and Spencer, I want the two of you to work on finding a connection between the victims. You’re with me,” He waves in the general direction of the group.

Your boyfriend turned bright red as your ex continued smirking, “Which one of us do you want to…” Spencer questioned

“We are both Spencer,” Shawn barked out in S laugh, “But he was talking about me,”

Hotch was already out the door, “Figure it out,” He mumbled just before he disappeared into the sea of casual policemen. Oh no. The Spencers turned to one another, the devil in their eyes between their vicious standoff of wits and wills.

“He was talking about me. Y/n and I work very well together. We have history.”

There was the shameless insertion that you had expected from Shawn.

“Yeah, well, y/n and I are making our own history, and we work incredibly well together,”

You sighed, stepping between them, “Boys, don’t fight. Shawn, please go with Hotch.”

Shawn cursed at you very low under his breath as he brushed past in defeat.

Two Spencers was too much for you. There was only one Spencer that you wanted. Emily leaned in, “Is that Spencer single?” She asked hopefully, eyeing your ex’s charm.

“Yes, yes he is. I have my own Spencer,” You smiled at your boyfriend. Definitely the right choice.

An analysis on Kanae/Karren’s gender

Ever since Chapter 52 I wanted to make a post about this subject, but I wanted to wait and see if any more info would come out and with the production of Chapter 57, I think we have about all we can get on the matter.
Please bear with me because this is going to be kind of a long post.

Also take everything in this post as you will, the opinions expressed here are simply a production of my own interpretations of Ishida’s writing and I am no way trying to force everyone to share my views. If you agree with me, that’s great. If not, that’s okay too. I can understand and respect everyone’s different points of view, but for now this is my own assessment.

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Haha… just think….. what subconscious self-hatred must have Church been reckoning with….. for Sigma and Omega being so zealous in torturing Alpha until he broke apart…. literally his own ambition and aggression…. turning on him and ripping his psyche to shreds… hah… Hah…. Hha….