psych o's

Room For Ruby In A Nutshell
  • Steven: O shit a shooting star
  • Navy: Psych it me
  • Steven: O shit
  • Navy: I wanna stay on earth
  • Steven: Okie dokie
  • Lapis: I don't trust this bish
  • Peridot: I trust her
  • Navy: i LOOOOVEEE everything!!!!!11!1!!1!
  • Lapis: Sorry 4 bein rude
  • Navy: Later losers
  • Peridot & Steven: O shit
  • Lapis: I fukin knew it
Forget everything you know about love

Husbands!Jikook, 10k of angsty crack + fluff fluff fluff 

For we cannot love something we do not remember, but maybe forgetting was the solution to all of Jungkook’s problems.

A/N: From this request; hope you like it!

A left, another left, a right, and then a left. Or was it left, right, left, left?

Jungkook doesn’t have time to worry about that as he races down the hall, each tick of the clocks in the hospital, each quickening beat of his heart feeling like it might be the last. Like it might be too late.

Room two twenty-four, two twenty-five… screw it.

Jungkook bursts through the door a millisecond before he could process that it was indeed the correct number, but is given confirmation by the figure seemingly drowning beneath the white sheets.

He was pale. An IV drip attached to one arm. There were a few patches of faint yellow from the bruising. But amidst the faint beeping in the background and the smell of disinfectants much too strong, he was still the same Jimin that Jungkook had always known.

“Jimin—” Jungkook cuts himself off, part of him afraid that he’d regret whatever tumbled out of his mouth in such a distraught state, and the other part of him not even knowing what to say.

Jimin, I’m so sorry…please don’t hate me.

Jungkook keeps his head bowed, avoiding the look of hatred that he expected from his husband.


But as he looks up and sees that strangely empty look in Jimin’s eyes, he knows that something isn’t quite right.

“Jimin? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” A pause that feels much too long. “Sorry, um, could you tell me who you are?” he asks, eyebrows furrowed and lips curling down into a frown. “Were you someone important to me?”

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some people are so ewan, nandidiri sila every time they hear words like “pekpek”, “titi”, “kantutan”, etc. like wtf guys? i know it’s too balbal (vulgar) but can you not. it’s fucking normal except for your brain who can’t comprehend such words. well maybe because we have different stance regarding that matter or it is because of your own beliefs. and trust me, i respect that. just don’t be a hypocrite, it makes me cringe, a lot. yes, it may sound so cliché but practice what you preach and stop acting like you have a glorified soul. y’all are so funny and pathetic. ciao. 

A masquerade. Sabra had been surprised at the announcement of it, having expected a feast in the Great Hall or something along those lines. The idea of something so enchanting, however, was enough to excite even her, though moments later she realized she didn’t exactly have an outfit that screamed masquerade. She could imagine some of the wealthier students dressing extravagantly, and she had some money from working to get a dress, but still… “I doubt I’ll have anything to wear, or at least nothing extraordinarily fancy. Is that a bad thing?”

  • Teacher: so what did everyone do over spring break?
  • Student A: I went to Florida!
  • Student B: I went to California!
  • Student C: I went to Mexico!
  • Student D: I hung out with my friends all break!
  • Me: I started a new show and finished all the seasons on Netflix
You know, when you first started at Hogwarts, I had a bit of a condescending attitude towards you all, and to be fair, it was just my own prejudice. It was nothing that you guys had done or not done, cause frankly, I hadn’t seen you in action. And I have to say, your teamwork, your unwavering support, your camaraderie… three things I hate. The fact remains, you guys are the most misguided, insubordinate students that I have ever taught in my career.
—  Severus Snape [to the Golden Trio]
  • Moody: What the hell are you two doing with my stuff?
  • James: We need tools.
  • Moody: For what?
  • Sirius: If you must ask, it’s for a stakeout. We’ve got a tough mission, and our binoculars only go up to 2X.
  • Moody: Well what are you doing with my cooler?
  • James: …we have to keep our gelato cold while we wait.