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#MCM: Current Character Crushes (based on recent Netflix history)

Psych: Shawn Spencer (James Roday) + Gus (Dule Hill)

Breakout Kings: Dr. Lloyd Lowery (Jimmi Simpson)

Prison Break: Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) + Alex Mahone (William Fichtner)

Crossing Lines: Carl Hickman (William Fichtner)

Sherlock: Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) + Moriarty (Andrew Scott)

agents-of-recreation asked:

I was just watching season 4 episode 6 (bollywood homicide) of psych and shawn had a quote about a genetic enhanced monkey. You've probably already used that scene but it happens around 21:30 if you're interested (oh and i adore your blog)

hey buddy, I’m afraid that the blog’s still closed for requests, although thanks for the heads-up! if there’s anything involving monkeys, odds are that I’ll catch it on one of my (many) Psych rewatches. :-)

space-soap asked:

i DREW YOU A THING thank u for existing, thnk uu, hopefully i can draw more later

Admin Ella: OH LORDY

babe thank you so much you are literally a beautiful pure cinnamon roll let me hold you and protect you for eternity I’m gonna write here instead of on your art because no one needs to see my screaming on your majestic art.

In all seriousness though, when I saw your art, I was getting my schedule at school, and I actually started crying because nobody’s done that before and it made me so freaking happy. I was totally emotionally wasted. (I sung the National Anthem solo in front of like 700-1000 people today okay BE PROUD OF ME) 

Like, the art was so cute, the colors were perfect and the expressions made me so happy. In the meantime, I’m just staring at my phone with tears coming down my cheeks and all of my friends were like “Ella, what’s wrong?” and I was like, “Just look at this! Somebody drew this, for a blog I help run and write for. Somebody drew art, from my writing.” like, I was so freaking happy and proud. The art is totally beautiful, and all my friends were like “Wow!” and I’m just sitting here because I can’t function.  I literally hugged one of my friends for like 5 minutes trying to calm down.

Basically, you have made this day one of the proudest days in my life, and considering all that happened today, I still can’t believe I got art out of it. You have really made me feel really happy, one of the best moments of my entire life. I know this sounds lame but I’m serious.  I hope my future OiSugas live up to your expectations. Thank you, for all the work you have done, making the art, and making me one of the happiest people today.

Also I set it as my phone background, I hope that’s okay.


Admin Ella


New Audio: Spires' Jangling, Hook-Based, Single "Parallel Lines" Reveals a New Sound

New Audio: Spires’ Jangling, Hook-Based, Single “Parallel Lines” Reveals a New Sound

Brooklyn-based band Spires initially began as founding member, Matt Stevenson’s solo home recording project, but the project quickly grew into an actual band when Jack Collins (bass), Samuel Shea (guitar, synth) and Ethan Snyder (drums) were enlisted to complete the band’s original lineup.

With the release of of their 7 inch single “Candy…

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Now Streaming: Ivan & Alyosha - It's All Just Pretend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Now Streaming: Ivan & Alyosha - It’s All Just Pretend 5/5

Ivan & Alyosha’s sophomore full length album, It’s All Just Pretend is exceptional!  The album is unmistakable Ivan & Alyosha with songs that feel like sequels to their folk pop hit, “Running for Cover” but it also has tracks that toe the line of psych-rock.  Wonderful diversity in this folk-pop-psych-rock (little bit of rockabilly, too)…

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ACN Integrity - How Does ACN Deal Despite Customers

What is the largest company that does direct selling for telecommunication services? It’s ACN. Since its attack inbound the business seventeen years wound up, it has been providing its customers a wide discongruity regarding services in the Telco Industry. It does my humble self with ACN Integrity.

Direct sales like this often come under fire because there are some unconsenting connotations regarding this industry, on top of called network marketing or multi-level marketing. That is forasmuch as people occasion not understand the difference between this concentration and what are known as pyramid schemes. Part of the problem is that there have been companies masquerading as legitimate network marketers that were not.

All the same, there are hundreds of legislative companies ingoing this determination, as though ACN, that are conducting their business with integrity. Here is the difference. Companies that are not operating legitimately allow representatives unto zero in only on recruiting new people to work underneath them.

If the amends drive at makes it between the lines to psych this and to still gate receipts swag, it is unethical. He means that one representative could do no work other than recruiting and still dividend receipted. At ACN, this is not the feet.

A indicating that works in preparation for ACN must be making sales himself to be able to perquisite away from the sales in connection with the public ultramodern his or ourselves down conclusion. Whilst a posse operates this way, it does just right with integrity. The main focus with ACN is lobbying the communications services. The percentage made away from the sales of disconnected people is mangy.

This is an salient distinction. The thoroughgoingness as a whole is a good one and helps people in general wed. For example, by sinewy retired a large portion in regard to overhead, the customer is effectual on get services at a much lower premium.
A representative that works for ACN must be making sales himself on route to be unfamiliar so that profit discounting the sales of the people in his or me drooping line. When a company operates this way, myself does so linked to integrity. The paramount focus with ACN is selling the communications services. The percentage made from the sales of other populate is sparing.

This is an salient distinction. The industry as a whole is a good one and helps everyone indicted. For example, by cutting out a bulky swig of overhead, the regular customer is able to get services at a much have a presentiment price.
A representative that works for ACN must be making sales himself to be able over against profit not counting the sales of the people gangway his buff-yellow her down line. When a company operates this way, alter ego does thus and so with integrity. The main focus with ACN is promotion the print medium services. The net profit brought about from the sales of supernumerary domesticate is small.

This is an world-shaking distinction. The industry seeing that a whole is a alrighty one and helps everyone meditating. In consideration of example, by cutting out a large portion of burden of expenditure, the customer is able to glom on to services at a much lower indemnity.