psych lines


— 6 March 2016 —

Working on my AP Psych homework~
I used ARC lined paper from Staples, a plastic ruler I got from Target, my dark green and light green triplus Staedtler pens, my green Mildliner, and a green Stabilo pen.
Obviously I stuck to a green theme, which is all I see out of my window anyway~

And I just noticed the lines aren’t straight. Darn.

☊ North Node ☊
  • North Node in Aries/1st house: To build the personality and in due course develop self-awareness, confidence, self-reliance, and unfold an initiative and sense of identity to carve one's own destiny. Focusing on one's will, self-assertion, passions, motivations and acquiring self love.
  • North Node in Taurus/2nd house: To become resourceful, practical in all worldly and mystical senses, and develop the self-worth based on one's own validation. To build strong values, whether material or impalpable, to see with clarity what is genuinely important and strengthening to the will. Understanding patience and timing, that it was not the hare who won the race.
  • North Node in Gemini/3rd house: To broaden the agility and adaptability of the mental faculties and grow to view the world with reason, logic and objectivity. Exercising the mind trend to become dual and communicative, transmitting informative messages and being open to receiving the messages of others.
  • North Node in Cancer/4th house: To grow a Soul in the midnight fragment of one's character, bringing out the depth of oneself. Growing through development of the Soul Powers; becoming empathetic, humble, and nurturing towards oneself and becoming sensitive to the needs of others for expansion of one's emotional intelligence.
  • North Node in Leo/5th house: To find fulfillment through the creative self expression and one's creations, whether it be from the mind, body or soul. To strengthen the will and focus on giving oneself attention while also spreading love to others. Acquiring self-respect, self-confidence and developing the identity and independence, taking lead of one's own life.
  • North Node in Virgo/6th house: To integrate the self into service for growth and learn humility, stabilization, and logically analyzing the world to instill a focused mind that observes important details and brings about order. To put the healing powers to work in the earthly plane and build an efficient soul.
  • North Node in Libra/7th house: To integrate the self into others and learn cooperation, compromise, and seeing through multiple and impartial perspectives. Growing into the idea of spreading love to others and advocating for togetherness and union. To understand in this world, one does not stand alone.
  • North Node in the Scorpio/8th house: To learn the process of elimination of resources that hinders one's progress and develop regenerative healing powers. Using one's power for renewal and productive change as opposed to corruption and stagnation. To access the psyche lining as to look further and deeply into unknown realms, gaining awareness and receptivity of the psychological needs of oneself and others.
  • North Node in Sagittarius/9th house: To alter and adapt the world view through intuition and unlock the Superconscious awareness in oneself. To develop and trust the prophetic instinct and unite the heart with faith, charity and inner positivity. Unlocking inner philosophy and traveling inwardly and/or outwardly to expand the heart, opening a path to higher truth and liberation.
  • North Node in Capricorn/10th house: To find fulfillment in becoming the elevated version of oneself, obtaining self-control, responsibility, self-sufficiency, and giving back to the world as to serve the public. Building a sensible and practical foundation to approach life with clarity. Directing one's sight to the future. To understand growth is like reaching for the sky, it is limitless and beyond.
  • North Node in Aquarius/11th house: To spiritually integrate oneself into serving the universal whole and begin relating to others with equality. Learning the importance of companionship, interpersonal connection, objectivity, and understanding. To build one's aspirations and goals around the collective and humanitarian pursuits, uniting the heart with society, with life.
  • North Node in Pisces/12th house: Integration comes from giving oneself to the collective consciousness and transpersonal endeavors. To use the healing powers for the afflicted and mold the attitude to be more hopeful, compassionate and fluid. Learning the growth benefits of self-reflection, trusting emotions, and spreading universal love. To unite oneself with All.

Does anyone else picture Phoenix’s eyes to be like this when he uses his magatama? I personal think of the top picture, but I had to draw the second one for fun!

anonymous asked:

Any thoughs on neurodivergent Batfam? For now all I tought abt is Dick with ADHD, Jay with BPD and Tim with OCD. (Of course, thats besides the very obvious PTSD)

Everyone’s got PTSD like, shit, everyone is scarred mentally.

Don’t even… get me started on Bruce I’d be here all day

I can see Dick having ADHD, like that would make sense for him giving his personality and a lot of his traits (chattiness, inability to settle down)

Jason, oh boy, PTSD bigtime, for sure some bad claustrophobia, I bet the Lazarus Pit plus well dying messed up his brain more than a bit. He seems to display some traits consistent with bipolar or another mood disorder? I think it’s canon he’s had hallucinations and various psychosis before.

Tim has severe, untreated anxiety and depression, like really, really badly. He’s got other issues but like those are the big ones. I’ve seen some theories of mildly autistic Tim (like Asperger’s) and I could roll with that.

Cass has a whole list of problems mostly due to Cain’s abusive upbringing, like her brain literally is not wired the way most people’s are and thus it makes it very hard for her to talk and think normally and nearly impossible for her to read or write.

Damian’s actually pretty good? Like he went through awful shit but he’s young and healthy and his brain is already recovering. Look how far our baby has come I’m so proud. Still, mild depression is likely he’s got some autistic like qualities but that’s more upbringing than chemistry.

Does anyone else feel like the video for Young and Menace is a visual representation of Pete’s life as a child?????

His parents are divorced so the fighting makes sense.

The switch between the animal and human parents seems reminiscent of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side.

By extension the “weird language” in the video makes sense because no one could understand what he was going through when he was growing up, and of course THAT relates to the psych assessment line at the end. Pete has always had an interesting relationship with prescribed pills.

Is the rest of Mania gonna go through Pete’s life or will we get something from the other 3??????