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'Psych': Looking back at the bonkers season 1 finale
Creator Steve Franks, star and co-writer James Roday, star Maggie Lawson, and director John Landis chat about the seriously spooky Halloween episode by Chancellor Agard

Airing in March 2007 and co-written by creator Steve Franks and star James Roday, the Psych season 1 finale “Scary Sherry: Bianca’s Toast” was a send-up of sorority slasher films that had fake psychic detectives Shawn (Roday) and Gus (Dulé Hill) investigating the connection between a supposedly haunted mental institution and the deaths of two college students in a sorority. Meanwhile, Detective Juliet O’Hara (Maggie Lawson) goes undercover in the sorority house and gets lost in her role, which became a major character trait going forward. Directed by John Landis (Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” An American Werewolf in London), this installment of the USA Network show marked the first time Roday and Franks ever wrote an episode together.

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What now Miss Carter? Now I go to work

The series finale… Wow. The Psych series finale. It’s OVER. It’s really over. There’s so much to say, I feel like I’ll forget to say a lot. (FOR THE PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T WATCHED IT: DO NOT READ THIS!!! MAJOR SPOILERS!!!) First… Psych in Santa Barbara is DONE! CLOSED! Shawn moved to be with Juliet because of how much he loved her and he left so much behind to do it and the proposal was just… It wasn’t too sappy and wasn’t too funny, it was the perfect balance for a Psych proposal. “I don’t believe in love at first sight… Because I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you before I even saw you.” *turns to Gus* “That didn’t make much sense, did it?” And the ring getting stolen… I was crying and laughing, it was just perfect. Henry getting back the game for a moment in front of his college students… Not to mention that one student was VERY cute hahahaha. BUZZ MCNAB IS NOW A DETECTIVE *so proud.* We actually saw Dobson for the very first and last time ever in Psych history… And let’s take a moment for the fact that Shawn was going to admit he wasn’t really psychic but Lassie decided not to hear it, and got rid of the evidence so there was nothing against Shawn lying… And THAT SHAWN-LASSIE HUG IN THE BEGINNING :’) Woody. Creepy in the greatest way. As always. And Brennigan and Lassie really seem to hit it off as coworkers. LASSITER’S CALL WITH MARLOWE AND LILLY :’) Vick successful :) Shawn and Gus… Inseparable

I just have way too many thoughts currently so you’ll continue to get more later, thanks for bearing with me haha :)

I made the biggest mistake of my life by leaving Santa Barbara without saying good-bye to Gus, and I am done cowering from the big decisions. I’ve wanted this for long enough, so it’s gonna happen, right now… Juliet O'Hara, I do not believe in love at first sight, because I didn’t even need to see you to know that I wanted to spend forever with you…scratch that. I have spent my whole life running from one thing to another, quitting and running and quitting and running, and pretending that my destiny was to drive a wiener-mobile…I’m not that young anymore, and I’m also not afraid. I know that I come with baggage, and a best friend who’s not going anywhere, ever. But I promise you from this moment forward, the only running that I will be doing is into your arms, and I will never stop holding your cold little hands, or losing myself when I wake up in the morning and look at you and recognize how freaking lucky I am…Jules, will you marry us…me, mostly me, even though Gus is always going to be part of the deal, and then someday he’ll have his own Juliet…and she’ll be Jamaican, and together we’ll be one big giant frosted black and white cookie, and we’re gonna have dogs, all rescues, and kids, probably before we’re sixty…Oh, just marry me so that I can show you how amazing our life will be together.
—  Shawn Spencer’s proposal, The Breakup
  • Carlton Lassiter: You wanted to see me, Chief?
  • Karen Vick: Yes. It has come to my attention, Detective, that you've discharged your weapons in the last four cases you've worked.
  • Carlton Lassiter: Thank you.
  • Karen Vick: That wasn't a compliment.
  • Carlton Lassiter: I'm just trying to keep the streets safe.
  • Karen Vick: The last incident was at a cat show.
  • Carlton Lassiter: Well, let me just go on record as saying that I would never shoot a cat.
  • Karen Vick: I guess I can find some solace in that.
  • Carlton Lassiter: Unless it was approaching in a threatening manner, or refused to stop upon my command. I would probably just fire a warning shot to make my point, but it's actually a field decision I can't commit to at this juncture.