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Moonshadow Trailer (CC-free) for @windenburger
Origin id: bottsbotts | Tray files

I made this specifically with windenburger’s Jangmi Sweet in mind- I tried using brighter colors and when you mentioned science-y, I took it to the extreme and built this like… mad scientist’s shed in the back complete with a telescope and a place to build a rocket ship. But I know she’s a writer so I built her a cozy study (which can be a bedroom if she has kiddss). Feel free to change anything though!! 


  • Unmowable overgrown grass
  • Secret science shack 
  • Lots of plants and trees you never have to water
  • Spider friends
  • Christmas lights all year round

I also wanted to share this for those of you who wanted the other private request trailer I made! This one is pretty similar except a bit bigger and more stuff in the yard.