psych dancing


I think about this clip a lot 



- the dancing

- “psych, bitch, I’m going to the club.”

- andrew DABBING

- did I mention the dancing

- the faint at the end.

- honestly this is a gift to all humanity

dancing-thru-clouds  asked:

MOM. MOM I GOT A REALLY GOOD JOB I APPLIED FOR IN THE FIELD I WANNA GO INTO. But now I have to go buy business casual clothing and I just-what exactly is business casual? The internet is vague


And business casual is that weird realm where jeans are not acceptable but you can normally get away with a nice tunic over slacks and flat pump shoes rather than having to wear a fitted shirt/skirt or heels which tends to pass as business smart in most circles. In my experience it’s better to show up slightly overdressed for your first week at work, see what everyone else is wearing, then blend in accordingly. That’s how I’ve been tricking everyone for the last decade that I’m a Real Adult™.

Again, congrats, so psyched for you :D

RAC won’t stop giving us spectacular remixes this week. He’s dropping a new one a day, it seems. Today’s episode of great music is a remix of The Drums’ Kiss Me Again. As a devout fan of The Drums’ music (both their old surf rocky stuff and the new psychedelic repertoire), I went into this very intrigued. RAC? Remixing The Drums? What? But we all know from past experience that RAC is very versatile at remixing all sorts of music. Indeed, Mr. Anjos creates a very unique sounding track with this indie electronic remix. It’s a synthewavey, simmery The Drums that’s far removed from some of RAC’s sugared dance pop jams. 

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Sofi Tukker Share A New Video For ‘Drinkee’ : NPR Sofi Tukker’s Video For 'Drinkee’ Is A Psychedelic Dance Party

Sofi Tukker wants you to get lost in a weird, psyched out world of dance. In the new video for “Drinkee,” the New York-based duo, which is made up of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, plays in a tropical jungle diorama, accompanied by Grecian style statues in neon colors, parrots and one giant goldfish.

I nearly had to pinch myself this morning to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. New Miami Horror? Today? The music gods must be having a marvelous day! The Los Angeles based Australian synthpop band’s new track is a lustrous jam named Love Like Mine, and it features Cleopold, which, of course, isn’t the first time the two acts have worked together on a tune. Sugary, dizzying, and wildly bombastic, Love Like Mine is a super sexy nu-disco and psychedelic funky pop tune. It’s months ahead of summer (on this side of the world), but Miami Horror certainly brings the heat early for us.

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