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anonymous asked:

Sam doesn't have NPD. I don't like him either but saying he has NPD is inaccurate. I usually agree with your Psych commentary but that reblog you did is way off.

Did you even read the title of that post? Covert narcism. And the op even said in tags they weren’t saying Sam has NPD they were saying more likely DNP. There’s a difference.

DNP is merely reflective of NPD but the person’s symptoms are less severe. Would I dx Sam with NPD? No, absolutely not. But I sure as hell would say he was a good fit for covert narcism/DNP. 

Passive aggressiveness, overly sensitive, air of superiority, lack of empathy, self-obsessed, trouble genuinely connecting w ppl or maintaining relationships smugness…does this sound familiar? Now if you’re a Sam fan you’d argue he has any of these but these are signs of a covert narcist.