Psych is a good show because unlike almost every other Sherlock Holmes derivative about a quirky police consultant who sees things others don’t, Shawn Spencer isn’t a pretentious asshole who thinks he’s smarter and better than everyone else, and instead he’s a complete dumbass

i think the debate about mental illness and violence kinda looks over the fact that psychiatry can, in fact, decide anything it wants is “mental illness” and if they say violent behavior can be a symptom of mental illness then… it is. these diagnoses are far from scientific and like, they already focus on criminal conviction as a sign of aspd which should be concerning since the types of crimes that are usually prosecuted are usually primarily associated with marginalization and poverty. the answer to the question “can mental illness cause violent behavior” should be “maybe, but there is no inherent validity to any of these diagnoses–people have brains and behaviors, and psychiatry assigns them labels based on behaviors observed to be commonly comorbid. the line between “normal brain, normal behavior” and “abnormal brain, abnormal behavior” is entirely socially constructed. the question we should ask: who does it benefit, and who does it hurt, if violence can be (and it already is) a symptom of mental illness.”

wed, 21 august 2019

i miserably failed the last 30 days of productivity challenge..
gonna start a 100 days of productivity challenge…
also my midterms are so freaking near and i feel so unprepared