122-MAGICLOWN [Magician-Clown]
-The Fool pokemon
-Ability: Magician - Magic Guard(HA)
-Dex: “With an always goofy attitude this pokemon enjoy spreading laughter and joy among people of any age, but they will always prefer the laughter of children over anyone else’s. If they are surrounded by negative emotions they will tire quickly, and will have to be moved to a much happier environment to fully recover.”
    -Double Slap

–>Evolves using a Moon Stone<–

439-PHANTOMIME [Phantom-Mime]
-The Pantomime Pokemon
-Ability:  Soundproof - Magic Bounce(HA)
-Dex: “It is known for making no sound, leading many to believe it is mute, however, this pokemon’s muteness derives from its intense meditation, required to keep its inmense psychic powers under control.  Having two brains, this pokemon’s psyching abilities are astonishing, and when both are used at the same time, they can even alter time and space.”
    -Shadow Punch
    -Power Trick
    -Cosmic Power

–>Evolves using a Sun Stone<–

???- JESTROMBOLI [Jester-Stromboli]
-The Fire Breathing Pokemon
-Ability: Solar Power - Pyrotechnics*(HA)
-Dex: “Its body its filled with a burning fire that never goes down, and is only stopped from raging out of control thanks to this pokemon’s psychic abilities. Using its telekinetic powers, this pokemon is able to manipulate the fire it breaths, creating impressive displays of dancing fire that has marveled people for centuries. ”
    -Sunny Day

* Fire type moves will always land

In the wild, Goldeen are pretty much the same with one natural subspecies. However, there is a massive market for aquarium-bred Goldeen with special attributes.

Common Wild - The most typically encountered Goldeen. Pretty with its dance-like movements and flowing fins. Fast with good Attack and Defense.

Shiny - The exact same as Common Wild only a different color pattern, making it that much more sought-after. Same stat arrangement.

Comet - The only subspecies found in the wild normally, the Comet trades in some of its high Attack and Defense for amazing Speed. It’s gold scales make it a true prize for any Water-type specialist. Coveted by battlers.

Telescope - An odd by-product of selective breeding, the Telescope Goldeen boosts insanely high HP and is as hardy as a Magikarp. It’s considered an invasive species in certain parts of the world after breeders released them when they didn’t hatch into the Goldeen they wanted. Has poor eyesight but can amplify its Supersonic attack to echolocate.

Oranda - Goldeen bred with a large fleshy cap covering their heads. The cap can absorb most special attacks leading to a high Special Defense stat. Have the best memory retention and can learn Psybeam naturally. The best Goldeen to give to children as they lack the poisonous horn.

Tamasaba - The rarest of Goldeen varieties, and prized by Coordinators. The majestic Tamasaba is specially adapted for colder waters and learns a variety of Ice-type moves that normal Goldeen cannot. High Special Attack with the trade-off of being rather frail. It’s fins refract light into a rainbow of colors that further glitter in ice.

More Pokemon variations! This time Goldeen based off of various types of goldfish.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon.

60- Psybeam

Psychic Type: Curse. A spell to confuse your enemy, and make them lose something important.

What You’ll Need~

  • A slip of paper
  • A pen
  • Something to represent what you want your target to lose
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • A hiding place


  • Write your target’s name on the piece of paper.
  • Put your stand in item on top of the piece of paper.
  • Say, as you would to your target “I separate from you the treasure that you have. However long you seek, you shall not find it.”
  • Take away the item, and put it in a mixture of salt and olive oil. Make sure it is thoroughly coated.
  • Put the item in a box (or plastic bag), and hide it somewhere out of the way.


  • If you don’t have an appropriate object to represent what you want your target to lose, write it down on a separate slip of paper.
  • Do not bury your item unless it is completely biodegradable.
  • You could add an amount of time to what you say out loud. If you only need something gone for two weeks, or what have you, you could include that in the spell.
  • If there is a specific amount of time that you want the spell to be in effect for, try freezing the item in water, and then melting it to break the curse.

anonymous asked:

I'm playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Sky ver.) and I recently recruited a Girarafig and named them ModMad and I s2g they keep curb stomping most Pokemon I face up against with their Agility plus Psybeam spam combo good job Mod

ur welcome buddy! reminds me of the time I had a Noctowl which I called Neil after Neil Richards, the original Mad Mod from Teen Titans, and I stg his hypnosis never missed and always lasted the max number of turns it was uncanny

Pokémon in our Biomes pt. 2

I’ve recently decided to make a series of posts with hypothetical thinking and analyzing of what Pokémon species could potentially be found in the world’s biomes. Not at all relative to the games, I will be focusing primarily of the elements, design, and relativity to real life flora and fauna of Pokémon to depict where different species would roam on our big blue marble.

This will be my second Pokémon in our biomes post, and this time I will be focusing on the abyssal zone, which are the deep-sea sections of the oceans. Little to no sunlight, sparse oxygen, extreme pressure, there are, believe it or not, some life forms that flourish at these depths, however terrifying they may be.

Let’s dive in! (sorry)

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A guide to build the ultimate pokemon go team

TLDR at start: Highest evolution pokemon with low CP gain per power up, high HP, base attack of 12 or 15 (no less) and ulti (second move but I like ulti more) that works with team setup and base attack speed.

Ok so Pokemon Go is still new and so I wanted to share what I have figured out to be the best way to build an ultimate team based on how the game works.

First off there are different abilities per type. We already know that this is how regular Pokemon goes, but some people may be using a pokemon with a suboptimal base attack. For example, Water Gun does 10 damage and so far damage the move says is the damage it does and CP does not affect it. So Water Gun does 10 damage, but Bubble does 15 damage. So your Water pokemon should have Bubble and nothing else. So far there are the only ones I have found that are 15 damage:

Steel Wing: Steel

Zen headbutt: Psychic

Psycho Cut: Psychic

Bubble: Water

So if you’re doing a Psychic pokemon you want Psycho Cut or Zen Headbutt. So far only my Alakazam has Psycho Cut and every other Psychic pokemon I have has Zen Headbutt. However, some base attacks are slower than others which is why the top says 12 or 15. The max I have seen a Flying move is Wing Attack at 12 damage, and I would prefer Wing Attack on a Pidgeot rather than Steel Wing (unless you only face your Pidgeot against a Steel or Ice type) because Wing Attack is faster and the faster the base attack the more ulti’s you can cast. Also, Psycho Cut is faster than Zen Headbutt so a maxed out psychic pokemon will have Psycho Cut and an ulti like Psychic because Psychic does more damage than Psybeam and Psycho Cut is a very fast attack so you can get a faster Psychic out. Basically two Alakazams with equal CP going against each other face off. One has Confusion (12 damage) and Psybeam (35 damage) while the other has Psycho Cut (15) and Psychic (50), the second Alakazam wins because of base damage, speed, and ulti damage. You want an ulti that does a ton of damage rather than one that you can cast a lot because you have to charge ulti’s and the pokemon has to do an animation for it, so it needs to hit hard to do more damage than simply mashing your base attack would do.

CP Gain Per Level: If you are powering up your pokemon you should notice a trend that their CP levels will go up by a near exact amount every power up. My Flareon’s CP goes up by about 22-26 per power up, BUT my Chansey’s CP only went up by about 5-15 per power up. Power ups are limited by your player level. After so high of a CP you cannot power up your pokemon until your character levels up. Also, my Flareon is capped at about CP1152, but my Alakazam is capped at CP844 until I level up again so each pokemon has a different CP cap it can reach per character level.

HP: My Alakazam has 62 hp at CP 844, but my Chansey has 209 Hp at CP168, and Chansey’s CP goes up by a smaller amount per power up compared to other pokemon. So Chansey is basically amazing. She also has Zen Headbutt (15) and Dazzling Beam (45) which is fairy type. When it comes to CP the highest CP pokemon is not the one that wins. I have faced a CP1400 Vaporeon with my CP844 Alakazam and wrecked its face because of my damage and speed. I have also beaten a CP 500 Arcanine with my CP 168 Chansey because of her insane HP and 15 base attack.

So that’s how to create an ultimate team. Pokemon Go has set it up that to get such an ultimate team you will need to grind A LOT! Chansey is beast, but I have only ever caught one, so I need to catch or hatch a crap ton more to get it to a higher CP. Also, I currently have no Water pokemon for my team because one I live in a desert and they are few and far between to come by, but also because I want one with max evolution, Bubble, and Hydro Pump, and I have no clue which water pokemon has the smallest CP gain per power up so I have to do trial and error to find out. So far I have a concrete Psychic pokemon in the form of my Alakazam who (despite his low HP) has proven to be faster and stronger than the competition.

That’s the end of my guide to the ultimate team, below is what I have noticed but cannot confirm at all and therefore is pure speculation of which you are free to ignore.

Does CP matter then if a Cp844 pokemon can beat a CP1400 pokemon? I think so, but I am not 100%. When I faced my 168 Chansey against an 800 Arcanine I felt like my Chansey’s attacks were missing, but I would have to test that theory out more to find out for sure.

What does Height and Weight affect? I have two theories on this, one might be right and one wrong or they might both be right, more theorycrafting needs to be done.

1: I have noticed that heavier pokemon have higher base attack damage on physical attacks. I got a Rattata that was XS weight with Tackle (10), and one with XL weight and Tackle (12), so I want to say that the weight increased the damage of Tackle. However, I got a Rhyhorn that is XL weight and height but has Rock Smash (5). So I think only moves that do 10 damage can have weight affect it and increase it to 12 damage. So I have a Hitmonchan with Bullet Punch (10) that is Steel type. He is normal size and weight. I want to say that if he were XL weight or size his Bullet Punch would do 12 damage.

2: I have noticed that pokemon recoil from getting hit with attacks during battle. They stagger back a bit. Maybe height and weight effect the amount of stagger. Maybe an XL Rhydon hitting my XS Alakazam would recoil it more during a fight, thus getting in more base attacks. I have not tested it and do not know how I could without being able to battle specific trainers like my brother and test out the theory.

A guide via