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151220 BTS’ Tweet & PSY’s reply

존경하고 오래전부터 팬인 싸이 선배님과 이렇게 같이 춤을 출수있어서 정말 좋았었습니다. 전 성공한 팬인거같습니다.. 이번 유희열스케치북에서의 무대도 너무..멋지십니다.. 무대를 이렇게하는구나라는걸많이 느꼈습니다! 1등 정말 축하드립니다@psy_oppa

It was really nice to be able to dance like this together with PSY sunbaenim who I’ve been a fan of for a long time and who I respect. It feels like I’m a successful fan.. His stage this time too on Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook was It made me feel “this is how a stage should be done”! Congratulations on 1st place@psy_oppa

@BTS_twt 고마워!! 항상 마음 조심하구 같이 화이팅하자!!

@BTS_twt Thank you!! Always take care of your heart/self and let’s fighting together!!  

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Some nice comments from VIPs about Monsta X staying back.

- So The VIPs (Big Bangs fan group) just started a trend to thank Monsta X for staying until the end on the MaMa, which is so nice of them.
So a big thank you too all the VIPs who have written on Twitter some amazing kind words about Monsta X, we monbébé appreciate all the kind words you are writing about monsta x #ThanksMonstaXFromVIPs

職場の女の子が「はわわわ! こんなゴミのような案件は消毒なのです!」って言いながらシュレッダーしてたのはマジでヤバかった。

Siwon Twitter Update | 140609 

@siwon407@psy_oppa incredible as always :^) amazing! please hurry back to Korea and buy me food! 

@siwon407: I went to Fly to the sky’s concert and came back. @/Brianjoomuzik @/hwanhee Because Brian-hyung’s mum asked me to reduce my height. (The concert) was really good. Fly to the sky hyungs has worked hard! The best! (T)