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The fact that Hanbin picked tablo and psy as his inspirations gives me a really warm feeling. Idk if you guys paid attention to it, but he’s been improving so much mentally. I feel like it’s not just bcs he suddenly realized that charts and success isn’t everything, I think it’s bcs he’s been looking at and working with people like tablo and psy that made him change his way of thinking so much. Both psy and tablo have been through a phase in their lifes when they became greedy and blinded by success and went through a hard phase bcs of that very reason. Hanbin at the age of 21 learned from their mistakes and already has their mindset. It makes me feel save to know that people like psy and tablo watch over him and help him to not make the same bad experiences. I’m so thankful. And I’m happy Hanbin finally looks like he truly and 100% just wants to enjoy music and meet fans.


Ah, I love them

Ayyy Happy New Year everybody!

2015 was one heck of a wild ride, so let’s make 2016 even wilder (and safer)! :D

Goodness, I’ve met sooo many new people and have made so many new friends in just half a year, I don’t think I can tag them all ;_;

To Mah Art Buddies and Amazing Supportive Peeps (I AM GOING TO MISS TAGGING SO MANY PEOPLE IM SORRY): @emmathepaintdragon @a-random-commenter @stjarn-natt @windycube @barawolfdad @surrealectrus @greatmar2 @venthedragonkin @lemmyloopy @cheetahtrout @vindisticshadow @321comics @tantoria @chaoskirin @kudalyn @zerodestiny169 @alatreon-claw-attack @mini-squatch @gryfowl @communiquesfromm @tarmahartley @coroniux @coral-stone and EVERYONE ELSE THAT I PROBABLY FORGOT TO TAG crais ;w;

Thank you guys so much for making 2015 a special one! 


Don't be an asshole on Halloween.

- Don’t paint your face or body to look like you’re a different race/ethnicity, or wear traditional garments of a different real culture/religion as a costume or part of a costume. (This includes sugar skulls! And Romani people - g*psy is a SLUR and the Roma are a real culture you don’t get to aestheticize!)

- Don’t dress up as a member of any marginalized group you’re not a part of, actually. People who have to fight to exist don’t deserve to be objectified and reduced to a costume. “Trans person”, "sex worker”, "disabled person” - not good costume ideas. Just don’t.

- Don’t tell kids that they have to conform to bullshit gender norms in their costumes. And don’t assume trick-or-treaters all are, either. (If you don’t know someone’s gender, don’t assume it based on whether they’re Darth Vader or a fairy.)

- Don’t wear a costume mocking or making light of horrible things that happened/are happening to real people. (Don’t wear a genocide-related costume. Don’t wear a domestic-violence themed costume. Don’t fucking dress up as a victim of a hate crime, etc.)

- Don’t dress up as a sexualized child. "Sexy schoolgirl” outfits help perpetuate the sexualization and fetishization of young girls, actual children who have to wear the oufits those are based on every day to school, and that’s fucked up. Don’t be part of that shit.

- Be respectful of others’ choices to participate or not in haunted houses or horror movie marathons. Don’t mock them if they’re uncomfortable participating.

- Remember, a costume is not consent. Your attraction to someone does not give you permission to touch them or talk to them in a sexual way without first making sure they want you to.

- Be respectful of haunted house actors. Again, don’t touch them. Don’t proposition them; that’s not what they’re there for. Don’t flash your cameras in their face. Basically, remember that they are human beings who are quite probably not even getting paid for this. Keep things fun, don’t ruin shit by treating them badly.

- If your prank can’t be undone in 30 seconds or causes risk of real harm, it’s probably a crime and it’s definitely an asshole thing to do. Remember when you’re pranking that some people have undisclosed physical disabilities, neurological or mental issues - try not to do any pranks that could trigger a PTSD flashback or an epileptic seizure. A good prank is one the target will laugh at afterward.

- Don’t wear extremely gory or sexual costumes around children, or if there’s a chance you’ll be around children. Wear a coat or something over explicit costumes or wait until you’re at your all-adult venue to put them on.

- In general, consider whether the venue is appropriate for your costume and whether you’re likely to make others uncomfortable. If you don’t know what’s common at that venue, check with someone who’s been there before to find out whether your costume with lots of gore or near-nudity, for example, will be well-received

- Don’t objectify or body shame people wearing skimpy costumes to all-adult gatherings. If you wouldn’t wear it, don’t wear it. You’re not better than someone in a short skirt just because they’re in a short skirt.

- Call out your friends if they’re being assholes. That’s what friends do. Don’t be that asshole who just stands around letting your friend ruin someone’s night.

- Save me some of the good candy.  Remember, Halloween is about me, personally, eating chocolate.

question for Romani people:

i know that g*psy is an ethnic slur, so my question is that if I’m referring to a character that has the word in a title (Clopin from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, is referred to as the g*psy king, for example) is that all right to use? like, if only in the context of that character and all discussion around it. (like if I’m writing a piece from his perspective)

or if i’m writing a piece that’s set in a time period before it was regarded as a slur, would it be all right to use, but only in the context of that book/work? (like if a character is speaking and they use that phrase)

thanks in advance!!

also i believe in a conspiracy theory of sorts….well less conspiracy theory as in 4biddenknoweldge/alex jones more genuine concern based on evidenced patterns but i truly believe the culture of vaping being an uncool wet nerd loser 4chan virgin activity was culture strongly encouraged and propagated by tobacco industry psy-ops so young people wanting to quit and/or wanting a safe viable alternative to the rats nest smoking cigarettes entails were going to be met with derision mockery and scorn. *adjusts tinfoil vape pipe* just my two e-cig puffs