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[160220] INFINITE ADVANCE Solo Stages

Sunggyu - Daydream (originally by Sunggyu ft. Borderline(Kim Jongwan & Tablo), Sunggyu the rapper is out!! xD) link 

Dongwoo - a previously unreleased rap number (self-written) solo dance /

Woohyun - Youre My Lady (originally by Toheart) link 1 

Hoya - Good Kisser (originally by Usher, literally “burning Hoya” lol) link

Sungyeol - Daddy (originally by PSY) link 

Myungsoo - Love of My Life (originally by INFINITE, Korean version, string orchestra) link 1 / link 2

Sungjong - 하늘에서 별을 따다 (previously unreleased, lit. “Pick the star from the sky”) link 1 / link 2