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2NE1 / Can’t Nobody (Live @ PSY Happening)

As if PSY’s concert wasn’t already the biggest event of the week, 2NE1 was there and performed during one of the intermissions (label-mate G-Dragon during the other). Most exciting however was the announcement by CL that 2NE1 is releasing a new single coming… wait for it… “soon”. Which in YG time could be next week or next year, but probably the latter.

Still, I’m more optimistic this time, and if their performance of “Can’t Nobody” was any indication, I have good reason to be. They haven’t looked this on in ages. They weren’t just confident, they were arrogant - and it worked. CL and Minzy doing hairflips and backflips was one thing, but when CL dropped the mic it felt like the whole place was live wired. 2NE1 is clearly ready again. The question is if everyone else is.