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I feel like one of the only ppl who doesnt want the boys to attend the billboard music awards like I don't know what it is but the amount of ignorant and bigotry that they will get scares me and I don't want a bunch of ppl joining the fandom just bc like so many already have after the nomi on twt who have done it for retweets and followers :(

i see no reason why they shouldn’t. it’s an honor to be the only korean artist invited to bbmas after psy in 2013, it’s what they have been dreaming of for a long time, what they deserve. sure ignorance and bigotry will happen when you come to another country, let alone all the way to the other side of the world, it’s inevitable, but that can’t stop them or us. bts’ music and performances kickass, they have a strong fandom, a huge amount of supporter, i don’t see why they should be refusing what they worked very hard for. and i don’t think having new fans now is a bad thing. regardless of whatever purpose they join the fandom for, retweets or followers or just because they truly like bts, we are the one benefited from it lol. new fans = more streams, more views, more media exposure = higher chart ranks. if they stan bts for real, good for them. if they stan bts for attention, good for us. what i want to say is: we should welcome all the new fans into this fandom. if they hop in the bandwagon for fame, they’ll eventually get bored after a while and will automatically unstan. it doesn’t hurt losing fake fans right

Workouts and Diets

What you think you look like when you work out:

What you really look like:

Trying to get your friends to workout with you:

How you think you’ll look after a day:

When you eat one unhealthy thing and your mom starts giving you a leacture you just want to do this to her:

In secret, you eat food your not supposed to:

In the end you give up up on your diet/workouts and go back to eating whatever you want:

You’ll try again some other time

BTS, Part 1

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BTS had made history as the first kpop group to be nominated for a bbma and first kpop group to win a bbma. The first korean artist to win a bbma was Psy, in 2013 he won the Top Streaming Song award for “Gangnam Style.”

To celebrate them winning, I’ve decided to go over a few of my favorite BTS videos. I’ve loved them for a while now and it is so amazing to have seen them grow to where they win an international award. I’ll go in order from my favorite oldest to newest videos.

No More Dream

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  • Album: 2 Cool 4 Skool
  • This was their debut video and let me tell you, they were all babies when this was released. Jungkook was only 15 when the song was released. This era of BTS was definitely more hip-hop than now, but it was their beginning. They were the ‘bad boys’ in the mv. From the dancing to the song itself, it is very fast paced. Even this early on you can tell that these seven boys had so much potential to grow. 

Just One Day

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  • Album: Skool Luv Affair
  • This was the second title song for their third album, compared to the first title song this one is much softer. It is a softer than “Boy In Luv”, which is the first title track. Everything from the outfits to the video itself is a complete contrast to “Boy In Luv.” I love the simplicity of this video, it adds to the beauty of the song. Most of the effects are shadows. The boys use chairs in this dance which makes them seem even younger. 

War of Hormone

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  • Album: Dark&Wild
  • They are back to being bad boys, but this is a little different than the first three albums. They have begun to mature with their sound in this album. What I love about this video is that it mostly done in one take. It adds such a cool element, which they later used for the “Save Me” video. The song is one of my favorite BTS songs. The filter they used makes certain colors pop out more than others, which had you noticing the details. All in all, this video is one of my top favorite kpop videos.

I Need U

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  • Album: HYYH: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Part 1
  • Ah, the video that defined an entire era of BTS albums. This was the video that kickstarted all the theories surrounding the story that is the videos of HYYH. It is a very abstract video. The verses show the members struggling and suffering alone, but the chorus shows them together and happy. The extended version of the video is my absolutely favorite version. It is rated 19+ for a few reasons, this video does touch on topics not many do like abuse and suicide. It is the song that gave BTS their first win. This is a complete turnaround from their previous album.

Part 2 is coming soon!