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A Conversation that I’ve actually had

“I’m at work*

me: *mentions kpop*

coworker: “OMG I love kpop! I listen to it like every day!”

me: “Seriously?? Me too! That’s amazing!! What songs do you like??”

coworker: “Gangnam style!”

me: “That’s a good song… What else do you like??”

coworker: “It’s just so funny how they dance! I love that!”

me: “Haha, yeah, but what other songs do you like?”

coworker: “uh, I don’t know…are there any other songs by Gangnam?”


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SUPER GAY PUTIN [original]

This is how World War Three will start


when will himchan get over 2012?


First Meme of 2017!!! You all seemed to enjoy “Fresh Prince of Morioh” a lot So here is a full version.  Please subscribe if you enjoy it!

K-Pop Concerts In 2017: GOT7, B1A4, HyunA & More Are Coming to America

K-pop’s broadening global appeal has allowed more acts the opportunity to travel overseas and perform around the world each year. Keeping with that trend, the first few months of 2017 will see several popular Korean acts descend on the United States.

Recouping from the disbandment of 4Minute, HyunA will be the first female K-pop soloist to hold a concert this year. The starlet commandeered attention around the globe for her sultry rap performances after rising to fame through her appearance in the music video for Psy’s “Gangnam Style” and her hit “Bubble Pop.” Her shows in Chicago (March 1) and New York City (March 3) will be preceded by shows in Montreal and Toronto in February.

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