WHAT’S HAPPENING IN VENEZUELA? // long post, but worth the read.

So, it’s official. The Constituent was approved. In the past 18 years, aka since Hugo Chávez was elected President of Venezuela, the government has altered election results to their benefit so it really isn’t strange to us that they would do it this time. However, we didn’t think they would be so shameless as to alter them this much. According to Tibisay Lucena (President of the Electoral Power) there was a total of 8.089.320 votes in favor of this Constituent, and these numbers simply don’t add. This past 16th of July a referendum was held where voters would have to answer to 3 questions about whether or not they agreed to move forward with the Constituent; the results? 6.492.381 votes made in Venezuela and 693.789 votes outside the country, meaning a total of 7.186.170 against the Constituent. While these two results add a total of 15.275.490 votes that fit under the 19.805.002 of venezuelans summoned to vote, here’s why yesterday’s number makes no sense:

  •  8.191.132 votes in favor of Hugo Chávez (Presidential elections of 2012). - While these numbers were most certainly altered, it’s no lie that at the time Chávez had a huge group of supporters, called Chavistas.
  • 7.505.338 votes in favor of Nicolás Maduro (Presidential elections of 2013). - These elections were made because of the recent death of Chávez, who knew he didn’t have much time left so he decided to brainwash all of his supporters to think Maduro was the best option for president. May I add, Nicolás Maduro doesn’t have any kind of educational degree, he literally was a bus driver before becoming president. Totally unqualified man. All his votes were bought or made up.
  • 5.599.025 votes in favor of the PSUV (Parliamentary elections of 2015) - PSUV stands for Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela and would roughly translate to “United Socialist Party of Venezuela“, I think. These elections were a big deal to the oposition (represented by the MUD aka “Democratic Unity Roundtable”), because we owned the National Assembly with 112 deputies (67%) and 7.707.422 votes (56,2% of the total votes)

I think I’ve made my point as to why yesterday’s result of 8.089.320 votes is nothing but blatant lies, except that’s not all! Turns out that, in these past days between the referendum (July 16) and yesterday (July 30), any person making a buy that required a fingerprint scan or using a “carnet de la patria” (an id recently made to “ease the access to social programs”) would count as a vote in favor of the Constituent. This government spends so much time looking for ways to stay in power because they know that the majority of the country is against them, and obviously they won’t acknowledge that they’re not as “loved” as they used to be, or else they wouldn’t ignore the protests that have been going on for the past 121 days with at least 128 confirmed deaths (17 of them happened only yesterday).

Now I’m going to explain why this Constituent being approved is literally confirming we’re living under a dictatorship.

  • Venezuela becomes a communal state.
  • Private enterprise will be eliminated.
  • All private sector employees become public employees.
  • The right to private education will be eliminated. From preschool to universitary sector, including adoctrinamiento político on all levels of education.
  • Means of social communication will be at the service of communist power.
  • University autonomy will be eliminated.
  • Municipalities will be eliminated.
  • The president of the republic is the only one able to choose governors and mayors, without taking into account the opinion of the people.
  • The presidential term will last between 20 and 30 years, with chance of indefinite reelection, applicable to the current president.
  • The movement of citizens inside of the country will be limited, meaning you’ll need an official permit to travel around Venezuela.
  • International departures will be limited, meaning you’ll need an official permit to get out of the country.
  • All powers, public and private, disappear.
  • The armed force disappears, becoming fighting bodies integrated into the government’s party.
  • All political parties will be eliminated.
  • The right to protest will be eliminated.
  • Opposing or thinking differently than the government will be a crime of betrayal to the motherland, meaning freedom of speech disappears.
  • Article 350 of the actual Constitution, that establishes you can disown the authority when the Constitution is violated, will be eliminated.
  • Authorities can break into your house without a warrant.
  • People’s houses can’t be sold or inherited, becoming propiety of the state.
  • Life guarantee will be restricted, the regime has now custody of people’s lives.

This is really serious, and I wish more people were talking about it because what I’m doing right now will be literally considered a crime as soon as the National Constituent Assembly enters in action. I know you guys may think that reblogging, retweeteting and regraming some posts is not gonna help us, but trust me, they will. The government is putting up an act of “everything’s fine, we’re the same 1st world country we were +20 years ago” and we’re not. We’re being killed, tortured, starved, lied to and so much more horrifying things are being done to and against us. Let the world know what’s really happening in Venezuela, and who’s the real villain in the story.


Bolshevik Revolution Celebrated by Venezuela

IN PICTURES: Venezuelans brandishing placards featuring Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin took to the streets commemorating the centenary of the Bolshevik revolution.

A crowd dressed in red and brandishing images of Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin, often juxtaposed with the former leader of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez, celebrated in the streets of Caracas to mark 100 years since the founding of the first socialist state.

“We, as revolutionaries and socialists, join in this global commemoration,” said Freddy Bernal, a member of the National Directorate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, who called for the mobilization.

Workers marched from Caracas’ Autonomous National Telephone Company to the Miraflores Presidential Palace.

The celebration was one among several taking place in various places around Latin America, recognizing the profound impact the Russian revolution had in the region, spurring anti-imperialist, progressive, and socialist movements throughout.

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Wait so what is actually happening in Venezuela?


*Note: There’s a short list of acronyms explained at the bottom of the post.

*I would much appreciate if you (anyone reading this) could reblog this post to raise awareness on the matters without the bias of mainstream media. Also, comment me anything inaccurate I could have written, any further information you can contribute or any other questions about the topic.

What’s happening right now as in recent news?

Some (very few) soldiers (some of them weren’t even soldiers) declared themselves in rebellion against the government, to “restore the constitutional order” and claiming that “the peoples shall rebel against the “”tirany”” of President Nicolás Maduro”, following the «Operación David».

Basically, they called for the military, police and civilians to disobey the actual constitutional and democratic order to overthrow it even by violent means, because they consider everyone that supports or doesn’t directly oppose the government and structures of the state “military objectives” that should by fought with “every firepower available”(these are literal words).

These people (around a dozen or so) held a military base in Valencia, Carabobo have been arrested and the base has been taken back by the army loyal to the government, so everything is back to normality for now.

The “rebels” called for other battalions to join them taking up arms against the government, but no one supported the insurrectionists (even if the opposition is saying that they did in some places to spread a false believe that a notable part of the army supports their counter-revolution and try to facilitate a future coup d’état).

What’s happening in the grand scheme of things and why did these people do that?

Well, that’s a complicated question that I’m not able to answer in detail being that I’m not Venezuelan nor I’m well informed in the affairs of the legal system of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela or know their Constitution and recent history, but I’ll try my best.

To understand what’s happening right now, we must head back to the parliamentary elections of 2015.

The opposition (more specifically the MUD, Mesa de la Unidad Democrática) won 112 of the 167 seats of the National Assembly and the chavistas (the GPP coalition, Gran Polo Patriótico Simón Bolivar) won the other 55 seats. This granted MUD a two thirds majority, and even if the loss was democratically accepted by the GPP, the Supreme Court saw evidencies of fraud in the state of Amazonas, that conflicted with the election of three MUD members and a PSUV (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela, major chavista party) member.

Because of that, the TS (Tribunal Superior, Supreme Court) declared as invalid the takeover of the seats mentioned before as a temporary measure, until further investigation would be made to solve the issue.

Despite of the TS’s decision, the AN ruled by the opposition didn’t obey the order and continued to take actions as a formed government with the inclusion of the suspended members by possible fraud, which led to any said action to be declared invalid by the TS.

Given that the AN was in contempt (en desacato, not following the law), the TS took over the legislative branch until they accept the court’s action, following the constitution and the laws of the State.

The opposition, whoever, said that this was a “move towards dictatorship” and considered illegitimate the takeover of the AN or any other mesurare by the official powers, which led them to disobeying the State order and so on.

With all this taken into account, having the opposition in constant violence against the State order, President Nicolás Maduro called for the Asamblea Nacional Constituyente (National Constituent Assembly, ANC for short) to reform the country and aiming for peace and stability. This is totally legal as the article 348 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela says that any of the following can call for the ANC: the President, the AN (not right now because it’s out of power by rule of the TS) with at least two thirds of the votes, at least two thirds of the Municipal Councils (more local-like governments), or at least 15% of the people that can vote.

The goal of the ANC, as the Constitution(articles 347 and 349) states, is the following: given that the people of Venezuela are the trusted with the original constituent power, they have the power to transform the State, create a new juridical order (legal system) and write a new Constitution.

What the citizens of Venezuela decide via the ANC is legitimate because the people have the power in Venezuela (a true factor in favor of the democracy in the country that few places in the world have, by the way), and so it can’t be taken down by the President or any other form of power.

Because the President himself made the call (which is totally legal and constitutional as mentioned before in the article 348) to the ANC, the opposition is nonsensically calling it a coup d’état and not taking it as legitimate, so they oppose any future ruling by it or in favour of making it possible. To show this opposition to the ANC, they (the MUD, the opposition themselves) called for a referendum with the following three questions:

1. Do you oppose and not know about the proposal for the Constituent (ANC) by Nicolás Maduro without the previous approval of the citizens of Venezuela?

2. Do you demand the National Armed Force and to every public worker to obey the Constitution and to back the decisions of the AN?

3. Do you want to elect new public powers and a new “national unity government” to return constitutional order through new elections?

First, let me show why these questions are not valid to begin with, and later I’ll explain why the voting itself was poorly made and not legitimate.

1. As the Constitution states, the President can make the proposal for the ANC, without the approval of any other members, as well as the AN could have made the call without the President, for example.

2. The Armed Force is obeying the constitution and its commander-in-Chief: the President Nicolás Maduro. The AN can’t be backed up by no one because it’s in  contempt and not following the law, so it’s powers are transferred to the TC following the Constitution.

3. The Constitutional order is in rule the entire time. The calling for new elections is made by the CNE, as the Constitution states. If the want to revoke any public office member or elect new ones, they could hold a legal and binding referendum, but they didn’t.

Let’s continue with what was done wrong in the referendum of the opposition:

This referendum was unconstitutionally called and so it didn’t have the backing of the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE, National Electoral Council). Because of that, the opposition made up entirely the process of the referendum, without the complete and updated electoral census, without the means to validate the results (voting machines and other methods, which, by the way, are very transparent and reliable and few countries have) and without the means to detect electoral fraud at major scale.

Even that, the government let them do their “referendum” and major fraud was made: people were able to vote dozens of times, even with expired IDs or with the IDs of dead or other people (if it was made following the constitution and with the support of the CNE, the would scan the fingerprints and IDs), the voting records were literally burnt in the streets as soon as the voting was finished, which made it impossible to audit the liability of the results.

In summary: this voting lacks any legitimacy.

Following the calling for the ANC, the citizens of Venezuela were called to vote with all the means given by the CNE to verify the correct voting, to chose the 500 members of the assembly. Those 500 members consist of: 79 workers, 28 retired/pensionary people, 24 students, 24 representatives of the communes, 8 farmers and fishermen/fisherwomen, 5 disabled people, 5 businessmen/businesswomen, and 364 other citizens elected by each territory.

So, in June 30th, even if the opposition abstained from voting their representatives or postulating themselves, and despite the violent means, threats, roadblocks, and many other impediments that tried to make people not to vote, millions of Venezuelans took part in a democratic choosing to reconstitute the country’s organisation.

This showed the strength of the Bolivarian Revolution across the country and the overall support for peace and for the legitimate sovereignty of the peoples government, something that the opposition will never be capable of having and so the only mean they have is the coward and mercenary style of U.$. backed paramilitary uprising, which will also be crushed by the courageous revolutionary people of Venezuela.

  • AN: Asamblea Nacional, National Assembly, parliament of Venezuela.
  • ANC: Asamblea Nacional Constituyente, National Constituent Assembly, where the peoples power lies in, to reform the country’s structure and Constitution.
  • CNE: Consejo Nacional Electoral, National Electoral Council, agency that manages electoral affairs.
  • GPP: Gran Polo Patriótico Simón Bolivar, chavista/bolivarian/left wing party coalition.
  • ID: Identity document, Cédula de Identidad in the case of Venezuela.
  • MUD: Mesa de la Unidad Democrática, opposition/center and right wing party coalition.
  • PSUV: Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela, major chavista party inside the GPP.
  • TS: Tribunal Supremo, Supreme Court.

This is a good question, I expected to receive it eventually on that post so I’m glad I can address it kinda early.

So lets start with what a Marxist definition of socialism means. Socialism is a social formation (meaning, it is political, economic, and cultural) that marks the period of transition between capitalism and communism. Socialism is most clearly defined as the dictatorship of the proletariat (DotP). To paraphrase Lenin, it is the period of a dying capitalism and a nascent communism, led by the proletariat. A DotP is like a bourgeois dictatorship in that it is also a totality. So, to put it simply, Cuba, the DPRK, and Venezuela aren’t socialist because they aren’t proletarian dictatorships. Let me dig into it a bit further tho.

Venezuela is the easiest to recognize. The ruling PSUV gained power through an election and thus, never destroyed the totality of the bourgeois state apparatus, just worked within it. This is why the bourgeoisie is able to manipulate their economy though market hoarding and oil prices. This is also eerily similar to Chile under Allende, or even the Paris Commune (although, obviously, that was not an election) and we know how those turned out. The proletariat never smashed the old bourgeois apparatus, and so it now is threatened by the same old apparatus.

For Cuba and the DPRK, the answer is basically similar. Both counties are allowing increasing liberalization and “special economic zones” for capitalism, state industries run on a basis of profit, the ruling party in both cases subscribes to a revisionist theory (either the revisionist ML of the Brezhnev era or Juche, which is a nearly total rejection of Marxism) which influences their politics- revisionism signals the rise of the bourgeois line in the party, and the failure of the proletarian line. While these countries do have a large state-owned sector, this is a legalistic form of viewing political economy. As Marxists what matters is the social relation. If the state is not controlled by the proletariat, any state owned enterprise can only be another method of capitalist production.

As much as the government wants to yell about being socialist, “Bolivarian”, “for the people”, etc – the reality is that we’re still living under capitalism. There’s but some flimsy, smoke-and-mirrors programs and projects that give us the appearance of leftist country, but these programs and these projects are paraded around for PR and then neglected and forgotten. If they are not forgotten, they are of poor quality. This is a capitalist government under a false veneer of a socialism, and has always been. It’s authoritarian, corrupt and fascist with some red paint put on. It’s proven by the lavish lifestyles of the higher-up PSUV officials and their families. 

April 19th - Mother of all Protests

I want to share with you what’s happening in my country because the world needs to know. We need the world to know. I need to tell the world because reporting abuse is one of the main things you do when you witness injustice and how civil rights are being violated. But because our justice system is so damn corrupted and under absolute control of the goverment, we have to report all these atrocities to international organizations.

What I’m about to show you are pictures from today’s biggest protest so far in Venezuela. We call it the “Mother of all Protests”. The main goal was to get to the Ombudsman’s office and tell him to investigate the unconstitutional decision by Supreme Court to officially take over power from the opposition-controlled parliament (which we won in elections two years ago) I think in EEUU and Europe this figure investigate things related to maladmistration, especially that of public authorities but here the “Defensor del Pueblo” is literally the “People’s Defender”, so he should investigate any situation where civil rights were compromised, advocate in favor of the people and vail that our Constitution is being respected.

But of course, in Venezuela there’s no such thing as “Separation of powers”, so our useless Defender (Tarek William Saab) just spend time twitting and telling the word he “rejects any actions against our people” when in reality he is full of bullshit. Important fact: He is the leader of the Fifth Republic Movement (MVR) party founded by Hugo Chávez (The biggest mother fucker ever to exist) And all of our public figures (or most of them) are enrolled in the political party, the PSUV. The goverment party.

So yeah, we are under a dictatorship since many years ago but because we still have “elections”, international organizations considered us as a democracy. Thankfully they have been opening their eyes and are finally acknowledging what’s happening and reject the economic crisis and humanitarian crisis we are living in Venezuela.

What happened with the “Mother of all Protests”? It got intercepted by the National Guard, who by Minister of Defense’s orders can now take control of the police and act as figures of public order and can use lethal weapons against the people on protest control.

It is not the first time they make a disproportionate use of their forces against unarmed and pacific protests. We know it won’t be the last one either. But today it was brutal… The tanks, the picket, the bombs. They got hit with everything and the people got scared. And they ran. 

When you fill the highway there are no crossways to get out of. There were frightened and suffocated people who had no alternative but to jump to the Guiare (the river that carries all the black waters of Caracas). Imagine the panic of those Venezuelans who opted to go to the Guaire rather than die asphyxiated (or who knows otherwise) at the hands of the National Guard.

That your best alternative is to throw you into a river of shit to survive means that your other option was much worse. The metaphor lasts and can be applied to all of these years of injustices: they sent the country (with all our people inside) to a river of shit.

Let not forget what we are opposing. Against what we are fighting.
They do not care about our life.
They do not care about our country.
They do not care about anything.

Today’s balance was:

Over 200 detentions and 2 people died (no, killed). A 19 year old boy and a 23 year old woman (she was killed in San Cristóbal, a city near the border with Colombia). Both of them shot in the head.

I know I’m forgetting to tell you a bunch of other atrocities that happened today and had happened, at least, in the past 3 years but please, PLEASE, spread the word.

The opposition gave a press conference later today and said the people should stay in the streets protesting, so tomorrow we will resist and fight again.

A small post debunking some lies going around about Venezuela

 Even though I said I wouldn’t I’m putting this here mostly as a reference to use when poeple who honestly want to know bring out the point I’m going to address here. As I said before I’m not really interested in this getting around widely because I already know what Im gonna be told, “you only say that because you support the goverment”, “your sources are biased” “it’s all dicatorship propaganda” blah blah. It’s like a game where the first person who yells “fraud!” wins.

I support the goverment and I don’t particularly hide it (except from my neighbours because I live in a opposition-supported protest zone and it could endanger my own life and my family’s. More on that later). I’m also aware that the goverment supported media is biased toward it but I’m not as naive to think, today in the year 2017, that unbiased media exists. We all have bias depending on our points of view, which are based on the values we choose for ourselves. The media isn’t my only source of information, I also try to analyze political issues according to what I know, to my knowledge of history and world issues and my personal ideology. I have my own criteria and I hope everyone reading has their own too.

That said, what I’m going to say now is based exactly on that: first and foremost my own criteria to understand reality, second, things I have personal experience with, third, the news sources I trust, and last, my political opinion. Feel free to argue against anything I say, as I always try to have a good reason to do so in the first place.

Here it goes, in bullet points according to each lie I’ve seen around:

  • “The goverment will control national and international media” this lie has been going on probably since 1998 when the coalition that holds the goverment won their first election. It’s a lie that has been widely repeated on national and international media. For years. On the media. Nationally and internationally. 19 years hearing this constantly (on the media) and I’m still waiting for it to become true. It won’t. Because it’s a cheap lie.
  • “Internet access will be regulated or forbidden” Yeah right I’m sure that’s the reason behind the current goverment launching two satellites (something Venezuela never had previously) and spreading internet access through every corner of the country, plus creating free-access public internet centers, and the reason behind planning yet another satellite and a better platform for mobile internet access. All of that just to forbid it all of sudden. Yet another empty lie.
  • “The president will stay in control until he dies. No votes. No democracy” Yeah right I’m sure that’s the reason the current goverment has held 21 elections in 18 years. 21 free, direct, secret-vote elections. It’s because we hate democracy. Wait! Not so free! Because yesterday me and my family, and hundreds of people who live in opposition-backed areas had to HIDE the fact that they were voting (political stances in Venezuela can be more or less determined by social class so it’s common to find communities that mostly share the same political opinion). Sorry, but in 18 years the only ones who have ever said that we shouldn’t vote because it’s somehow “anti-democratic” has been the opposition. Of course you’re all free to not participate if you will but under what kind of logic is it democratic to threaten or try to prevent anyone else from participating? And don’t come at me saying it’s lies, I had to go through barricades and pretend I was just trying to take a bus while kids with face-hiding scarves watched every step I took so I could go voting. And I had it easier than many.
  • “The goverment will seize control of private property” another lie that has been going around since 1998 with literally nothing to back it. 19 years. Still waiting.
  • “They can force you out of your own home or make you share it with another family they choose” this lie traditionally had another variation of specifying it was a CUBAN family they were gonna get into your home, to give it an extra side dish of xenophobia. As I said, I’m still waiting for it to become true. It won’t because it’s a cheap empty propagandistic lie.
  • “They can take money out of your bank account and block your international account. No debit or credit cards allowed” The only reason the goverment would have to do anything with your bank accounts is that you committed some kind of crime, and the specifications of that measure are in the law. If there had been cases of people having some kind of problem with this being abused they would have perfect legal means to fight back. They haven’t, because every time a bank account has been intervened it has been due to a very legal reason. And how can you say debit and credit won’t be allowed when state owned banks have created many plans and measures to finance working class people? (ie there’s a debit card plan specifically for young, unemployed people helping them access to credit plans and all that) Also doesn’t the opposition say the goverment is giving away money and chavists are mostly lazy people who don’t work? Which one is it in the end? Another case of manipulation…
  • “If you speak ill of the goverment you can face prison charges or death penalty” First of all death penalty doesn’t even exist in Venezuela and it won’t in the future, as most venezuelan society doesn’t find it acceptable. We don’t even have life sentence, the worst crimes are punished with a 30 year sentence. Second. This is another lie I have heard for 19 years. In the media. Through live TV. Through the radio. Constantly. Alongside a long string of insults against the President, his wife, his mother, his supporters, etc etc. Yet another lie to finish one long list of pure lies.
  • That one lie about the ID card being counted as a vote. First, what the heck is this ID card called “carnet de la patria”? Basically it’s a new database of people who have ever used or need to use what the goverment calls “social missions” (misiones sociales), a big array of social, political and economic plans and their respective logistics created to attend specific needs in vulnerable sectors of society. However, since these “missions” have become the goverment’s first go-to option to attend issues directly, this new database has been created to keep a better record of who needs what. It’s optional, it’s free, and it has zero to do with the electoral system. The only reason people were signing up in lists with their new ID numbers yesterday at voting centers is because the *PARTY* (the PSUV, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela) wanted to keep track of whose of their MEMBERS voted. This was also free and no one was obliged to sign up these lists if they didn’t want to. Since one of the most important PSUV activities is fostering electoral participation among its militancy, this list had practical ends. They naturally didn’t ask who you voted for, they only want to know if you went to vote. 

There’s another claim about electoral fraud that I’m gonna address in another post because it deserves a more detailed explanation of how our electoral system works.

As I said I’m not particularly interested in this getting around because most people will just blindly reblog anything that feels comfortable enough to accept. This is here mostly as back-up for the personal, one on one conversations I’ve had through chat with people who honestly want to know more, in a situation where specific questions can be faced with specific answers. You can reblog this if you want but as always I recommend coming up with your own opinion and forming your judgement through information and intelligent reflection. If I can somehow help with anything my inbox and chat are open so don’t hesitate to ask ~

En estos momentos me da envidia por no poder ser venezolano. Pueblo soberano, pueblo querido. Adelante Comandante con el plan de derrotar al capitalismo.

Las maquinarias neoliberales han sido pulverizadas y la voz del pueblo se impone triunfante. Una voz de esperanza, una voz de liberación, una voz que nos recuerda que no somos esclavos ni lacayos de nadie.

Viva latinoamérica libre y soberana. Viva el Comandante Hugo Chávez. Viva el sentimiento Bolivariano. Viva la Revolución Bolivariana. Viva el Socialismo.