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Hey darqx! Your art style really cheers me up somehow, it's very clean sketchy sorta lines but at the same time there's so much detail and it's incredible! Also, how do demon-Izm's eyes work? Does he see kinda panoramic view like is typical of animals with horizontal pupils? Full color? I wish I could talk to you more like I get to talk to Gato and EP but I know there's a huge time zone difference ahah... I have a whole bunch of questions but I don't wanna overwhelm ya!

(´∀`)♡ HHHHHHH i’m yelling cos that is so lovely of you thank you?? You guys liking my art or being happy to see it gives me life like you wouldn’t believe. Also AHAHA yeah timezones are the devil… I s2g everyone i know is in America or thereabouts 90% of the time |D What are you guys all doing over there??!

Yes kinda! Demon!Izm has full colour vision and a bit of a wider “normal” field of view than a human, so his blind spot is further back. For eg if you look straight ahead and hold your hands up parallel with your ears, you cant really see them unless you turn your head slightly or look off to a side. If Izm did that, he’d be able to see his hands in his normal field of view whilst technically still looking straight ahead. It makes it harder for people to sneak up on him :B


Apparently we have 4 main numbers that are associated with us in our lifetime that are in the interest of numerology. These numbers derive from our names and DOB. I have just about fully explored this topic, and I have found out how to get the 3 numbers derived from your name, and I can get one number from your DOB. 

One number from your name is your “soul number”. This number describes the most significant aspect of your inner private life.  This is your underlying soul quality that motivates your actions, emotions and relationships, but that is not ‘on public display.'  Your closest friends and family may know this about you, but no one else will.

The other number is your “personality number”. This is the most significant characteristic about you that everybody sees.  This is how you typically express and present yourself to the world.

The final number is the “natural ability number” - it is that aspect of your being that you are best able to express and most need to express in life.

The number from your DOB is your “destiny number” - this describes the way in which you are going to best make your mark in this life.  

You can think of your name and birth date numbers this way:  Your name, with its Soul, Personality and Natural Ability Numbers says who you are, and your birth date says what you’re supposed to do about it.

Now this is a lot to take in! So if I am to do a full numerology reading, I may have to limit them to one-two per day as now I have learnt a lot more and will need to go more in depth. So keep sending asks with your name and DOB but be prepared to wait for your reading (if you follow my other blog thegirlwhocanreadpalms you are probably use to waiting by now! :/)
Why the Myers-Briggs test is totally meaningless

It’s 2014. Thousands of professional psychologists have evaluated the century-old Myers-Briggs, found it to be inaccurate and arbitrary, and devised better systems for evaluating personality. Let’s stop using this outdated measure — which has about as much scientific validity as your astrological sign — and move on to something else.

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wrt the supernatural and the (non)ironic enjoyment thereof, I've found that empiricism is often technically correct but semiotically lacking, whereas the occult is often wrong on a surface level but nails its symbology. In fact I recently realized that a whole lot of stuff people say or do in the name of correctness has random or just plain bad symbolism which leads to a lack of meaning on the human level.

i feel you. basically i used to be an edgy teen occultist and was into wicca and that one fake necronomicon [link] and edgy teen satanism and chaos magick, the whole shebang, which was aesthetically raw as hell but unfortunately i believed a bunch of dumb shit back then about how i could alter the physical universe through thought alone, in the vein of pop-psuedoscience misunderstanding of heisenberg uncertainty ala new agey stuff like “what the bleep do we know”. then i had a skeptic/nu-atheist phase, where i watched thunderf00t videos and everything (this was back when he was still doing “why people laugh at creationist” videos and hadn’t gone off the rails yet) and adopted a very literalist material worldview.

but i found this unsatisfying for a variety of reasons- not the material worldview so much, that part was cool, rather the lack of appreciation for symbolism and narrative and it’s ability to unify and motivate people. also, in studies it’s shown that religious people do better than atheists in tests of altruism- not that this is any kind of evidence of the existence of any kind of deity, but rather it shows the potential social and psychological utility of religion, which raises the question of whether similar memeplexes could be created which have the benefits without the drawback of literal belief. then i started looking at ritual and symbolism from the perspective of psychological and social effect, and that opened a lot of doors for me.

Sometimes I remember there r ppl running about believing that biological sex isn’t real, a social construct or a spectrum. Remember when Carl Sagan said psuedoscience was gonna take over? Ya.

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The historical bits have been my favorite parts of the AC games tbh. That and the batshit conspiracy psuedoscience stuff. Every data log is like "the hagia sofia was the largest building of its kind in its day and also it was built by the knights templar to amplify the power of the apple of eden, which is actually made by ancient aliens"

i just wish the games made more of an effort to at least resemble their real-life settings visually

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what do you think about remoraid and octilliery did someone ask about this?

Sit yourself down anon, because ol’ ommanyte here is about to get a bit ranty.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Octillery. Cephalopods are like my favourite animal group. And hey, remoraid is a pretty cool guy too, remoras are awesome. But the fallacy, the insinuation that a fish ‘evolves’ into an octopus rustles all 700 of my biology jimmies.

We’re not only taking about this bizzare vertebrate to invertebrate cross , but a split even further back on the evolutionary tree, in relation to embryological development (molluscs are protostomes, i.e. when the gut forms in the embryo, the first hole that forms becomes the mouth, where as in us and echinoderms (starfish etc), the deuterostomes, the first hole becomes the anus lol) 

And this isn’t the only instance of such biological blasphemy in the pokemon world. Clamperl, again a mollusc, is supposed to ‘evolve’ into one of two fish, again an invertebrate/vertebrate cross.

Do I have an explanation for this? Maybe. Perhaps scientists in the pokemon world are actually a bit shit, and perhaps we are just exposed to psuedoscience and myths a lot because we literally play the games from the perspectives of children… but I think these ‘evolutions’ so to speak could be explained by a mixture of poor observation and folklore.

Here is my real world example. Meet the Barnacle Goose (Branta leucopsis) and the Goose Barnacle (Pollicipes pollicipes)

Back in the day, people thought that the geese literally grew and were born from these barnacles

Haha what idiots right? Birds hatching from barnacles lol. But don’t be too quick to judge. Barnacle geese are migratory, flying to the arctic circle from temperate latitudes, such as  the british isles every summer to breed and raise their young. Europeans at the time would never actually witness the geese breeding and rearing chicks  the old fashioned eggy bird way, but just manifesting in large numbers to do goose stuff every winter. Perhaps they grew and matured under the sea as barnacles during the summer, and hatch and flock as geese when winter approached. The barnacles do look like geese heads, and for lack of a better explanation for all these birds materialising, the connection was made and stuck fast, forming the folklore that gives both the geese and the barnacles their names today. 

So, we have here a  real life example of people thinking invertebrates could grow into vertebrates. Could the case of Remoroid -> Octillery, and Clamperl -> Gorebyss/Huntail be a similar case of association and lack of observation? Perhaps Remoraid are migratory, and move away from coastal habitats just when Octillery juveniles hatch and appear. Maybe Octillery predate on mature remoraid. Both instances could result in remoraid being there in one moment, but not the next. If an octillery is there in the habitat to take it’s place then perhaps the connection could be made between the two.

And what of Clamperl? I always thought that the pink ‘pearl’ could in fact be a fish egg, with the bivalve clam pokemon a separate entity (perhaps the blue stuff?) Both huntail and gorebyss could lay their eggs within the clam, and upon maturation of the eggs  it appears that the clam itself has turned into the respective fish pokemon (both gorebyss and huntail could lay eggs in the same clam, but pheromones from adult conspecifics, i.e. from the deep sea scale/tooth are needed for the specific fish pokemon species to hatch? I dunno, that’s a story for another time lol) 

It could be that these evolutionary stories perpetuate in the pokemon world because biologists are actually terrible at making observations of pokemon life histories (well like they did think that there were only 150 pokemon and now there are like over 700, or the relatively recent discovery of baby pokemon - I know this is all game mechanic stuff, but still), or maybe, as a ten year old, you still believe that remoraid grow into octillery because your grandmother told you such stories when you were a tot, but in my head anyway, these associative myths can explain these ‘evolutions’.

(I know it doesn’t explain trainers who raise these pokemon in isolation from the wild but shhhhhh) 

Hannibal and Synchronicity

Because of a Criminal Minds episode, I began reading up on Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity, and in doing so, had my mind blown when I started applying the theory to Hannibal. The theory of synchronicity suggests that there are simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. A very basic example of this is driving into a parking lot which you know to be difficult to find parking in, but as soon as you arrive, another car pulls out and leaves an open space just for you. A few other examples include losing your job but immediately finding a new job without having to apply for one, telling someone about an illness you are having and that person knowing the exact right doctor to help you get well, or leaving a romantic relationship and immediately finding someone new to date.

The theory began because Jung was treating a woman who was very internalized, locked into her own mind and fears. Her therapy was going nowhere until one night, she had a dream that someone offered her a golden scarab. The next day, as she was telling Jung about her dream, there came a ticking sound on the window. Jung reached out the window and grabbed the bug which had just flown onto the window. It happened to be a scarabaeid beetle whose gold-green color resembled that of the bug in the patient’s dream. The patient was so jarred by the synchronous moment that her shell was pierced and she was able to successfully continue treatment.

Hannibal begins almost immediately with synchronicity. Since we can’t really see what happened before the show began, we can only assume that Hannibal has been seeing Bedelia Du Maurier for years, and that he has previously admitted his loneliness to her, which he describes in later episodes after getting to know Will. The synchronicity of the moment is that aside from Jack pulling Will into the investigation, Will’s and Hannibal’s meeting was a complete coincidence. At the very time Hannibal has grown lonely in his secluded lifestyle of killing and cooking, he meets someone who perfectly fits his needs for a partner. And Will, who is unwittingly suffering from encephalitis, meets someone who had the ability to treat him before it became fatal. That Hannibal didn’t use his incredible olfactory sense to treat Will isn’t synchronicity, it’s just him being an asshole.

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The Dr. Oz Show
Like all commercial health TV programming, the purpose of the Dr. Oz Show is at least as much entertainment as medicine. Attempting to fill up nearly 5 hours of programming time each week with legitimate medicine while retaining a captive viewing audience is nearly impossible, particularly for a show that is constantly trumpeting new scientific “break-throughs” and “miracles,” which in real life are nearly non-existent. Hence, Dr. Oz fills his time with all sorts of material from the dubious to the downright fraudulent. In the past he has given time to such quacks as Joseph Mercola. Oz generally stops short of endorsing these charlatans, but the fact a legitimate doctor gives them a platform at all borders on malfeasance. It also gives these medical frauds the ability to promote themselves with “as seen on the Dr. Oz Show.”
Ed Brayton comments that Oz will not lose his medical license in response to Oz promoting quackery, because “none of the groups that could do anything about it want to” in spite of possible evidence that Oz violates medical ethics codes.

”Medicine is a very religious experience. I have my religion and you have yours. It becomes difficult for us to agree on what we think works, since so much of it is in the eye of the beholder. Data is rarely clean.”
—Dr. Oz, quoted in The New Yorker, 4-Feb-2013

One of his biggest controversies involved the chemical resveratrol. While pharmaceutical research on laboratory mice showed it had some potential as an anti-aging agent, Dr. Oz went one step further by promoting it as some New Age miracle, and pushing his own supplemental version of the chemical, despite a current lack of proof of its benefits/risks for humans.

John Edward
John Edward once appeared on the Dr. Oz show, where he did what he always does, and claimed to talk with the dead while really doing a cold reading with members of the studio audience. At no point in the episode did Dr. Oz question whether Edward could really talk to dead people.
Reparative therapy
In November 2012, Oz provided a perfect example of false balance by giving a platform to “both sides” of the “debate” about reparative therapy. In reality, there is no debate: reparative therapy is utterly discredited and those who still promote it are a bunch of homophobic whacknuts. A very small bunch of homophobic whacknuts. As a result, gay rights groups ripped him a new one.

Pigasus Award
Dr Oz won the James Randi Educational Foundation’s Pigasus Award (Media section) in 2010 and 2011 for doing “such a disservice to his TV viewers by promoting quack medical practices that he is now the first person to win a Pigasus two years in a row. He also won in the Refusal to Face Reality section in 2013.

Other stuff pushed on his show
Regularly, Dr. Oz proposes detoxification diets.
A 2014 episode decried the proliferation of Genetically modified food, claiming that a lot of our crops have been modified to be pesticide resistant.
A 2012 episode warned viewers of hidden food allergies, claiming they could take weeks to strike.
In 2010, he said some things that implied that he — or at least his wife — is anti-vaccination.

United States congressional inquiry
”I don’t get why you need to say this stuff when you know it’s not true. When you have this amazing megaphone, why would you cheapen your show? … With power comes a great deal of responsibility.”
—Senator Claire McCaskill, as quoted by CNN

In June, 2014, Dr. Oz faced a congressional inquiry by the Senate’s Consumer Protection Subcommittee over his promotion of “miracle” diet pills. The concerns raised by that panel being, unironically, that he was promoting pills that he claimed would “magically” melt fat when he, himself, knew that such claims were unsubstantiated.

im so unimpressed by white people being genuinely surprised that traditional non-western medicines like acupuncture and herbal medicine (practised correctly and by actual professionals) actually work and isn’t just a bunch of psuedoscience, as if this isn’t something that’s been used and studied for longer than most western countries have existed.

imperialism and white supremacy gave white folks a superiority complex that allowed them to dismiss anything practiced by non-white scholars because they couldn’t make sense of it, then they turn around and act surprised at their own ignorance.