Here’s the deal, I could use some quick funds. It’s not an emergency mind you, I would just like to pay for transit to NYCC this year. So I’m officially opening “Sketch Commissions” out there.

These are quick “pencil” sketches that can be done between major projects like comic pages or larger color commissions during my Art Stream. These are single character pencil lineart portraits like the samples you see above. The price goes 14 USD for a waist up bust, or 17 USD for a full body sketch.  If you’d like to expand it a little, any job with monochrome shading will run you 21 USD. I only accept Pay Pal for now.

If you’re interested, e-mail me with the details of what you’d like at For the record, as an experienced long time tabletop RPG Game Master, I like really really detailed descriptions of the character’s personalities and what you like about them. I like to try to reflect that in the image.

Sketching will take place at the regular nightly Coney Island Art Institute livestream and you are free to participate or request drawings there in the chat.