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I'm just gonna float this idea...

And see what you guys think of it.

I’d been kinda wanting to make a downloadable pack of cute fun pinups for a while now and was only wondering how best to support it. The pack would be on sale on the Gumroad store for a low price with a pay what you want option. It would be separate from the SketchieBook series, but it would include PSDs of each of the images, or a mini pdf that shares some of the artistic process for those without any kind of psd viewer.

The interesting part would be that I’m thinking about asking you guys who you’d like to see in the collection. I’ll be taking requests, as well as offering special deals on commissions for who’d be in the set. Original characters would only be done as a commission, but are welcome if you’re okay with seeing them offered in such a pack.

As for the images themselves, I imagine the drawing’s would end up cuter than sexy. At a minimum the set should contain five finished pieces. I’d like there to be at least one guy. I’m interested in having diversity of subjects, so it’s not just the same figure with a different face again and again. I’m interested in why this particular character appeals to you and others.

Anyone who follows me knows I have some favorites, who’d have an easy time making it into such a small project. But again, I’d like to diversify! Send me ideas please!

And any thoughts or suggestions you might have, send em my way. Most of all, is this an idea you guys would be interested in?
sketchie book 3 notice for If you purchased through PayPal

Hey all! Sales are going well, thank you all for your generosity. But its not without its hiccups. Due to some quirk, it seems purchasers buying with paypal aren’t being forwarded to the download link right after purchase. If this happens to you, please e-mail me and I’ll connect you with the download link as soon as possible. Holidays permitting, it shouldnt be too long once I am aware of your problem to recieve a response.

Paypal was setup as a viable alternative to gumroad, as people are less aware of gumroad as a site. But this may be the last time I setup a paypal button for sales like this. For one, paypal takes a significantly larger cut than gumroad on small items like this.

But primarily its because ive so far recieved three notices from users who had an error with the paypal button. And thats three too many, I suspect there are more. Again, please contact me at and ill do my best to make ammends.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!