Other American things that I'm doing with my best friend tomorrow
  • drinking coke
  • eating baked apples.
  • making an american flag cake topped with strawberries and blue berries
  • eating hamburgers and chips while watching the patriot.
  • playing with my american dog: a golden retriever.
  • blast very bad country music while we drive.
  • attempt to play baseball.
  • tackle each other into playing american football.
  • carry around my captain america shield yelling about immagrints and playing with toy gins.

So many things.
  • TO DO:

    Call/message/facetime Lauren- Tell her about needing to go walking tomorrow and not Monday because Monday will be freezing tits.

  • Need to tell Dad that I need my car tomorrow so I can go to TC and Vastwood. Maybe pick up some things for the kids to do tomorrow night.
  • Ask about going to Lewisport with Jon on Monday night for LBC Christmas party with him, Ethan and Madelyn.
  • DO MY AP EURO HOMEWORK. (wkst 1 due on Tuesday when we get back!)
  • Make a list here on Tumblr telling my pro’s and con’s of 2011 and everyone that I love them. (:

I feel like actually blogging, like you know, writing online about my feelings. Today is my two month anniversary of dating Jon and I’m really excited about that. He never fails to put a smile on my face, even when I’m crying over the phone, or when I lose my voice. I have the best friends in the whole entire world and I’m so grateful for them and how open I can be. I’m also seriously going to cry for days on end if my dad won’t let me go to the Big Time Rush and One Direction concert in March. I’m going to make it my birthday present because he’d have to drive us (Lauren, Jessica, Mariah and I) down to Nashville but Mom said it would be worth it, and let’s face it, she would know. Mom has been obsessed with Rick Springfield for like thirty years now and seen him God knows how many times. I’m so pathetic, now that I go back and read that. Oh well, my friends understand! I am also very hungry and in need of lunch money. And tired, I woke up this morning and tried to take off what I thought was smeared make up from the night before; it was the bags under my eyes. I’ve been so busy. I came to work today with my mom because I haven’t gotten to see her in about two weeks. Okay this is getting long so I’ll stop now. I hope everyone is having a good day!

Best Friends. ♥
Mariah -

I want you to know how much I love these girls. It may be kind of strange that I’m posting this but I don’t care, it’s a blog, and I’m here to show gratitude to my best friends.  They have changed my life in the best of ways, always being there to talk to and help me. I hope they know how much I love them. 

I was thinking today and one of the best memories I have, is from this past summer. I was spending the night with Lauren, it may have been the night we drug the table outside in the dark and tye died t shirts with our bare hands and a little lamp, I’m not sure. But I remember that it was late, but not too late because we ended up going to sonic and buying some milkshakes and cheddar poppers. But the best part was it was one of those really warm nights in June and we were in my car so we had all of the windows down and I was driving and we had my Up All Night cd in, and it was playing that song as loud as my speakers could go. We were laughing and dancing and somehow I was still driving like a sane person. I don’t know why, it was just a great feeling to have and to share with my best friend.