Snaky party (Joshifer fanfiction)

It’s Joshifer ‪Appreciation Day‬ so I decided to write my first ever Joshifer fanfiction (wow what a big day!)! :D I’m new in those things, so please excuse me ;) Sorry for any mistakes, english is not my official language, so feel free to correct me :D Yeah, it’s short, so if anyone want to ‘complete’ it, feel free. 

Inspiration from some pic from fb. I can’t find it now, sorry :c

I wasn’t prepared for a morning like this, but I can’t say, it was nice. As soon as I woke up and get my phone, I saw it. This photo. Of her. Naked. Laying. Waiting for me. With fucking boa! And this face expression, like “come on Joshy, we’ll play”. God, I miss her, but I’m stuck here, in Madrid and I can’t wait to go home, to her, to hug her, to kiss her, to say how much I love her, and how much I hate to do this whole RP bullshit.

So I decided to text her.

Josh: Jenny, there’s a party…

She response in a minute.

Jen: Then go with Claudia.

Josh: She is not invited.

Jen: And I am?

Josh: Yes.

Jen: So, what shitty party is it?

Josh: It’s actually the best snaky party you will ever have.

Jen: Ouh, where?

Josh: In my panties ;)

Jen: I’m on my way, spongy.