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Single-Paragraph Critical Role Episode Summaries

Psst, hey, you wanna get into Critical Role?

I’ve written single-paragraph summaries of all 97 episodes of Critical Role –I had a post before that was just transcription of Matt’s previously-on segments, but these are honest-to-goodness summaries that should cover most of the major (and many of the minor) plotlines. Want to jump in as a newbie? Looking for a particular episode? Missed a couple episodes and wanna get caught up to watch live? I got you.


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*pokes fingers together* ah-I can't remember if this has been done or not and I'm sorry if I'm repeating a question that's already been asked, but um.. c-can you do headcanons for the main three with a shy sweet s/o who is really affectionate at random times? Like super snuggly and gives little butterfly kisses and stuff I'm sorry I crave fluff so bad ;--; also I love your blog



-People like s/o are his greatest weakness

-Is this close to crying from happiness when they get affectionate


-It’s a blush fest when the two are together

-Especially is s/o is in one of their affectionate moods

-He’s a bit like that, too, though


-He loves s/o, he really does


-It’s because he’s not used to the level of adorableness, though

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(I LOVE JOON'S LIL FRECKLE THINGS AND THIS AU BLESS YOU) So Namjoon, what was your old civilization like? Even though you're a god are there any things you liked to do besides... idk godly stuffs? Do you miss it?

nj: there is something i used to like to do which, in hindsight, seems narcissistic, but i miss it dearly anyway. on some days, i would come down to earth in a traveler’s disguise to visit my own temple: not for the place, but for the people. acting oblivious, i would ask about the temple, and their responses of adoration were…. incomparable to anything else. warriors rambling on about the workings and accomplishments of a god that they didn’t know was standing right before them! as i thanked them and walked away, i would subtly hint at my divinity, whether it was showing the marks on my hands or sticking a forked tongue out to them. maybe some wouldn’t catch on, but either way, i was grateful.

[psst if u wanna make joons cute freckles even cuter…… u can call them……… sneckles (snake freckles)]

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(cheering up meme) "Hey psst.. wanna see when I drop a fish inside Usopp's collar? It'll be funny I swear!"

Cheer up, damnit! meme [x] | @luffyasksandanswers

Nami couldn’t help laughing.  The image alone was enough to bring a smile to her face.  Poor Usopp!!  The navigator knew that even if she were to tell Luffy no, he would do the prank anyways.  With a giggle, she replied, “Okay!”