psst michelle


Michelle appreciation post coming through!

This right here is Michelle, or redspanishpulpo, my wonderful girlfriend. She’s hilarious, super sweet, and caring. She just tries to make everyone happy and is an absolutely amazing person. She’s also super gorgeous but that’s obvious.

She’s an amazing Spain cosplayer, and she works so hard on being good, and she achieves it. She is an extremely talented, wonderful person, and she deserves so much love.

I'm really super happy right now
  • Jace Emi Williams: Are you okay with me still being really confused about my gender? I mean I prefer male pronouns and stuff but it's all really confusing. Too confusing to a teen. And I wouldn't want you to get upset if I appear more feminine one day but then manly the next.
  • Michelle Hunter: Mm? Yeah, of course Just let me know what you'd like me to refer to you as~
  • Jace Emi Williams: I'm honestly fine with whatever, I just wanted to make sure. Cause I dunno what I am, but I want you to like me for me not my gender. XP
  • Michelle Hunter: PFFFT I am the last person you have to worry about when it comes to that xD If I didn't like you for you, I wouldnt be dating you

Michelle is the best girlfriend anyone can ask for. Literally.

She puts up with my bouts of depression, my jealousy, my gender issues, my silliness. I’ve never been more wanted by someone, never felt more accepted by anyone.

About half an hour ago she talked me down from a bout of suicidal thoughts when I had forgotten my medicine. I had been off it for a bit, so I was having a relapse. She stayed with me the whole time, calming me down and reminding me that she was here for me. Nothing can keep me from thinking this highly of her. She is absolutely amazing, and I am so lucky to have someone like this.