pssst kelly

Some Jacobs family headcanons!

  1. Sarah smells like chamomile and vanilla
  2. David swears so much more than anyone expects. So does Crutchie. It’s hilarious.
  3. Davey! Fucking! Loves! Rain! When it rains really hard hell open his window and let rain fall on his face and just. giggle.
  4. Les gets angry at Davey and Sarah so quickly, and it makes them so sad when he does. They know it’s just because he’s young and still trying to figure things out, but it still makes them feel like they’ve failed. Somehow, though, Jack or Spot or Crutchie can always bring him around.
  5. Davey has to keep his room clean, or else he feels like he can’t think right. Sarah’s room is neat and tidy, but her closet bed is a mess, because she shoves everything she doesn’t want to take care of in there, saying that, “I’m not living in there anymore, so why keep it clean?” Les’s room is always a mess, and it drives them both crazy.
  6. Davey is lactose intolerant, Sarah goes vegetarian when she leaves home, and Les is allergic to peanuts.
  7. Davey is always early, because he gives himself an extra hour to get ready and spends half of that hour just drinking his coffee. Sarah is chronically late, because she underestimates the amount of time she needs to do her makeup; if she’s really running late she’ll go for just lipstick, but usually she likes to spend some time on it.
  8. Sarah loves ballet dancing, and she’s also surprisingly decent at hip-hop. Davey can’t dance at all, except for a few swing dancing moves. Les’s favorite dance moves are the whip and the dab.
  9. Davey’s first love was Jack, his second was Crutchie, but he always says that he platonically fell just as hard for all the other newsies as he did for Jack and Crutchie. Because he’d never really had a group of friends before, or boyfriends before, it was hard for him to express love. He found that he liked complimenting them and encouraging them the best, but he also really liked physical affection, so long as it was 100% consensual.
  10. Davey is almost 6’ tall, Sarah is 5'11", Les is 4'6". Because they’re so tall, they walk really fast, and some of the shorter newsies have to run to keep up.