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"Pssssst" i like dem shimada booty and tiddy

if i dont go a day without looking at genji’s ass or hanzo’s left nipple ill choke and die

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Pssssst. Go follow bulletproof-fanfiction. I just got Mod Lavender to agree to write you a personalized Hobi smut. THIS MINCY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU, Z. -Mod Allie

ARE YOU SERIOUS OMGGGGG i followed them hahaha im so excited thank you mincy bb 💗💗💗💗💗💗


One of my favorite things about working with other stylists on set is trading hair tips and tricks. Recently I had the opportunity to work with a stylist who introduced me to Pssssst! and Batiste dry shampoos. Apparently they’ve been around for years and are a must have in any pro hair kit.

I’ve tried hair powders and other spray-in dry shampoos that have been a messy or provided too much additional texture when all I needed was oil absorption. However, these two brands are absolutely perfect in getting hair back to its natural state to help get hair back to a blank canvas. They easily spray into the hair and roots, are pleasantly scented, and are available at almost every drug store making them quite inexpensive. Pssssst! also offers a formula for wavy and curly hair. Brilliant!

For professional stylists these are essential elements to have when a wet shampoo is not an option. For consumers they’re great to have around for quick touch ups when on the go and they’re available at drugstores everywhere.

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Pssssst. Anarchists are still capitalists. Unless they don't pay for anything, live on the street, and don't use government programs.

Hoooooooo boy, anon. Lol. This is a rough one. *sighs* Let’s get on with it.

So. Involuntarily participating in a system you had no choice in, as is necessary for basic survival, necessitates one’s total and utter support for said system and invalidates any theoretical (or practical) opposition to it? Really? Is that so? Seems a bit far-fetched to me, tbh… since that would mean you, like, can’t support monarchy in the US. Or that you can’t support democracy in Arabia - and I’m pretty sure there are some persecuted/imprisoned/tortured activists - not to mention martyrs - that might take issue with that. And I mean, were the serfs not opposed to feudalism as they used the lord’s own pitchforks to storm his castle?

Idk, anon, I’m just not really buyin’ it.

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Are you okay with fan drawings or would that make you uncomfortable? I love drawing dancers in the abstract, but you're the first person who made me think "wow, I love hoe powerful and serene and beautiful she looks, I want to draw THIS dancer," but I don't want to if you'd think that was weird (also I'm not the best artist, just some girl who likes dancing and doodling).

Oh my goodness, this is the best complement ever! As someone who also happens to be just some girl who likes dancing and doodling, go for it! I would adore you forever if you did. <3

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Pssssst! I see you are making a Clintasha fic rec. Care to share? :) Awesoooome blog

I have SO MANY MORE to add, but this is what I’ve got since Sunday evening when I started.

Couldn’t Get That Boy to Kill Me

The Necklace

Exhalation (I’ve recced this zillions of times because it is my all time favorite for so many reasons.)

A bit of a WIP that never left my heart, in all its partial draftish glory:

More Avengers discussing Clintasha than Clintasha but so good:

What the Beauty Is -basically smut
Part of a series I have not read entirely
(Bc it’ll never be complete and I cannot)

Not really Clintasha but nice nonetheless:

people Clint Barton kissed for the mission (and one he’d know anywhere)


Pokemon Go nail art! I’m on level 6 now and currently annoyed that it’s raining and dark outside so I can’t go Pokemon hunting :’( :P.

WATCH HERE (pssssst subscribe too ily).

Pssssst. I wanna hear fluffy headcanons about your sole survivor and their love interest. Or their best friend in the wastes or WHATEVER. Even your headcanons about Jer/Mac, but I mostly wanna hear about all of your awesome children.

Just make it fluffy as all hell and give me diabetes. Anon should be on too :)

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pssSSST u should make max a cute bf amirite

i waANNa but im so mmmfmfmmfmgmm abt doing stuff like that,, , , like ppl who wanna do that go for it yknow make an oc and ship them w a canon character but idk if im like,, brave enough 4 that,,, ,