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but the critical question is do those eight fingers still work and can they hold a certain persons body in a proper romantic setting?

fingers??? psssssshhhh who needs FINGERS when you’ve got mood lighting, a fire, and an entire guest cabin at your disposal?? not to mention that i just so happen to be very charming and heroic.

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+ //Oops my finger slipped xD

This Wednesday had come much quicker than she had thought it would. She had found out the Friday earlier and had been stressing about the moment he arrived since. She hadn’t even known it was possible yet after five pregnancy tests of multiple brands she knew that it was true. Now she just had to figure out how to tell him the truth about it. At least they were married.. sort of.

Then again who knew if she would get some younger Doctor who didn’t even remember one of the many nights they had spent together “frolicing” in the TARDIS. Now that would be embarrassing.. But he would have been acting strange around her at some point if that was the case. Because he would have known before she did.. So she was able to at least avoid that? Right? She wasn’t sure and her nerves only continued to eat at her as she watched the clock and listened for the sound of his arrival. She hesitated when she heard it.. It was now or never. After all he could always pop on down the road and find a very pregnant version of her and she would think he’d like to hear since she was 95% sure the child was his. Though with how strange her life had been lately nobody could really say for sure.

She slowly walked into the TARDIS a smile plastered on her face. “Afternoon, love.” She said skipping over and pecking him on the cheek. She stayed quiet until he had put them into orbit before biting her lip and staring at her feet before she got the courage to speak. “What would you say if I told you that I might be actually, properly pregnant?”