This took forever to make XD Simply because I drew the lineart by hand and then had to clean it up individually in Photoshop! Geeze!

This is how I myself imagine the chibi exppression of these characters if they were… well… Annoyed/angry XD Sorta. I imagine them saying “Go to Hell”. (And pssht, I think Fresh has that expression towards the one who made Jam look like that o3o)

Lets see if I can get all of these right…

Undertale!Sans: Toby Fox

Outertale!Sans: @outertale

Underswap!Sans: @popcornpr1nce

Underfell!Sans: @underfell

Dancetale!Sans: @dancetale

Mafia!Sans: KID @undermafia

Ink!Sans: @comyet

Error!Sans: @loverofpiggies

PaperJam: @7goodangel

Fresh!Sans: @loverofpiggies

Some of these won’t link no matter how hard I try. The Underfell AU I’m not sure who made XD As I recall it was a colab and the site is down.


After a long, long process I’ve finally managed to wrap up this piece of galaxy vomit fanart for @craziiwolf and her fantastic au. I know this isn’t 100% correct, but I only noticed the mistakes after it was too late to fix them :’)

I hope you like it anyway, Cass <3

(Pssht, there’s also a speedpaint for this one:

Preview of Reveries Chapter 2

:) It’s 9:30pm and this whole scene is wrecking me, so I want it to wreck y’all, too. @ellieljade is also asleep so she isn’t up to help me fangirl like I need to. Pssht. Time differences, man.


The steady downpouring of rain hitting the roof filled his ears, his nose catching the smell of it mixed with the earthy scent of burning wood in the fireplace next to him. The rain had been falling for hours by now, growing large puddles on the ground outside and providing relief from the stifling heat for the cattle and pigs that roamed outside. Jimin had left them free to roam and enjoy the pouring rain as much as they wanted, the gates to the barn left open for them to return at their leisure. In truth, however, he’d been too distracted to even give thought to the animals, attention taken entirely by the vixen that was currently straddling his lap, licking and kissing a path down his jaw and neck. She giggled as he gave a hissed breath, hands gripping tighter on her waist as he let her tip his head farther to the side, offering more room for her to nibble and mark.

“Kitten…,” he warned, voice rough in arousal, as she let her hands move from their entangled position in his hair down his bare chest, fingertips grazing lightly before finding purchase on his still clothed crotch. Her hands grasped his cock through the fabric of his pants, hands slowly moving back and forth as she met his lidded gaze, coy smirk fixed on her lips.

“Something wrong, baby?”

Lightning struck outside and he found himself face-to-face once more with Clementine’s closed door at the Sweet Dollop, the sounds echoing out of it telling him she was still quite busy with her customer. Shakily, he raised a hand to his now aching head, the sound of skin slapping against skin ringing in his ears as he forced his feet to take him away from the room. His steps led him to his own room, his free hand reaching out desperately for the bedpost as he collapsed against it weakly. A loud moan filtered through the room next to him, the customer Angelina was seeing to obviously seeing to her needs quite well. It was what Jimin needed to take note of, for the reports, but he was helpless yet again as he felt another memory coming at him viciously.

mayadile replied to your post “¦â€¦I’m starting to fall in love with Maui now too oh god he’s just so…”

Maui got the hair and can move his biceps and pick people up how can you NOT


I also love that he has a similar kind of smugness that Tama has but it’s more….idk endearing I guess? more chill? 

Maui’s more like “eyyy im great right lmao” while Tama is more “IM GREAT RIGHT??? im great SO great like, AMAZINGLY GREAT. Pssht, you don’t even need to tell me, I KNOW”

Idk they’re so similar but so different I love them both aaaaaa


Thor was angry with us. He beat his anvil and the waves grew ever taller. Soaked the boats, and one went down, heavy with water. We saw it, and heard the cries of the men hauled down into the deep. And then, at first light, we saw another had vanished. Storm wrecked, the men all drowned.

anonymous asked:

Rogue and Laxus Cobra and Gajeel Cobra and Laxus Laxus and Gajeel Bixlow and Sting Lisanna and Evergreen Me n You

Rogue x Laxus

Surprisingly, yeah, I could see this working out. They both respect space and are fairly quiet.

Cobra x Gajeel

Pssht, yes, ship and have written.

Cobra x Laxus

I’ve seen it around, and I can definitely see why people ship it, but it doesn’t do much for me personally. So nah.

Laxus x Gajeel

Same as above. Although I was delighted to find a fanart of it the other day that wasn’t p0rn!

Bixlow x Sting

Never considered it before. I think they’d be best buds but I don’t think it’d work as a relationship.

Lisanna x Evergreen

This is one of those ships that’s flitted in and out of my brain while considering parallel/nearby ships. I could ship it. Definitely.

You x Fulfillment, Peace and Success


Me x Cake


Let’s Play “Would You Ship This?”


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I’ve been tagged by the amazing @sylvanasblr thank you lovely!💕

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