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hi:) could you please tell me, how did you made this? /post/25133067770 Cause it's just brilliant

hiii omg thank you, so i basically can’t remember most of it but in the top stiles cap i slapped some random texture on screen w/ low opacity and wrote on it with my own (TERRIBLE) handwritting, the second cap, i erased the background, painted it that tone of blue, duplicated the layer, put it on top of both the bg and the derek cap and with a soft eraser i erased what was covering him (except for a tiny wee bit you can see in the right corner), the lines were this texture that was going around in a texture pack i can’t find now, but you can do then yourself, it’s pretty easy uwu. those words were written on lil white boxes done w/ the rectangle tool. in the bottom cap i just p.much added those dashes or whatever they are, which are also a texture i can’t seem to find, but you can also make them yourself, it’s pretty easy as well. wow i really suck at explaining these things, mostly because when i make these graphics i just play around until something turns out okay so sorry i’m not helpful at all ._.