You know what annoys me about popular media (books, movies, tv shows, ext)? Unrealistic female characters.

But I’m not talking Mary Sues and impossibly cool tomboys, no no no, I’m talking something a lot more close to home: periods.

Where the hell are all these boss ass female’s monthly issues???

Ever since I was twelve and I’ve had to deal with aunt flow myself, I’ve always found it annoying and odd how this is passed over in literally everything.

Give me girls dashing to the toilet to change their pad before a maical war.

Give me detective chicks worrying about being on their period during a stake out.

Give me a female lead awkwardly explaining that she needs the car to pull over now because she has a female issue. “Do you want this upholstery stained?”

Give me the young girl joining the strange new world she found by mistake and suddenly having her first period and “what the hell is this what did your world do to me oh my god help” and the male lead/mentore has to awkwardly give her the talk her psrents haven’t yet

give me a lady in charge getting one of her people to run to the shop and get her a box of tampons

give me a girl working put how the hell to deal with this akward bleeding while on the run and camping off the map

just give me female characters that actually feel female and have the same problem as the rest of us

Let me say something to any parents or anyone wanting to become parents

DONT make fun of your kid’s weight
DONT make fun of the way they speak
DONT point out the obvious acne they might have
DONT make fun of how they dress
DONT make fun of their ideas
DONT make fun of any stretched marks they might have
DONT make fun of how they express themselves
DONT make fun of them if they are not athletic
DONT make fun of them if they have troubles with learning
DONT call them names or belittle them
DONT act like they have nothing important to say
DONT yell and lecture at them when they come to you with a problem
DONT tell them if they come out as gay/bi/lesbian/Ace/Aro/Pan/Poly/Trans/etc that you will not accept them

Also saying how “gross” or “disgusting” they are is NOT ok
Saying that “not one is going to want you” is NOT going to motivate them at all
Calling them stupid and worthless when they make a mistake is not not good parenting
Threatening to harm them or even kill them (even as a joke) is not “just disciplining them”
Destroying their stuff is not “just punishing them”
Calling them embarrassments is VERY not ok
Calling them mistakes is VERY VERY NOT ok

If you have a son who acts or does something a little feminine, calling them a faggot is NOT ok
If you have a daughter who acts or does something a little masculine, calling them a dyke is NOT ok.
If they enjoy something that’s not going to physically/mentally/emotionally/sexually harm them, than let them enjoy it

Also if you find out that they been harming themselves and/or they been thinking of suicide, DO NOT
A. Yell at them for being selfish and unappreciative of what you gave them
B. Tell/dare them to do it.
C. Tell them you will kill them yourself to save the embarrassment of having a suicidal child

Overall DONT be someone your children will absolutely hate and can never trust.