Tradition of the sea

saying with a gloat
we are all in the same boat
possibly accurate
but let’s just leave it
at that
just how it came
that we are all the same
is now history
and of very little interest
to me
absolving yourself of blame
is all very good
but will that shelter you
from the rain

will your sense of
and entitlement
really help us out
of this predicament
just maybe i suggest
the greatest test
is what happens after
the ship goes down
when all we have
to keep afloat
is this somewhat
leaky boat

i don’t care
if you say
you have mal de mere
the thing that is of the
most importance
the thing i really want
to know
is any one around here
going to start to row

Wall of glass

When the bottle gets bumped enough
the surface gets hazy
the dinks and nicks of a
thousand kicks
crazing the surface opaque
roughening the smooth
and texturising the slick
the inside though
still as polished as day one
pristine and clear as walls of glass
scarred only by the messages
scrawled on those walls
invisible through the evidence
of past experience
and passive acceptance