“I’m an orphan raised by carnies fighting with a stick and a string from the Paleolithic era.”

6/18 | Happy Birthday, Clint Barton 

(50th Anniversary of his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #57 + Mark Gruenwald’s birthday + His birthday as given by Matt Fraction)

clint barton/natasha romanoff pacific rim au [for sebastiansthanhs]

when clint barton, an experienced but cocky jaeger pilot loses his co-pilot (his brother, barney) in what was supposed to be a routine patrol mission, he is paired with natasha romanoff, a veteran russian pilot in her own right with one of the most impressive track records in the history of the PPDC. theoretically, his recklessness and her cold methodical approach shouldn’t work, but time is running out as what is left of the PPDC converge in the hong kong shatterdome to prepare for a final showdown. they must win the battle with the demons of their pasts first, as well as their misgivings for each other, before they can even stand a chance to win the war.