Wow sorry vita fans but chill out

Yes I view the vita as not being a very successful machine in Japan (and I think it’s financially doing better here than anywhere else). Look at overall software sales and you’ll see it’s not doing strong compared to 3ds or nearly as well as psp did. I believe it just hit 4M which is a good number but remember software sales are lower and 3ds is around 18-19M sold.

I am not a fanboy in fact I own a vita and a vita tv. I think the hardware is great.

If you take me saying that it’s dead as a recommendation not to buy it you are wrong. While there are tons of small scale games, I can tell you living in Japan, it’s presence is very weak, I’m not making that up. And remember it was a response in context to if MH would come to it, which I highly doubt.

Quit being hurt over someone’s opinion and happy hunting!


…So, got to making some new wallpapers..Kinda got to thinking..I don’t see much PSPVita wallpapers..Might make Vita wallpaper variations of older wallpapers..Anyway kinda got something this weekend so..Gonna have to make this a quick update of things..But for the larger wallpapers I will link the deviantArt upload especially..(Since tumblr can shrink big images..)But yeh..Got my photoshop back..Just need to remember what brushes I had before and reload them..Plus gotta try and make practice time for tablet doodlin’..Anyhow..Happy weekend folks..~ (•̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ

Leon Magnus Wallpaper

Leon Magnus PSPVita Wallpaper

Hibiki Kohaku Wallpaper

Hibiki Kohaku PSPVita Wallpaper

Tales of Hearts PSPVita Wallpaper ver0

Tales of Hearts PSPVitaWallpaper

it’s still the funniest thing to me that mgs5, the massive, bombastic, dark, emotional, super next gen finale to metal gear, is chronologically the direct link between a goofy psp game and the original msx metal gear

fenris-ing’s commissions!!!!!

So, I’ve told this story before, but after remodeling my room I lost both my 3DSXL’s (my English and Japanese ones) + all the games I had for it (AC:NL, SSB, some KH games and an older Phoenix Wright one) (I have a suspicion that one of my friends stole everything since my PSP and the few games I had are missing, as well). Since we’re tight on money at the moment, if I want another one I have to pay for it myself.

So, here are my emergency I-need-something-to-do-during-the-day commissions! A typical 3DSXL on ebay/amazon is about $120, and I currently have $0 to my name. I’ll have a progress thing on my page to show how close I am to my goal, but as of the time of writing this I don’t have anything!

Here are my prices!!

Even if you can’t afford anything, a reblog would help/be appreciated! I only take PayPal at the moment, so contact me through fanmail or askbox so I can get back to you and we can discuss details and prices!!

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Super Time Force ULTRA is coming to PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita on September 1st! That’s NEXT WEEK!!! And not only that, but it’s going to be *FREE* for PS Plus members! And it’s cross-buy! Now you can obliterate Time and/or Space… on yer toilet! Also, in yer bath?

More info about next week’s PS Plus offerings HERE:

Kookabunga, bros!!!! KOOKABUNGA!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Enjoy this sweet-as-heck STFU PS4 wallpaper, by Kelly Smith!




When Sansa opened her eyes again, she was on her knees. She did not remember falling. it seemed to her that the sky was a lighter shade of grey. Dawn, she thought. Another day. Another new day. It was the old days she hungered for. Prayed for. But who could she pray to? The garden had been meant for a godswood once, she knew, but the soil was too thin and stony for a weirwood to take root. A godswood without gods, as empty as me.


Ultra Despair Girls :Dangan Ronpa Another Episode All Boss Battles and Executions (English Dub).

Here are all the English Voices.


Summon Night 5 English Gameplay Trailer

Summon Night 5 is a strategy-RPG with an extensive story and both event battles and side missions for a total of 70 battles if you want to see everything. It also has multiple endings and a fishing minigame. Players who just enjoy the story of RPGs but are bad at the battles will enjoy the available Easy mode which will let them get through the game concentrating on the story. All others can enjoy the challenge of Normal mode.