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Stills from Multiple Visions (The Crazy Machine), one of our favorite entries at this year’s Palm Springs International Film Festival. Director Emilio Maillé looks back at the hypnotic legacy left behind by master cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa. Amid a montage of Figueroa’s most unforgettable images, some of the world’s most prominent cinematographers including Darius Khondji, Javier Aguirresarobe, Janusz Kasminski and Raoul Coutard discuss the continuing impact of his striking chiaroscuros from Mexican cinema’s Golden Age on the art of film today. This is the last weekend for the fest – come get your fix of international cinema while you can and stop by and see us at Afterfest, grab a cocktail, talk some Truffaut and do a cannonball into the pool. You can even score some tickets to a screening plus some wholesome vittles and wellness treatments at the Feel Good Spa when you get a room. ¡Viva Cinéma!


Bakumatsu Rock Seiyuu Event on NicoNico Douga 2/01 21.30/23.30

Well, yesterday i got the news on Morikubo Showtaro s twitter that there would be a livestream about the game Bakumatsu Rock where a bunch of good seiyuu will attend. So i was interested and checked out about how to watch it. I already had a nico account but it was not enough… people who want to watch livestream must be premium users. So okay, i here we go, i clicked on the premium membership button, and WOW How cheap it is in a month to enjoy seiyuu blabling xD. So i payed with paypal and was able to watch it. AND How to say but xD WTF OMG Why SO CUTE!!!

The PSP game Release on 2/27

The cast who participate at the event were :

Ono Kensho
Morikubo Showtarou
Morikawa Toshiyuki
Taniyama Kishou

Sadly Suzuki Tatsuhisa was unable to attend the seiyuu event because he was in Osaka at that moment :’(

But there was a bunch of laugh time where the seiyuu had to answer the question in different situation and judged by the public on Nico nico,

The winner of the game was Morikubo Showtarou who got the most vote from the fan.
His question was to make a marriage propose in “exctasy” mode (it’s related to the game Bakumatsu Rock xD)

Ono Kensho made such a lot of winks and weird faces during the emission broadcasted on internet but i was able to take only few… Hope you’ll enjoy it.