And now for the final part of the 30 Day Challenge…

30.) Did you meet anyone online who made an impact?

Not sure exactly what this means, but I’ll try my best to answer it.

PSO: Kohana/Maemi on Schthack. He was the main person who helped me grind to Ultimate mode. And he was a decked-out level 200 on both characters. He didn’t even have to do it.I wonder where he is now…

PSU: I did have a couple of friends I regularly played with (I think their characters were named Alex and RistarJames,) but the one I really remember was Rakka, the guy who helped me learn the ropes on day 1. I actually met up with him again on PSO2, but his memory of me is hazy. Doesn’t help that we didn’t actually play together much. He was max level and I was a nooblet, after all.

PSO2: A lot of people. On Ship 10, we have Lizonia (lizoniapso2), a PSU machinima maker who I finally got to meet and play with; Monomate, the first team I really got to top-tier EQs with; Infinity’s End, my current Ship 10 team that has no shortage of people to run TACOS/XQs/EQs/AQs with; and Erinxh of Infinity’s End for being probably the nicest PSO2 player I know (the dude runs TACOs and XQs with people even when he himself doesn’t need them.) Hell, it reaches the point where Luca wears a scarf like his whenever the two are in the same party.

Time will tell if I can also add  kazu-kuns-corner, starling-fall, command-n-conquistadordraffle, and Farid to the list too. I only recently started playing on Ship 2 again.

And that concludes the PSO2 30 Day Challenge. It was pretty fun to reminisce on my PSO1 and PSU days, as oddly brief as they were.


7.) Your preferred class and their highs and lows

Let’s do one from each game! I generally prefer classes that can hold their own in solo play. Because of that, survivability is somewhat important even in DPS-focused games like PSO2.

PSO: RAmarl. A wide variety of firearms and a selection of very helpful support techs all in one package. My RAmarl on PSO1, Isa, was a proto-Guntecher (except unlike Guntecher, she actually had some honest-to-goodness firepower.) I guess she probably wasn’t as powerful as RAmars and RAcasts, but whatever. Guntecher FTW.

PSU: Acrofighter. After feeling a bit disappointed by Guntecher and after trying out FIghgunner for a while, I gave Acrofighter a shot. And then I found out Acrofighter was a speedy class that would be perfect for my tiny 4′6″ or so main. It had most of the melee weapons I liked too, like Twin Daggers, Knuckles, and Claws (no Spears though.) Acrofighter was pretty balanced, capable of good close-range damage while having Twin Handguns for flying enemies. They weren’t as good at shooting down flying enemies as the Rifle users, but I put up with it.

PSO2: Force/Techer. As odd as it sounds, Force is a pretty nice solo class in this game (ironically, Masterforce was allegedly a pretty pathetic soloing class in PSU.) They have good evasion and mobility while still having respectable power. Oh, and they have plenty of PP regeneration (which I need to take advantage of more often. Seriously, I keep scraping the bottom of my PP pool.) They probably don’t have the insane DPS of Ranger/Braver or Hunter’s Volg Raptor combos (or Photon Blade Fever spam,) but they can still lay waste to enemies pretty easily.

Here’s my GameTheory™

Xenoblade X: Starts off with your character waking up from cryosleep

PSO2 Episode 4: Starts off with your character waking up from cryosleep

Xenoblade X is PSO1.5?

Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation.

It was a typical Saturday night, just me trying to find a subtitled version of the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super. The rest of the night was nothing but typical, as in searching for the episode I ran into the PSO2 anime.

Now I’m not a big anime guy, Card Captor Sakura is probably the only series I’ve seen on its entirety. I guess I watched most of DBZ on TV as a kid, but I never even bothered to watch it again completely. The only reason I even gave this a chance is because Phantasy Star 4 for the Sega Genesis was one of my favorite games as a Kid. Also I remember one day when I was at a friend’s house and he got PSO1, it looked cool but back in the day I didn’t have a good enough computer and internet to run it.

So, while I waited for those delicious DBS subs, I gave this series a shot and OMG it was atrocious. From the first scene I disliked the animation they used for the in-game stuff, the IRL story is also completely awful, but somehow I kept watching.

Surprisingly enough, I found that for all the badness of the story, it works pretty well as a parody of the genre. I doubt that was the intention of the creators, but its good enough for me, I’m having a blast watching it.

And not everything is terrible, I’ve found that they are doing a pretty good job writing the in-game stuff, and they are representing the MMO-genre quite fairly.

I will continue to watch this ironically, but I bet that this is going to grow on me and I’m going to end up loving it.

For now, I’ll continue loving to hate it.

I’ll keep you all posted!

15.) Your favorite spell

PSO: Barta, the humble stream of frost that causes more hurt than its appearance would suggest. It was one of my most commonly-used techs in PSO1… and I’m usually partial to ice spells rather than fire or lightning.

PSU: Ramegid, the glowy gravity plasma ball Tech. Techs were kind of interchangeable in PSU, so Ramegid basically works like a Dark-element Rafoie. But it’s so pretty to look at!

Gifoie the white-hot apocalypse strike and Gidiga the glowy earthquake were also contenders, but Ramegid has a bit more nostalgia behind it because it was the first PSU Tech I ever tried out.

PSO2: Rafoie, AKA the Michael Bay Tech. Rafoie is… an explosion. It’s simple yet awesome and quite effective for general use.

12.) Your favorite boss

PSO1: Vol Opt. Most bosses have their own room to challenge you in. But in this case, the boss is the room… until you cause enough damage and lure out its giant missile-launching defense mechanism. It’s a hell of a time that gets pretty hellish if you can’t cure those shocks.

PSU: Mother Brain (pictured above.) She’s got a pretty unique stage layout (a layout that is apparently an homage to the original turn-based Phantasy Star games) and all kinds of toys to torment you with. Lightning sentries, Techs, a shield she can spam if you don’t disable her drill-fists… She was definitely one of the more interesting fights in PSU.

PSO2: Magatsu. A giant multi-faced colossus is on its way to cause unspeakable havoc in Shironia. Your only hope of defeating it is by kneecapping it and working your way up to literally wreck its face(s.) Fortunately, you get some pretty sweet buffs to make it possible. Seriously, mega-jumping is fun.

Big Vardha would have had the PSO2 slot if Magatsu wasn’t around… and depending on how it goes, Double’s Disney World could top Magatsu.

3. Your favorite Phantasy Star game

Probably gonna be called a plebeian or something for this, but… Phantasy Star Online 2. Sure, Phantasy Star Online 1 is a fondly-remembered classic, but neither that game nor Phantasy Star Universe seemed to have the same longevity as PSO2… for me, at least. While I only played PSOBB and PSU for a few months, PSO2 is something I’ve been playing for years. The freemium system helps.

In some ways, PSO2 is a guilty pleasure, but not because I actually feel guilty for liking it. Instead, I’m using Todd in the Shadows’ definition: something I like, yet I’m painfully aware of its flaws and I have trouble justifying them. Like the game’s apparent allergy to female-only outfits that aren’t stripperiffic. Or how your character’s fingers can’t move at all. Or how OP Weak Bullet is.

Yet at the same time, PSO2 still has a lot going for it. Its core combat system is faster-paced than PSO1 and has less bullshit than PSU. Ever get damaged 3 times by a Carriguine’s charge in PSU? All at once? For no reason? Yeah, that’s the idea.

But probably the most important thing is customization. This game makes PSU (despite its arguably more complex outfit system) and especially PSO1 look like a joke in that department. And I’ve never liked any of my creations as much as the characters I made in PSO2.

Lastly… HUnewms and FOcasts are a thing. And it’s glorious.

25.) Your favorite weapon

PSO1: Frozen Shooter. Sure, Yasminkov 9000M and Spread Needle do most of the damage, but a very high freeze chance is very nice for buying you some time.

PSU: Shigga Pakuda. Freaking rainbow shell-firing shotgun. Need I say more? I wish I could go capture my own screenshot for this one, but the link will have to do.

PSO2: Vibrace Cannon (pictured above.) Being able to shoot your own orbs of crimson death is pretty fun.

21.) Your section ID for your real name and character’s name

Real name: Purplenum. Assumed class is FOmar.

Luca (PSO2 main, FOmar): Purplenum. He even has the emblem on his jacket. (Pictures of that coming soon.)

Mazarin (PSO2 alt/PSU main, HUmar since HUnewms don’t exist in PSO1): Oran. I may or may not buy the emblem for him.

Irena Ironstar (PSO2 alt, RAcaseal): Viridia

Isa (PSO1 main, RAmarl): Greenill

20.) Your favorite music

…I’m gonna be here a while because this series has a pretty great soundtrack. Here are my top picks first:

PSO1: Tricktrack, Parts 1 and 2 (VR Spaceship.) Part 1 is relaxing while part 2 is just awesome. And there’s just something… quintessentially PSO about this track. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

PSU: Rozenom Line Milate. Unlike my other picks, this is a fun one rather than an awesome one. It gets stuck in my head… especially when Grimrail Depot came out and I found out part of the instance is actually on the train you’re trying to stop.

PSO2: Wandering Bloom/Wavering Bloom (vs. Biol Meduna): This one gets points for being a pretty unique boss theme in the series. While most boss themes are tense or awesome, this one is an odd mix of serene and awesome. It feels like you and the boss are engaging in a murderous waltz, especially if you’re a Force.

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19.) A favorite area

PSO1: Mines, hands down. I’ve always liked this place for some reason… although it doesn’t really look like a mine shaft.

PSU: The HIVE area. A strange, eerily glowy area that used to be a satellite. If you look closely, you can see some bits of machinery that haven’t yet been covered by the infestation.

PSO2: Kuron (pictured above.) A neat locale that’s pretty heterogeneous (like the Quarry.) It’s got gaudy gold-encrusted walkways, rocky mountain passages, underground passages that cut through the mountains… And it has some nice music.