Yakuza 5 now available on PSN!

In what may be the dumbest move, or maybe a sign of Sega’s struggling ability to remain in the console market, Yakuza 5 released yesterday afternoon as part of the PSN’s store update to almost no fanfare:

If you’re a fan of the Yakuza series now’s the time to show it!

The legendary dragon returns to the criminal underworld of Yakuza. Kazuma Kiryu, once known as the Dragon of Dojima, was living a quiet life as a taxi driver in Hakata after severing all his ties with the underworld. However, at the dawn of the bloody war between the Tojo Clan and the Omi Alliance, Kazuma is forced to accept his inescapable fate and returns to a life filled with crime and violence to protect his loved ones. Yakuza 5 continues the epic story of Kazuma Kiryu and 4 other protagonists, Haruka Sawamura, Taiga Saejima, Tatsuo Shinada and Shun Akiyama. The saga plays out across 5 major Japanese cities - Tokyo, Osaka, Hakata, Nagoya and Sapporo. Yakuza 5 also features “Another Drama” which is a series of extensive sub-plots that focus on each protagonist. The battle system and customization system have been enhanced from Yakuza 4 and various mini-games are available in the well-known locales from the series including infamous night clubs and popular CLUB SEGA locations.

Buy It Here ($49.99 USD)

Gravity Rush for 81 cents and more PSN deals you won’t frickin’ believe ⊟

It’s the best PSN sale ever, through 9am PT on 3/23. Gravity Rush for .81! Breath of Fire IV for .96! Mega Man X4 and X5 for .96! Klonoa for .96!

And if you have a PS3: Tokyo Jungle for .90! Katamari Damacy (PS2 for PS3) for .90! Back to the Future and Tales of Monkey Island (in full) for .80 each! Rock of Ages for 45 damn cents! Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection for .90!

I’m about to spend a very small sum of money.

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Danganronpa, Aksys, Atlus games on sale ⊟

Time to load up on Vita stuff! Many of the best games on the platform (and on PSP) from Aksys Games and Atlus are discounted this week, as are both Danganronpas. Here’s a list of highlights, but you can check the full list here:

  • Danganronpa: $23.99/$19.99 with Plus
  • Danganronpa 2: $27.99/$23.99
  • Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward: $12.99
  • Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom: $4.99
  • Kenka Bancho: $7.49
  • Persona games: $10 each
  • Sweet Fuse: $7.49
  • Cho Aniki Zero: $2.99 (also available in the Ikemen Bundle with Mimana Iyar Chronicles and Ragnarok Tactics for $12.99)
  • Muramasa Rebirth: $12.49

I can’t afford all these savings.

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There is a flash sale going on at the PS Store and you can get Breath of Fire 4 for only 96 cents!!! There are a bunch of other cool games that you can get all under a dollar like Gravity Rush, Katamari Damacy, Tokyo Jungle, Wild Arms and some Megaman X games… (but the most important one is BoF4 pls get it and play it I love BoF…)

Sale ends at 9am PST on march 23 so hurry!!!

I’m down for Metal Slug 3 on Vita today ⊟ 

Later today, when the PSN Store updates, you’ll be able to get Metal Slug 3 on PS4/Vita/PS3. A bunch of SNK games are already on PSN, but those are either PS3-only or PSP-only versions. This new set starting with Metal Slug 3 has ”some of the highest-level quality NEOGEO emulation seen on PSN yet, coupled with a set of online features.”  

I mean, if it’s got “playing Metal Slug 3,” that’s a good enough feature.

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Who was your favourite Suikoden hero? Because I live in the UK - Suikoden 3 was never released here :-( I never got to play the three way hero plot pan out, the Star Dragon Sword story develop, or Meg;s daughter carry on trickstering with Gadget… come on konami konamieurope I’ve waited enough, can you guys bring the game over please ? 


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