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So Mark Oshiro of markwatches(.)net (he's a queer POC guy who reviews books and TV shows and lots of commenters join in and it's probably the most welcoming fan environment I've ever been in) just started watching In the Flesh, and put up his review of the first episode today. Discussions on his site are always awesome and insightful, so I thought you and other ITF fans might be interested in knowing about this.

Publishing so others can check it out too! I haven’t had time to go nose around at the site, but it sounds like a good way to get involved in publicity for the show!

Les Revenants - Episode 1 thoughts

The episode certainly sold the series to me - I’m in for the duration.

I loved:

  • The soundtrack - creepy and beautiful.
  • The opening credit sequence - it looks like there are a few clues as to what’s going on. I picked up missing reflections / reflections without a caster, people next to corresponding graves, trouble with electricity, dead bodies (albeit animals) in the lake and Victor.
  • “Victor” - he may be a fairly typical creepy-child so far, but he’s really nailing it. 
  • Cinematography.

Current wild theories / thoughts:

  • The old man who burned his house seemed to know more than most about what’s happening. He had photos of the returned…
  • … he was freaked out enough to tie up his wife (?) , burn down the house…
  • …and commit suicide at the dam / in the lake. I think that location is significant.
  • Is it a hydroelectric dam? Because there is all that stuff with the power cutting in and out around the returned.
  • What’s up with Victor?
  • What exactly are the returned? They’re physical (and hungry), so they’re not ghosts, but they’re not zombies. Is there anything in their graves or are they some kind of copy of their former selves?
  • Simon is pretty.

At the moment, I’d say I’m more intrigued by the plot than emotionally invested in the characters. But I’m very intrigued, and there are plenty more episodes to get fully dragged in.

Basically, so far I’m in complete agreement with psmith73 who said the best parts are the soundtrack and the atmosphere - but that is not a negative comment on the show as a whole - the soundtrack and the atmosphere are great.

goldenmeme said:

On a similar note, can you think of any instances where it’s indicated how long Amy and Kieren were dead before they rose?

Kieren’s form that Maxine had filled out (regarding his time of rising) has his death date as November 30th. This would mean Kieren was dead for ~20 days before the Rising occurred (on Dec. 20th, 2009)

psmith73 Thanks for the heads up on that timeline link! I hadn’t found two of those yet!

Les Revenants ep5 (Serge et Toni) thoughts

I said after the first episode that while I was intrigued by Les Revenants, I wasn’t that invested in the characters, Well I definitely am now. I can’t pick sides between Simon and Adele. Julie and Victor are heartbreaking. I kind of want to hate Camille but I just can’t.

As with last week, spoilers and incoherent guessing below the cut. Particularly for psmith73, who knows exactly how off the mark this all is, and for bloodyfangirl who is enjoying the ride with me :-)

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Everything Is Connected (2805 words) by Psmith73, undeadstoryteller [AO3]

Chapters: 2/2
Fandom: Being Human (UK)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Characters: Hal Yorke, Canon Character(s)
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Alternate ending to being human UK. Part of the bh alt ending meme for the beinghumanbbc Tumblr.

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1) I’ve been learning some martial arts moves from my step dad for about 5 years now

2) I really like cars.I just sold mine and bought a 97′ Grand Cherokee Limited that I’m really excited about. Not driving it yet but working on it bit by bit. I’m actually thinking of starting a blog to sort of follow that.

3) I just moved to the city of Kamloops

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6) I’ve taken several years at community college level, enough to qualify for an illustration certificate. Basic drawing and rendering, figure drawing with live models (3 semesters), a book illustration class, some art history, some graphic design, and a unit on perspective. I wish I could have taken painting because I’d love to know how to do watercolor and oils. 

13) I’d like to earn money with my art somehow, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to make a living at it.

14) I like drawing ships that I ship. XD In general, fan art for any series that I like, which lately is The Walking Dead.

15) I really don’t like drawing cars… 

25) Combining 14 and 15…

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