Richonniversary thoughts

Remember way back in season 3, when people would laugh at the suggestion that Rick and Michonne might become a couple?

When Michonne bonded with Carl and Judith, she was called a Mammy because it was unfathomable that it was part of a developing love story? 

Remember the romantic piano score played over early Richonne scenes at the prison and how people tried to say it wasn’t romantic lol

I remember talking to @psmith73 about Michonne ships when it seemed like a fantasy that Michonne would actually get a love story in canon but it was fun to think about.

I remember the “oh shit this is really canon” feeling after Clear. I remember the richonne tag celebrating. 

The vindication when some online publication did an article after Clear that was like “OMG maybe those crazy Rick and Michonne shippers are right!” Most of the comments were positive, POSITIVE it would never be anything. 

Remember when it looked like Dixonne might become canon? Remember their runs together and (mostly offscreen) bonding and the jasper and all that? I think Dixonne was bigger than Richonne at one point. I worried about how Daryl fans would react if it happened (I’d been to TWD panels at Wizard World and Daryl stans were the wooorst, the most entitled – sorry, that’s another story). I always rooted for Richonne.

When they started to become a family, and the fandom started seeing them as badass siblings. <eyeroll>

When Rick ripped that Claimer’s throat out with his teeth protecting Carl and it was everything Michonne ever wanted.

When the Grimes family reunited with Judith and the shot included Michonne.

When Rick started looking to Michonne for decisions. When she was the only one he listened to.

More romantic background music.

That dark time we won’t talk about. <Eyeroll> fine, I’ll pretend it was necessary to give Rick closure so he could open himself up to Michonne. Even though it wasn’t. But whatever. At least the whole thing left racists confused and upset.

And then – finally, undeniably canon.

Followed by months of speculation that Michonne was dead (because she had sex with Rick, obvs).

And now, look at them. LOOK AT THEM! Iconic.

Happy Anniversary! <3


George and Annie.

(full spoilers ahead)

As a relationship, it’s never as valued as the show’s romances or male/male friendships or the also underrated female bond between Annie and Nina. And that’s too bad, because George and Annie had something special, something fans claim is almost non-existent in popular media: The male/female friendship. Two unrelated people of aligning sexualities who love each other — really love each other — without a hint of sex. They were “just friends,” but they were more than that: They were a force of nature.

In the beginning, George wasn’t thrilled to learn that the house was occupied by a ghost, least of all a bubbly, talkative, tea-making ghost. He wanted control over his situation, and, at first, she threw that off. Then things started happening. It was Annie who (involuntarily) brought Tully’s true nature to light. George was a dick about it, but afterward, when he realized he was wrong, he knew that he needed to be on Annie’s side — no one should come between them. When Nina entered the picture, not only did she not come between George and Annie, she would make them stronger. It was George who got Annie off the couch when she was in deep despair, telling her she was needed, giving her the strength to fight the vampires with him (albeit awkwardly). When Annie’s door appeared, it was George who begged her to stay.

In Series 2, when the trio started to fall apart, George and Annie didn’t. Sure, George found a new girlfriend and she was no Nina (Sam did unintentionally threaten to come between them), but he always found time for her. They spent more time alone together. They bonded. When Saul’s ghost was ordered to force her through the door, it was George who tried desperately to help her. When Annie wanted to make it up to Hugh for “disappearing” on him, George helped her reunite him with Kirsten. And, of course, when Mitchell came home blood-drunk and made sexual advances toward her, George put Annie’s well-being above all else, and removed her from him and from the home, not knowing if he’d ever see Mitchell again. (This was highly traumatic for Annie, and it unfortunately brought her right to Kemp, but it was one time — the first time — George refused to look the other way.)

George wasn’t willing to put Mitchell’s life on the line for much, but, difficult as it was, he was willing to do it for Annie when she was trapped in Purgatory. In the end, George and Annie had to be a force strong enough to accept what had to be done. Annie would have stayed — she did stay — by him until his dying day. She never would have chosen to lose him and Nina, but through their tragic losses she became the one thing she thought she’d never be: a mother.

Some people question whether Mitchell was waiting for Annie on the other side of her final door. But whatever fans think about vampire souls and the afterlife, everyone knows one thing for sure: George was there waiting.

Thanks to psmith73 for the gifs and caps!

The Sympathetic Black Villain (Or How Loving the Bad Guy is Racially Conditional)

(Something Rukmini Pande said in the @fansplaining Race and Fandom podcast reminded me of this old meta I never got around to posting, so here it is, updated for 2016. Contains spoilers for In the Flesh series 2 (you can watch the whole series on Hulu). Thanks to @psmith73 for input and feedback!)

The Bad Guy of Color

In movies and on TV, we’re used to seeing people of color – especially men of color – as bad guys. You’ve got your drug lords, your terrorists, and your gang leaders (but not the “cool” white-friendly kind like mafia kingpins or bikers), all in a variety of shades of brown and black. As a rule, Bad Guys of Color have a few things in common: They’re scary (like, white folks’ worst nightmare scary), they’re The Other against white protagonists, and they’re not sympathetic characters.

Most of the time, there is no attempt to make us sympathize with the BGOC, because it might make it hard for us to watch them die, sometimes by the dozen. Usually, they don’t even give us a reason to hate them (exceptions, like Victor Sweet in John Singleton’s Four Brothers, who is shown as fully unsympathetic when he treats another Black man like a dog, are usually Black-written characters). 

These are not the captivating villains. They’re not the Negan, The Governor, the Walter White, let alone the Loki, Joker, or Kylo Ren. They’re undeveloped, nondimensional, and more than a little racist. 

When a person of color is written as a sympathetic villain, a developed character, they should be sympathized with, right? Especially if the character isn’t, as they say, defined by race?

Well… no.

Meet Maxine Martin, played by Wunmi Mosaku. 

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goldenmeme said:

On a similar note, can you think of any instances where it’s indicated how long Amy and Kieren were dead before they rose?

Kieren’s form that Maxine had filled out (regarding his time of rising) has his death date as November 30th. This would mean Kieren was dead for ~20 days before the Rising occurred (on Dec. 20th, 2009)

psmith73 Thanks for the heads up on that timeline link! I hadn’t found two of those yet!
Everything Is Connected (2805 words) by Psmith73, undeadstoryteller [AO3]

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Fandom: Being Human (UK)
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Alternate ending to being human UK. Part of the bh alt ending meme for the beinghumanbbc Tumblr.

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psmith73 replied to your post: I have no idea why, but I just ship Da…

right here! the ship is tiny but still strong and fierce :D [despite he fact that there are zero darlenn scenes in the canon lately…]

I need way more Darlenn scenes! Hopefully there will be more in season 5. I like to think that they’re good friend, in canon. Like the way Glenn reacted when Daryl left with Merle. And in that Bob flashback, Glenn and Daryl were clearly off doing something together, just the 2 of them. Probably a run or something. But I mean, how could they at least not be good friends?!