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This was the soundtrack that played during Legend of Korra’s final scene and it’s one of the most damn romantic instrumentals I’ve ever heard.

Like, yeah, on the off chance I ever step into another plane of existence while staring lovingly into someone’s eyes, I’d like this to be playing.

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I actually remember reading an article from Bryke when they were asked the same question, and they said that Korra would win because she is the most powerful Avatar thus far. I think they said Korra was the most powerful, Kyoshi was next most powerful, and I want to say the next was Aang or Roku? I can't remember but I know for sure they said Korra then Kyoshi. And also that Korra was the shortest of all Avatars, and Kyoshi the tallest (with biggest feet!).

I think I vaguely remember that, actually 

Though, I’d love to see it again.