• Must be following me
  • Reblog, no likes
  • I will review every blog and pick the best one. Things I will be looking for are:
  1. If you’re nice your followers
  2. theme
  3. blog type
  4. quality of your reblogs (does that make sense? I don’t think so)
  5. etc.
  • After I pick there will be a poll. The most votes wins.
  • Voting will end on Sunday, December 30th at 9pm CST.

Winner will get:

  • 3 screenies
  • solo promos every day for a week
  • self promos whenever you want for a week (up to 5 times a day)
  • follow back if I’m not already following
  • your link on my blog for a week
  • fansign
  • a lovely message from me everyday for a week